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Weekly weigh in

This week I have been able to exercise how I was at the start so was doing at 10k on my cycle machine, and walking.

On the cycle machine I have upped the difficulty so I am burning more Kcal off but going the same distance. Also this week me and my friend did a 20k+ walk, probably around 23k. Again this is Pokemon Go km reading, we know it was deffo over 20k as I got a 10k egg between where I live and a park entrance and that hatched before we reached our destination and then we did that back.

My last weigh in was 15st10 and a half

now I weigh 15st9 and a half

so I am pleased with this as it is still going down :)

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Wow, Wolverine, you're certainly cramming in the exercise! Well done you! :)

A 1lb loss is great too, so keep up the good work! :)


Well done with this. Any loss is still a lot better than a maintain or a gain. You are also doing a lot of exercise which is great. Have you added this information to the weightloss page as this will not be added to the weeks weight loss details otherwise. Well done though.


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