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I'm looking for breakfast ideas as I want to move away from toast. The problem is I'm lactose intolerant so milk products are out. I've tried almond milk and soya milk and my stomach couldn't tolerate them so they're also out. My stomach also won't tolerate eggs. My friends used to think I was intolerant to anything that might be sold by the milkman!

I'm looking for something simple as in the morning I don't want to spend lots of time preparing breakfast.

Any suggestions?



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32 Replies

  • Have a look in the Recipes/Meals/Snacks Topic, Cavaco, there's bound to be lots of ideas there.

    My simple favourite, is breakfast "muffins" They're really mini omelettes, cooked in a muffin tray and can be made with any fillings you like. They also freeze well, so can be made in advance and just zapped in the microwave in the morning :)

  • Thanks, I'll have a look. Muffins are out I'm afraid as I don't eat eggs.

  • Oops sorry! I should learn to read!! :o

    How about kippers, or smokies? :)

  • I've a feeling my cat would eat more than me!

    Sorry - I do realise I'm difficult!

  • Forget that it's breakfast time then, ignore traditional breakfast menus and just eat anything that you like.

    There's nothing wrong with soup for breakfast ;)

  • That's a good point - I rather like the idea of having two lunches.

  • Perfect! :)

  • moreless is right about ignoring the traditional breakfast. I've had breakfasts in various parts of asia and africa that has included fish curry, steak tartare and chilli chicken noodle soup (when in Rome etc...). That doesn't even include what I've found cold in the morning after a night out :O

    Sky's the limit :)

  • I'm not sure about steak tartare first thing, but soup is definitely in the running.


  • I can understand that. All the ingredients were on the breakfast buffet at a hotel. I had to look up online how to make it but felt I had to give it a go "cos it was there".

  • Quinoa muffins - can make a load in advance, really tasty. Porridge made with water and added fruit or savoury porridge is fab with peppers and onions and spices?

  • I'm not sure I can cope with the consistency of porridge (yes, I know I'm awkward) but the muffins may be worth a try.


  • How about mashed avocado on a cracker? It's also lovely on whole grain toast (which I know you're avoiding!) You can spice it up or down too eg pinch of paprika or chilli, even a bit of lemon and black pepper... really good healthy fats in there too....just an idea😃😃😃

    P.s. I used to eat sushi for breakfast- veggie or fish type- just thought it might help as another suggestion😃

  • Avocado sounds good when in season. I also like the idea of sushi for breakfast.

    thanks for the suggestions.

  • Cavaco I'm pretty sure you can get avocados year round 😃p.s. another option would be a dried fruit and nut mix or even make your own cereal bars😃

  • without sounding like the fussiest eater in the world, I also don't like nuts! It amazes me I'm the size I am considering all the foods I won't eat! I'm clearly making up for it in chocolate.

  • Oh bless you😃 I'm a bit fussy too lol- I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for😃

  • I don't know about trying some small simple salad items as a breakfast start sometimes. If you ever want something different to the soup. 😀 I hope u do find some good ideas eventually good luck Cavaco with this. 🤞👍

  • Fruit bananas apples. Berries

  • Thanks, I have fruit for my morning and afternoon snacks so need something different for breakfast.

  • Thanks, I have fruit for my morning and afternoon snacks so need something different for breakfast.

  • Continental breakfasts tend not to be cooked but to rely on grab-able ingredients like sliced meat and cheese. You can get lactose-free virtually anything these days so you could try a plateful of that, the protein would be quite filling. Tinned mackerel or sardines are delicious on rice cakes. You can make porridge with water or rice/almond milk in a slow cooker (probably have to portion it into smaller jars inside the slow cooker if cooking for one) or try overnight oats in the fridge with lactose-free yogurt. What about a jacket potato? If cooked in bulk & frozen you could take one out of the freezer the night before & zap it in the microwave to heat through, with whatever filling you prefer. So many of our meal choices are habitual, no reason at all not to eat whatever you want to at breakfast!

  • Thanks for all your suggestions. I like the idea of mackerel on rice cakes (though may need to share with my cat).

  • Try creamed cheese and tomato on your Rice Cakes or smoked Salmon and Tomato Yummy and filling. Yes I have a cat also but as I dont eat its food it doesnt get mine It now knows not to beg as I just ignore it Tough love Loll

  • That sounds tempting. I inherited my cat a couple of years ago - he's too old for tough love (that or I'm just too soft).

  • I often eat dry cereal for breakfast with a cup of black coffee. Crunchy! Yum.

    I had a look on Google for dairy free egg free recipes and that came up with some good ideas:

    Maybe it's just me but I don't think having toast for breakfast occasionally is the end of the world? Especially if you really struggle to find anything else :)


  • ooh, thanks for the link, there are some great ideas in there.

    The problem with the toast is that I prefer thick white bread, I have too much butter, and honey, and then also have it for supper. I need to cut down. I'm sure I'll still have it occasionally for breakfast, but having some other options will make life more interesting.

  • I am probably repeating what others have said, but I have a bowl of muesli or porridge which has been soaked in apple juice either overnight or for a couple of hours. This seems to be a new fad, but I have been doing it for years. I add a banana or raspberries, and it is soft and lovely. I tend to prefer Cawstons Apple & Elderflower juice which has a nice tang.

    I know you mentioned about staying about from toast, but I also love mashed avocado on sourdough toast with grilled tomatoes and basil. Quick to do and filling.

    Good luck with it all.

  • Thanks for your reply, I'm afraid I can't cope with the consistency of porridge. Mashed avocado, however, sounds good.

  • I have porridge made with 40gms of Oat bran and half a pint of water.It only takes minutes to cook I then put some frozen raspberries in a bowl Pour the hot porridge over them after a few minutes the porridge has helped defrost the berries and it is cool enough for me to enjoy without milk. The oat bran is good to lower cholesterol Hope this helps. This morning for a change I had 40Gms All Bran soaked overnight with boiling water and a sliced bananna in it Again no need for milk and high in Fibre.

  • thanks for your reply; porridge is proving a popular suggestion.

  • black coffee sweetened .added to rolled oats makes a nice change

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