Spring at last

Hi everyone now it's officially spring I was saying that last week too but once the clocks go forward this weekend it will be so much nicer to see more of the daylight, especially when I go walking trying to reach my goal of steps. Has anyone else found that since They got a pedometer they are more willing to do that. My partner was laughing the other day when I was walking round and round the lounge trying to get up to my goal of 10.000 steps, sometimes I can manage more. It's lovely in the sunshine today which makes me feel better and more willing to exercise hope to get in the garden this weekend too. What's everyone else doing this weekend. Also I am going to avoid knocking back the processco 🤞🤞


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9 Replies

  • Hi Kim, I'm so with you on the pedometer/fitness tracker obsession! I find mine extremely motivating! 10.000 steps around the house is sanity itself, as far as I'm concerned, I've logged 52,000 in a tiny bungalow in the past! Now if that isn't crazy, I don't know what is!! :D

    I'm just loving the lighter, longer days, it means I can get out for early morning runs and have enough daylight for another two walks through the day.

    Enjoy these Spring days and time in your garden, I shall be doing exactly the same :)

  • Guilty as charged, too. Have found myself jogging on the spot in front of my potatoes waiting to start boiling just to get to my target for the day. But my obsession has diminished with wearing my band every day, so getting a little more lax now. Don't like the clocks going back, though, just when I have got used to the lighter mornings.

  • I agree about the mornings, but within a couple of weeks, you won't notice a difference :)

  • They're going forward not back.

  • Sorry that's what I meant - basically the mornings will get darker if you get up at the same time.

  • So let's all sleep for an extra hour ....

  • Excellent idea - but that would mean I miss the first hour of my tennis sessions, hmmm, as I can't convince the others to cut their morning short by an hour.

  • I do that with my Fitbit when I see my friends about to overtake my steps in our challenges!

  • Exciting times indeed. We can finally count down the days on one hand until BST returns.

    With greatly improving daylight (both in the morning and the evening), whether it be aiming to reach your daily goal of 10,000 steps or spending more time in the garden, simply enjoy re-emergence of natural vitality that may have been absent in recent months.

    Although signs of improvement have been witnessed recently, such as the ability to dry clothing outdoors, I've long considered that weekend, towards the of March, to be the real starting point in the year, since the months that proceed it are often full of opportunity and optimism, not least when it comes to exercising outdoors.

    As such, be sure to enjoy BST as much as I intend to.

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