My first day

After entering my details on the BMI calculator on the NHS page it said that I could have between 1266 & 1667 calories per day so I thought I would with around 1400. I've had 1300 on my first day, will hopefully aim to be around that each day. Just worried about Mother's Day as I'm going for afternoon tea.....hopefully won't be too bad as I need to stay focused 😐

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  • Hello Uppo27. It looks like you're doing just the right thing and well done for staying within your calorie range.

    Don't worry about your afternoon tea, one of two things could happen. You could keep a handle on your total calorie intake and minimise what you eat or you could let the day take its course, enjoy it for the special day it is and get back on the wagon the next day.

    In my 11 weeks of being here I've had to choose the first option when I go out as I'm not sure I could get back on the wagon but everyone here is different.

    Well done on your first day and good luck with the next ones.

  • Thanks Tiggerr, its so good to have this site with people that understand. Hopefully I'll make the right choices but not be too hard on myself if I don't. Do you find this way of eating is working for you? 🙂

  • Almost every day has been a learning experience... learning better ways, learning about myself.

    Most of what I ate previously I still eat but my portion sizes are smaller. I only eat off side plates or small bowls, even if its Sunday lunch. It may seem odd but its all my body needs at the moment and its easier to stay 'sensible'.

    Yesterday's lunch at work was 1 slice of wholemeal seeded bread making a sandwich with 1/3 or a ribeye steak (left over from the w/e). Calories 338. I normally have a load of salad in my sarnies but took a day off. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that this doesn't have to be hard on yourself, just calculated and sensible.

    Lots of different ways here by lots of different people. Read the posts and the replies and maybe get a sense of what would work for you.

  • That's great, thank you 🙂

  • Well done on a successful first day Uppo27 😊 That's the most difficult one.

    With regards to calories I would eat at the top of the range to begin with, it's important not to reduce your calories too much as this post explains

    I eat less through the week to allow me to relax a little at weekends 😊

    I hope this helps


  • Thanks Anna, it's great to be able to get advice on this as it's hard to know if your making the right choices. I'll have a read of the link. Thank you 🙂

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