Amazing weightloss since coming back from holiday. I don't believe my scales!!!!

Hmmmm??? Ordinarily I would be having a major EEEEEEEK moment but something just doesn't sit right with me. I came back from holidaying in spain on sunday, did my weigh in on Tuesday as normal (10st1) and was pleased to have found I'd still lost 2lb since a fortnight before despite eating like a pig on holiday. However, I have gone straight back to calorie counting and exercising but when I stepped on the scales yesterday morning they told me I was 9st13 and last night went to my fitness class as usual so sneaked a peak this morning on the scales and apparently I am now 9st11!!! What on earth is going on and why would my scales be so cruel as to deceive me like this?? It can't be right! Can it???


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  • Weight does vary from day to day MadmellyGT but certainly you are going in the right direction 😊 For sustainable long term success 2lbs a week is about right. I have heard it's impossible to lose much more in actual fat. But very well done. 2lbs off on holiday, and two more this week . . . 😊

    Fingers crossed the extra 2 'overnight' lbs also stay off 😊 It could be that a break away had shaken things up which can happen 😊 You will be in line for a new badge cone Tuesday 😊

    Best wishes


  • I have been losing a steady 1lb a week which is fine. But think my body is thinking I'm starting a brand new diet again. When I started dieting 11 weeks ago I lost 4lb the 1st week then 3lb the next then slowed down to a lb a week. The only thing I can think of is being on holiday and letting myself go has tricked my body into thinking it doesn't have to try and conserve fat anymore so now, boom. Big weightlosses again. Hmmm. Would be nice to have a a shiny new badge tho'. :D

  • Mine do this to me, before and after a shower for example I have different readings.

    Its odd, I put it down to wet feet after the shower but I don't know about why yours are giving you mixed readings.

  • Not mixed readings as such, just seem to be dropping lbs quickly this week, but you watch on Tuesday and it will probably have gone back up for my weigh in. Not sure what's going on with my body this week, strange, very strange. :)

  • mine changes a lot too so now I try not to pay attention to it changing so much. I just keep soldiering on :)

  • Best way really, we can just keep doing what we're doing and what will be will be. So long as we're doing everything right. :D

  • It will all fall into place as long as we don't give up... :)

  • I weighed myself yesterday and according to my scales I lost 3-4lb, looks like I am in the same boat as you, not complaint tho 😀

  • Lol. Problem is, this morning I weighed 10st2??? My stomach is still really swollen and sore from abs and core exercises that I'm putting the weight gain down to that. Just really can't understand what's going on. 1st my weight drops quite dramatically in a few days, then it goes right back up and some. Starting to wonder if I should be worried? :(

  • Don't be worrying just wait and see what happens, are you exercising today?

    I might not weigh myself for a few days now.

  • Not today, haven't exercised since abs and core on thursday. Been too sore. Plus it was my weekend in at work and I'm always rushing around and on my feet when I'm at work so I have been getting some sort of exercise in I suppose, I'm going to Zumba tomorrow. My stomach seems to be settling down some today and is nowhere near as sore now. (thank goodness) Scales said 10st which is more like it. Hopefully for my weigh in tomorrow it will still say that or 9st13 would be even better but think I am starting to see my true weight now. Oh boy! What a week!! :D

  • Sure that's great you are not so sore now. Enjoy that Zumba and hopefully this scales next time you use them. 😀

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