Princess Fiona Soup!

Princess Fiona Soup!

After adding more fibre to my diet as per my previous post, I was pleased with how my smoked haddock supper turned out last night. (Does anyone else feel 'fancy' eating asparagus!) Using the leftover roasted squash, sweet potatoes and steamed spinach to make soup for lunch today....although delicious with it's sprinkle of does remind me of Princess Fiona! 😖


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18 Replies

  • Yum yum, Josie! All ingredients that I love! :)

  • Sounds yummy 😋

  • Hi Josie101170, what sauce do you make for your Fish, it looks lovely.

  • That is a very simple parsley sauce as my boys (husband and son) had fishcakes and they love their parsley sauce! I make my white sauce with lighter spreadable not butter, flour & semi skimmed milk, adding dried parsley and a splash of lemon juice. I allow myself two tablespoons of sauce rather than the soup ladle measurement of previous times, when the fish would bob up periodically out of the sauce!

  • I'm so thick sometimes, I love parsley sauce, just haven't had it for some time, give me a brain and would be dangerous🤣 I must put that on my list of 'different meals to make', thanks Josie:)

  • No you're not! We get bombarded with different food ideas and sometimes we forget about the delicious old classics, especially creamy luscious ones! I hope I didn't sound patronising 😧 I was so chuffed to be asked, I released my inner Nigella!!!!

  • haha you don't sound patronising at all, you sound just like Nigella:) Your right sometimes it is nice to just go back to the old classics. I get really fed up sometimes of trying to think of something different to do but hate to get stuck in a food rut.

  • I think deciding what to cook is such an energy sapper. I love cooking and I am just delighted when someone says "will you cook ..."

    I love smoked haddock.

  • I found a lovely recipe for smoked haddock a few weeks ago and bought a lovely piece and froze it. Now I don't know where the recipe was🤔

  • Josie101170 that is my kind of food - I'm itching for my asparagus to poke through the earth - we eat them like they are very 'precious things' - last year we got a total of about 30 I'm hoping for double that this year. We're still eating last year's squashes not many left. Now I'm REALLY hankering for some smoked haddock - love that with spinach and poached eggs. Think that might go on my shopping list for tomorrow - we raided two Lidls today and bought all of the fresh salmon they had on promo. :)

  • How lovely to grow your own asparagus and squash! We had an asparagus farm near us when we lived in Yorkshire...delicious! Enjoy your salmon....I may have to head to Lidl tomorrow....hopefully there have some left! 😁

  • Same here Mochta I love my asparagus bed. I get plenty but they still feel precious. I was pleased that I gave some to the elderly lady next door a couple of years ago. It was the last thing I gave her from the allotment as she passed away a month or so later.

  • That looks delicious!

    And yes - asparagus DOES have that fancy feel to it :)

  • Hi Josie,

    This soup looks really good, and those veggies are colourful too. I love the name 'Princess Fiona' soup. :-)

    Zest :-)

  • What a fantastic idea call good foods after kids Disney characters and they will all want a bowl of Princess Fiona Soup. Love it!👍

  • Looks lovely making me feel hungry

    Great ideas must check out more of the recipes pages ☺

  • Sounds good to me

  • Ooooh, I could just eat asparagus dipped in a soft boiled egg now...seeing it is also a reminder that we're en route to better weather (hopefully) at last, so thanks for posting this delicious-looking meal!

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