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Reducing Carbohydrate intake

Reducing Carbohydrate intake

In response to another post (yesterday) about healthy snacks, quite a debate was sparked about "good fats" in snacks as opposed to "low calorie" (often full of sugar).

I have been losing weight for 5 years now - and have adopted this way of eating to lose my last stone and also will adopt much the Blood Sugar Diet was of eating to keep the weight off long term.

Thought I'd share a link to the "Newcastle Research" that led to Michael Mosley's Blood Sugar Diet.


Michael Mosley's 8 week Blood Sugar Diet - thebloodsugardiet.com/

It most certainly has worked well for me, and I think I can sustain 90% of the time not eating pasta, rice, bread, potatoes and significantly reducing eating things with added refined sugar (I have a square of 85% dark chocolate for my "sweet fix")!

I have increased the amount of cream, oily fish, olive oil, butter, cheese, eggs, avocados, nuts (not roasted!), whole milk (Greek) yogurt that I incorporate in each meal. That ensures that I stay fuller for longer and my urge to snack is reduced.

This way of eating isn't for everyone, but has worked well for those who are pre-diabetic in helping them to reduce their blood sugar levels.


I am off to London next week with hubbie to have a body scan to ascertain our levels of visceral fat (internal fat around the organs). The results and advice during our consultation may serve to change what I eat in the future - or may serve to encourage me to continue the way I am!

Happy weekend everyone, and don't forget the clocks go forward at 01:00hrs on Sunday 26th March!

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Interesting post as usual Pineapple27 😊 Thank you for sharing


will bookmark this and read when I have no distractions!! Thanks for posting Pineapple27. Give us some feed back, if you feel like sharing, after your London trip.


Hi 🍍hello I need you up here to do all my meals. I'm getting there but I have to do more research, I like the approach that's working for your health. Keep up with the good work that you are doing. Enjoy your trip to London and if you see my Brother say hi!!!🍍 Bye bye for the now. 💐🌹🏵️🌸 George 56 🤗

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Interesting Pineapple. I see the website only takes you as far as a link to a book but when I reach a healthy weight, I will certainly give the Low Carb Med Style a serious once over.

One question: why have you written 'nuts (not roasted!)'?


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