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Very slack ☹

Been very slack at writing on here, since putting my last post up I have gained and lost 5lbs which has made me happier. Have also had some family trauma recently with my Gran 👵 dying just before Christmas so that meant I ate a lot, have since then been preparing meals that can be frozen and looking at different cook books for inspiration. Does anyone use the Hairy Dieters books and are they any good? Thinking of using them as well as maybe a Joe Wicks book what's everyone's thoughts on the books?

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Hi Kirsty_Louise

Sorry to hear about the loss of your Gran, ((big hugs)).

Why not come and join in with today's weigh in and start afresh from today. Well done with losing the 5lbs.

I think a few members use the Hairy Bikers book, I don't so sorry I can't comment on it.

Have a good week.


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Hello Sorry for your loss. We have all 3 hairy biker dieter books and use them regularly we are having all in one spicy pork and chorizo from the book tonight i think that is what it is called i would certainly recommend them. Plenty of recipes quick and easy to do.


thanks, I will start using them then


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