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On a Mission!

After putting on 2lb the first week, I was allowed to restart. I'm glad to say I lost 2lbs, so very chuffed.

It was down to so much lovely support on here ❤

I only managed 2 out of the 3 runs last week C25K but I'm on a mission to get in 3 this week!😎

I'm using my Fitbit to help me improve my number of steps and also enter my calories. Unlike the first week I'm not eating my gained calories I've earned with extra steps so I think that has also helped ( thanks Tiggerr! 😂)

I'm also trying to plan meals ahead and get my water intake higher.

For the first time in a hundred years I feel like I'm more in control than ever before!

Putting myself first is hard for me but I am on my mission and life looks rosier!

Good luck to everyone on here.

Feels like family



Bit excessive with the hugs and kisses but I'm an emotional person "what can I say!" 😂😂

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Fantastic! I started c25k ages ago and life kept getting in the way - can't describe how amazing it feels to be on wk9 now and running for 30 mins without getting out of breath! Go you :D

Kate x

Edit - you don't look 64!! X


Wow! Very inspirational

I can't wait to be in that place

Thank you x


Lol! That was taken a couple of months ago with my gorgeous granddaughter in Nottingham!

I'm 65 in June! 😕

Ha ha thanks for the compliment

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Lol, my mum is 65 in May - she says the grandchildren give her wrinkles but keep her young! :)

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You certainly are on a mission, Gemini and you're succeeding! Well done you! :)

All those baby steps add up, until suddenly, you realise you've made a giant leap! Keep up the great work, because you're on your way to your first leap! :)

There can never be too many hugs and kisses between family :)


Aaaw that's lovely thank you xxx

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Congratulations to you 🎊🎉

It is a tough job that we have but I believe with the help on here that we will succeed.

Proud of you for starting it again, you didn't quit😆

"Diet buddy"

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