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Truck driver and Slimming world


My OH is a truck driver and finds it very hard to loose weight as he sleeps away all week and his food is basically whatever he can get his hands on as he has long days and cant be bothered to cook anything when he parks up !

Hes wanting to try slimming world. I am currently doing it at a group but he wont be able to attend as being away all week... any ideas as to what meals/snacks i can send with him ?

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Kind bars ( they area but expensive tho, 12 bars £20 Amazon) are great, nuts and relstively low sugar too. Pocket packs nuts ( Greggs, lidl, Aldi) great too, better value than kind bars.

Pre packed rice/portions / jars sauce/ canned fish? I'm sure he must have access to a microwave tho. I'd go with fresh micro veg ( stock up when he can) and sliced meat/veg


Yea he does have a microwave

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Morning Kirstymarie123

Have a look in the Topic section at the meals/Recipes/Snacks post there may be some meals there that can help your OH while he's in away working.



There are plenty of calorie controlled meals from m&s sainsburys and waitrose. Just thinking about the shop that are on the motorways and main roads it's difficult to drive a hgv looking for others . Plenty of prepared salads and vegetables too. Calorie counted sandwiches too. Stay away from crisps cake and chocky bars.


Also Iceland do slimming world micro meals


Hi I wonder if you have come across Joe Shares. He made a TV program about how he lost weight and traveled all over America on his travels he met a truck driver who wanted to lose weight. Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, fat sick and nearly dead 2, fsnd2, Joe Cross, phil staples, Phil the truck driver. You can look it up on line.


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