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Going insane😜

I must be going insane as I did the 1st run of week 3 on the couch to 5km run and thought to myself "this feels so easy" so I went on and did the week 2 run too 😂😂🏃🏃

Something has happened in this body of mine that hasn't happened for years. A fire has been lit and it is burning like the fires of hell.

For once in my life I am doing something for me. Something that is putting me first, something that is giving me more confidence, something that is making me feel good. This is my drug and I am loving it right now.

Hehe rant over probably in half an hour when the aches kick in I will feel totally differently, but for now I am glowing (totally red right now)

Keep up the good work folks it does get easier😀


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Wow, go for it. Isn't that feeling, when you've finished, great.


It's a great feeling isn't it ☺ well done Janpes


Brilliant 😉


Well done, Janpes it's a wonderful place to be xx


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