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A year older and 2lb heavier BUT have lost half a stone in 4wk!

Ok marning all! I am just starting my 5th wk and av lost half a stone in total! However I had lost over half a stone but ad my 38th birthday at the wkend and gained 2lb. But there is a diff in me, i aint dwn about the gain and I know why... 2 meals out and chocolates and birthday cake that were all enjoyed celebrating and I am back on the healthy eatin / exercise wagon! I am changing steadily and will continue to do so. Even at half a stone loss with many more to loss I feel healthier positive and more important in charge! Hope u all av a lovely day, I am headin to wrk with a spring in me step a box of healthy nibbles fruit and soup! Happy Wednesday all!

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Happy belated Birthday, AnnieMary and many congrats for having lost 7lbs, so far. Your new badge looks splended on you :)

Don't worry, that 2lbs will soon go and will take some of their pals with them ;)

Onwards and downwards! :)

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Happy Wednesday to you too :) your attitude is awesome, don't let little setbacks get you down, just keep going and doing the best you can. Very inspirational :D

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