I don't exercise!

I don't exercise!

I debated about writing this post because it's so contrary to everything we get told but I thought I would share it. I should say that in my day to day I usually hit 10,000 steps but thats not from exercising.

I heard not so recently that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise.

I started to think about my failed dieting attempts and quite often it would be because I was failing at the exercise part. Couldn't push myself out the door for my walk or skipped a gym session of .... or ... or .... and the recriminations would start and before I knew it I was half a pack of biscuits down because I felt like I was failing at my diet.

This time around I have put exercising to the side. I have a lot to lose (50 or so kilos) and will definitely get into exercising as I get further along but at this weight I can achieve good weight loss results purely from just adjusting my diet and focusing on that.

I don't feel guilty when I don't force on my runners in the morning to get out the door and I feel like I am adhering to that principle of not changing everything at once.

I should say I DO look for ways to include a little exercise like walking down the stairs instead of taking the lift but nothing at all that could be considered getting your heart rate up.

If you have a lot less to lose than me to lose then exercise is DEFINITELY a player in your diet but at this point I feel comfortable with not exercising.

I have set 120 kilos (about 20 kilos yet to lose) being the point at which I start phase 2 and start to exercise.

This had made this time round feel less daunting for me.

I'd be interested in your thoughts on this.

We all tread our own path weight loss and I guess the right plan for each of us is....the one that works!

Have a good day/night all :)

P.S. Thought I would show you my packed lunch for today - I am loving salads at the moment! The 2 boiled eggs are my breakfast/morning snack. I make 3 days of salads at a time and this is day 3 - still looks pretty damn good :)

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  • Hi Dave1961 as long as you have a plan and stick with it without being discouraged especially by yourself has got to be a winning formula and your badge says you're already winning. Well done.

  • Hey Dave,

    If you can find something you love to do it doesn't feel like formal exercise just fun.

    I'm not a big fan of the gym but love love love walking, sightseeing, window shopping, walking the dog, dancing, gardening, beach combing, cycling actually the list goes on but I hate exercise !!

    Good luck with your weight loss and I hope you find the exercise that doesn't feel like a chore :)

  • Does turning the pages of a book count as activity cause I love doing that :)

  • Yes of course !! :)

  • You are correct it is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise. I can get so much off with diet alone and then I feel I need to exercise if you can find something you enjoy its half the battle. I love swimming and I do so many lengths then treat myself to a sauna and steam but I do the lengths first. But get your diet right first and then when you feel ready move on to exercise. I have depression so working out is as much for my mind as it is my body.good luck on your journey.

  • Thanks for the reply :) Thought it was mentioning that I have suffered with depression for decades (as many of us "fatties" surely do) until I recently started taking magnesium. I have used antidepressants before but never liked the side ffects. I started taking magnesium for my heart as most of us are deficient and its vital for heart function. About 6 weeks after I started taking I noticed a definite shift in my mood and after some investigation found out that magnesium is also vital for "greasing the wheels" in your brain to help serotonin production.

    Have never felt better and am off the antidepressants now for about 4 months. Message me if you want more info - there are many different kinds and some are better than others (kinds of magnesium not brands of magnesium supplement I mean).

  • hi Dave I also suffer from depression I have been on Prozac for the last 8 years,I was just interested in what you was saying about the magnesium. Could you please enlighten me about this, I would be interested to learn more. Thanks karenx

  • If you send me your "real" email address I'll send you a PDF of a book called "The Magnesium Miracle" which explains it really well and recommends different kinds of magnesium for different things. I can't send attachments with the email system here.

  • my email is kwalmsley54@gmail.com thanks Dave.

  • Maca root def helps with my bi polar, a more even dose than the conventional drug, maca root 4000mg daily, main reason to ease severe hormonal bloating, it does help a lot!

  • Hi Dave 1961 I am on antidepressants this has caused a half stone in weight going on 😒 I was given them after my dear Mum passed Christmas Night. I will check out the Magnesium tabs though. Thanks Dave about the cornflakes as well. I will try to find something on the podcast. Is it a apple thing??

    Thanks again Kazzy

  • Yes you can find it through the podcatsts app on your phone but here is the link to their website where you can find all this as well. Please note it is ALL FREE. You do not have to pay anything and don't be scared to sign up for their newsletters - they are completely legit and make all their money from advertising on their podcast so we get the benefit for free.


    Also if you give me your email address I will send you a PDF of the magnesium book I have which is really informative and helpful on this.

    I have been on prozac for years and gave it up in December. Never felt better :)

  • Hi Dave, I just say do what's right for you. You obviously have a plan and if your feeling less pressured by not doing exercise then that's good.

    I exercise because I enjoy it, in my own home, I also do it because it helps my mood and thoughts, it's not always about loosing weight, I can become quite glum without it. Good luck on your journey.

  • I love exercise and its resultant endorphins! I'm a type 1 diabetic with an under active thyroid and I'm a survivor of post natal depression. For me exercise is essential and an integral part of my healthy lifestyle ... It also helps me be trim and toned as I lose weight.

  • I am so pleased for you that exercise such a great benefit and you enjoy it so much :)

  • Your lunch looks amazing 😍

  • Thanks. Although I don't know what I did but everytime I look at that photo I kind of get vertigo lol

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • I hate exercise, but I cycle to work it's quicker than the car, on my feet (walking) all day, and 3 times a week I have fun swimming. No exercising for me I can't stick to any exercise routine πŸ˜† your lunch looks lush, enjoy xx

  • Hi Dave I also suffer from depression and anxiety etc...if you are happy to share more info re your experience taking magnesium I will find it very useful too (sure others will too).

    Your plan re exercising sounds perfectly reasonable, shows that you are in tune with your needs and you are being kind to yourself whilst commited to a healthier lifestyle.

    Nice reading your posts 😊

  • Hi Dave, I know where you're coming from. But, from my point of view I carry pretty much all my excess (at least 75% of it) up front :'( I enjoy exercising (and have 3 energetic dogs) but I'm terrified of what's going to be left hanging in front of me if I lose the weight and don't tone up..

    I too suffer from very down times and the endorphins definitely help.

    I think you have to do what works for you :) xx

  • Many of us on the forum have issues with exercise usually because other health concerns limit what we can do. I am one of those. However counting calories combined with what little I can do i.e. The things you mention, parking the car a little further away from the shops, marching on the spot while waiting for the kettle to boil etc have worked for me.

    NB. You might try Lesley Sansome walking at home videos on You Tube. You could do as much ir as little as you felt like. Good luck and welcome back to the forum. I remember you from when I first joined.

  • I used to walk a lot. Recently the distance I can do has plummeted and I even have difficulty doing housework. Ten minutes of exercise is the most I can manage at a time. So you're not alone in putting exercise on the sidelines while losing weight. We all have to find our own personal route to our ideal weight.

    Your salad looks delicious.πŸ‘ I wish I could get my husband to eat more healthily!

  • You have found what is right for you that is good. You have a plan that is good. You have motivation, to me that is the most important thing

  • Hey Dave :) great to see you back on here. Your attitude sounds completely sane and I always like the way you work out a plan. Keeping on trying, the secret is keeping trying. Couch to 5k changed things for me but it was for more reasons than for the exercise. Setting up a routine. Building up my self-confidence. Trying to start every day right. Hope you enjoy your 3rd day salad, looks delish :)

  • Hey stranger nice to see you :)

  • Ditto. Good luck with the new plan of action :)

  • Good for you - finding a formula that works for you is the only way to go. It's all part of a simple equation... calories in versus calories out ... and if you're losing weight by diet alone right now, then I would continue until you feel it's the right time to make other changes. Each to their own - good luck! πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Dave I am listening to the podcast on my android phone. Doing the conference one first. Cheers me dears

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