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Good bike for road cycling

Morning all! Vaguely considering getting a bike and starting to do some cycling now it's getting a bit less rainy and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of something not too expensive but not likely to fall apart! Years ago I used to have a cruiser with wide handlebars and a big squishy saddle which was grand but not very helpful when you need to tuck into the verge so as not to get run over on windy country lanes!


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I'd love to be able to help you, BDB, but I'm afraid I'm not very knowledgeable. Last year I bought a hybrid, but it rarely gets used and I wish now that I'd bought a shopper style one, that would have a more comfortable riding position for me and that I'd probably be able to balance better.

I'm sure that a real cyclist will happen along, to answer your question far more intelligently than I could :)

Good luck! :)

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If your employer has a cycle to work scheme you could benefit from paying less tax on your salary and get a new bike at 32% discount. Call into any Halfords store and they be able to give you the informatiom required. Or just google cycle to work scheme.

Good luck.


I bought a secondhand ex-rental bike from a cycle shop : it's a hybrid so sort of between a shopper type bike and a mountain bike. I used it quite a lot when I lived somewhere sheltered and flat but it fell into disuse a few years ago :-) I've dusted it off today, pumped up the tyres, adjusted the handlebars, and am venturing out tomorrow when the roads are quieter (I hope).

As I'd lost my helmet in a housemove, I popped into the local cycle shop here - the guys were very helpful/knowledgeable. If you have one nearby it might be worth a visit before you decide what to buy/spend. Good luck!

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