This week just keeps getting worse

This week just keeps getting worse

Hello all,

I am sitting in the doctors office waiting to see the doctor. All of a sudden I have come out in a whole body rash and my head feels like it is going to explode.

I was doing so well on this journey and I was loving every minute of it until now.

Not sure is this some kind of reaction or is it scarlet fever. Either way I am gonna be taking a week or so out from training I'm still going to try to stick to the plan but with how I feel right now I don't feel like eating anything.

Anyway hope everyone else's week has been better and wishing you a lovely weekend.

Positive thing is the sun is shining and hubby has his tournament this weekend. They won last year so now they are defending the Finnish championships.


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23 Replies

  • Oh that sounds horrible. Hope you can get it resolved quickly. Look after yourself. And good luck to your hubby!

  • Thank you JiminyCricket for the wishes xx

  • Oh that's sounds horrible Jan. I do hope you get it sorted out. Keep us posted and keep your chin up. You have been doing so well under soooo much pressure too! Don't give in you have worked so hard.

    We are all rooting for you.

    Big hug 🤗


  • Chin is up, (all of them) itches so much can't put them down 😂😂


  • Ha ha!! Crazy lady 🤗c

  • Oh no Janpes poor you 😢 That sounds horrid. Take care of yourself and get well soon.

    Very best wishes


  • Thank you Anna, will get there at some point


  • Doctor thinks it could be some kind of reaction. Not sure from what though. Let you know when I know more.

    Hanging in there


  • Sending you lots of healthy wishes Janpes . Take care.

  • Thank you xx

  • Back from the docs and right now treating it as some kind of Pox but they dont know which one. Took a swab from my throat to check for scarlet fever, it should be back next week.

    Am feeling tired and fed up as I am covered from head to toe with this rash.


  • Oh poor you 😕 Have you got anything to relieve the itching? Eurax cream is very good.

    Take care of yourself, lots of hot drinks and rest, and please get well soon, 😊

    Best wishes


  • Hello thanks for the wishes. Doc said to not drink hot drinks until the test comes back. If it is scarlet fever hot drinks can make it worse and activate it more???

    Anyway I doubt a cold beer would be allowed😂

    Tomorrow is my birthday, typical isn't it 🤒


  • Oh no!! That's even worse!! I hope you are feeling a little better and can enjoy your birthday 😊

  • :( Good luck!

  • That is no fun Janpes but I would be tempted to go for the cold beer. Purely medicinal as it will cool your throat.

  • Oh bless you, hope you feel better and the itching stops soon, sending huge hugs 💖💙 xx

  • Thanks Kat xx

  • O Dear Janpes poor you. Hope the Doctor has been helpful. Scarlet fever is definitely resurgent in England. My grandson has just had it along with half his classmates.

  • What can I say? Good luck to both of you - what championship is it they are defending? Hope April treats you better!

  • Rink bandy Finnish Championships. They didn't get through only top 2 teams got through they were in 3rd due to goal difference :(

  • How annoying! I will now need to google Rink bandy.

  • Ahhh, massive ice-hockey!

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