Football anyone😱

Football anyone😱

I went and picked these 2 little darlings up from school today. Both had had wet play breaks and had been stuck indoors all day, both were pretty hyper, so on with the shoes, grab a ball and off we went to the park, we spent the best part of an hour chasing after the ball. Oh and "Nanny your not very good at football are you" from the mouths of babes 😂😂. I'm now relaxing with a cuppa and their drawing 💖💙 xx

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  • LOL! That's on a par with my grandson saying "It's not your fault you're useless, Granny!" :D

    Well done you for being a cool Nanny! :)

  • They are just so lovely though 😍 glad it's not just mine that are cheeky 😂😂 xx

  • You've got to love them! :D

  • Nothing like your grandkids to put you in your place :D But ooooh those hugs and kisses make up for everything, and that is why we adore them!!!!! :D

  • Love the hugs and kisses 😍😍 xx

  • How times have changed, we just put our coats on and ran around in the rain in the 70's. :)

    Lovely grandchildren Katmt , lucky you :)

  • I know we were out regardless of the weather, don't remember having as many colds either 😂😂 xx

  • Katmt and moreless I was also asked whether I played girls cricket in my school days. When I told them that it was not offered in those days the answer was...... "That explains it.....Then you are not too bad, but if you had some practice you might even have been good you know!"

  • LOL, Mammou! We sound like the 3 Stooges! :D :D

  • hehehe, at least we are giving people some laughs, even if it is only our grandchildren! :D

  • I'm all for making people laugh, Curly ;)

  • I cannot believe you're a grandma!!! X

  • Oh I am 👵 we have 2 granddaughters aged 6 and 9 and 2 grandsons aged 3 and 10 weeks 💙💖 love them all to bits xx

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