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The flu has hit me

Was trying to post this yesterday but was blocked.

Seems that the last few days of not sleeping, and dealing with sick daughter has finally taken its toll. Youngest daughter is also home from school with the flu, so have 2 patients to take care of.

I did my running on the treadmill but somehow my legs felt heavy. I completed it but it was a struggle. Then I went to take the neihbours dogs for an hour walk as they are away for a trip. When I got home I went straight to the sauna and chilled out there for a while.

After sauna I have started to feel terrible, nose is itching, chest is tight and feel really fluey.

I am really peed off as I have been doing so well especially with the running that I have come to love. Now it seems I am going to be sidelined for a while until this flu is over.

On another issue my polar balance scale came in the post and I am gonna send it back 😠 it weighed me at 2.5 kilos more than I was 😂😂😂 so have to start again hahaha

Anyway watching the TV sky news and am shocked about the London terrorist attack. Shocking just shocking, my thoughts are with the families of the dead and injured.


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Hi Janpes

Sorry to hear you and your daughters are all suffering with the flu. Have a duvet day and watch a film with your daughters just might make you all feel a little better. Take care and keep warm.



Thanks duvet day is on the go, we are watching movies. I am still being strong and am sticking to the plan.

Middle daughter has pneumonia, youngest and myself the flu. We are trying not to infect hubby who has a major tournament this weekend.

Face masks all round me thinks😂


Hi Jan, time to rest, hope start feeling better soon.


Hi Jan, time to take a rest, hope you start to feel back to normal soon.:)

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I'm laid up in bed with 3 duvets on and my electric blanket is set at 3. I have wooly socks on and still can't get warm. I ache everywhere.

I caved and had half a bar of chocolate at 267 calories but I doubt I will eat anything else today. So will come in as under 😂😂

Gonna drink a lemsip and try to sleep. 😴😷



Get well soon yes really shocked by london attack




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