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Help with foods

Hi i wandering if anyone could help please as i am new to this. It is just calories we count, not fat etc? Also i know that making meals from scratch with fresh foods will be the best but if there are times when you dont have much in your cupboards but you have microwave meals & frozen foods are these ok to eat as long as the calorie value fits into your daily allowance? i know to try and avoid crisps and biscuits but again if you feel like you need something small and the calories fit in is it ok to have these as a snack sometimes?

If anyone has tips that would be great.

Thanks :)

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Hello again Uppo27 😊

The 12 week plan is a calorie counted plan so you are free to choose what you eat. Some thing's which are 'calorie dense' will soon use up your daily allowance but there are times when it's worth it!! I eat everything but have smaller portions 😊 Others cannot eat even a small amount so prefer to avoid those items. It's entirely up to you 😊

If you sign up for the 12 week plan you will get a weekly email which is a great help 😊

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Thats great, thank you so much.


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