Butter or Margarine?

I have a problem with butter. I love it far far too much, and probably its the main reason that I am on this forum!!

However, I also have a problem with margarine in that its just so plastic. I cant stand it. I believe in real whole foods, and margarine just isnt! I don't want to put it in my body, and neither do the rest of my family.

However I am finding it really hard having butter in the house. I have tried keeping it in the fridge but that's quite unpractical when the rest of my household make sandwiches in the morning, or make toast when they burst in from school (starving, obviously), and find the butter is basically an unspreadable brick.

I am thinking of buying clover instead, as a kind of halfway house - can be kept 'out of sight out of mind' in the fridge, remains spreadable, not as tempting as butter, and hopefully isn't TOO plastic.

What do you think? Any other ideas?

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50 Replies

  • Try putting it into small ready prepared portions, keep one portion out. moreless recommended Kerygild to me as it's made from grass fed cows. I only use it if I have toast, although like you I love it.

  • Thanks, I'll have a look at Kerygild.

    Thats an idea - to keep most of the butter in the fridge and just have a little out.

  • Should say kerrygold

  • Cracking idea lucigret might use that.

  • Here's how to limit the amount of butter you use, JC, limit what you would put butter on! If toast and butter is your failing, stop eating toast!

    I would never advocate the eating of margarine, or the "pretend" butter. I love butter, but as I don't eat bread, my intake is limited to cooking :)

  • Very wise!!!!! I find that's its quite amazing just how many surprising things taste even better with butter on! I am quite terrible. Its definitely my weak spot. This is why I translate my weight loss into pats of butter - thats basically what it is!!

    However, toast would be a good thing to stop I think.

    I'm not into fake food at all. Going to the supermarket in a while and see what I can find. I think having it out of my sight in the fridge will really help, so I am basically looking for butter that can be used straight from the fridge.

  • Clover spreadable - ingredients: Vegetable Oils (Palm, Rapeseed), Buttermilk (33%), Cream, Salt, Natural Flavouring, Colour (Carotenes).

    Kerrigold butter - ingredients:

    Cream, Salt (1.8%), Fat 80% min

    Which is real? :)

  • Thank you! Clover was a random choice to be honest - I need to go and see what there is in the supermarket. I'm sure that you can get butter thats spreadable from the fridge but I dont know whats been added to it to make it like that. Buttermilk maybe? We make our own butter sometimes and it never goes properly hard, even in the fridge, which I think is because its difficult to get all the buttermilk out.

  • Stick to your own butter and you won't go wrong :)

  • Its a bit time-consuming for everyday life unfortunately! We always make it when we go camping though, to go with bread made on the fire.

  • It sounds delicious! :)

  • I believe you have answered your own question there. Looking for a butter that won't go hard in the fridge.......the one you make yourself. I'd say go with that 🙂

  • Totes agree with this moreless. Years ago I was Health Trainer at a nurse practitioner's group, where she asserted that carbs weren't fattening, just the fat that was put on them, a myth I have oft times heard/seen repeated.

    Whilst I don't believe we can eat anything with impunity, I'm convinced that eating foods that stimulate the appetite are a much greater problem to body-fat control (and health) than calorie dense natural fats. Complex carbs have been promoted as giving sustained energy, but many of them are turned to blood sugar faster than table sugar is, whereas natural fat provides truly sustained energy.

    I keep butter in a butter dish, out of the fridge, except in really hot weather.

  • I use butter (and cream) but only now and again, I don't use it on sandwiches for example.

  • I am an advocate of using the real thing - I use very limited amounts - hardly ever on bread - as have practically given up bread. But a little in Cooking . Portion it up as suggested:-)

  • I prefer real food. So I buy Willow butter (only 75p a block), cut into 10 equal portions, and only use a portion or half a portion at a time depending on 2 or 4 slices of toast. This is all I use the butter for and I count this on MFP. I once read that margarine is only one molecule away from being plastic and if you left it outside for 15 years, it would still look the same! Food for thought isn't it! Your homemade butter sounds utterly scrumptious and has me salivating...xx

  • I read that too! Hence my comments about plastic! I really want to try it for myself though. Might see if the kids want to do it in the interests of science....

    My main problem with portioning it up, is that the rest of my household need normal unfettered access to the butter! Maybe I could cut myself some portions to keep in the fridge, to be used in a planned way like you do, and leave the rest out for them in the butter dish.

  • We've just gone back to butter as there is far less rubbish in it. I think we eat less now though as we eat less bread (I do make my own bread now though). I do still have problems with jacket potatoes though!!

  • I don't think willow is butter.. I'm sure its the same principle as the other manufactured spreads.

  • A new me - I strongly suggest you read the ingredients on the willow packet- I fell into the same trap- it's not butter I'm afraid😞

  • Aah well, as you 'strongly suggested' it, I have indeed read the packing, and, it isn't butter :( . I'm not going to lose sleep over it...xx

  • It got me last year too! I really hate the manipulation of these food companies😠

    Aldi does butter for 89p which we buy in bulk once a month😃

  • I would think Lidl will do one similar then so will take a look. I sure like their Danepak, which may or may not be butter. Or I may just go back to good old Lurpak which I love (slurp slurp slurp) ...xx

  • Lurpak is lovely😃 but I really don't like the price😞

  • Might have to cut in to 20 portions - will be better for me too :p ...xx

  • Lol😂

  • I heard the 1 molecule theroy too.

  • When low fat spreads first came on the market many years ago, I decided that the ingredients weren't good, so I made my own: half butter, half olive oil blended together, could be kept in the fridge and remain spreadable. Like everyone else I had been convinced about the dangers of fat!

    I went back to using butter several years ago, but don't eat much bread anymore. The idea of small portions sounds like a good idea if you are worried about eating too much.

  • Hi I also have the same problem of being tempted by butter because it's out on the worktop😞 so I bought a tub of "plastic margarine" (500g tub is perfect size) washed it out and put my block of butter in there- voila! Out of sight and nasty plastic margarine tub definitely doesn't tempt me😃

  • Thats a good idea!

  • AND I could use the plastic margarine for experiments to see if it goes mouldy

  • I doubt it will go mouldy- if you go to the Caribbean in 35 degrees in a non air conditioned supermarket or shop you will find it on the shelves not in the fridge and when you see this you will never eat the plastic junk again!

  • So I have returned from the supermarket with Anchor spreadable butter. Its basically just over half butter and mixed with rapeseed oil, plus salt - and nothing else. Same principle as yours Penel , and I might try making my own at some point too. So, I'll see how this goes! I might resort to portioning in future - with my measured portions kept in the fridge. Thank you for all your comments and ideas.

  • use pure honey on toast and no butter if having filling on sandwiches don't need butter

  • Hi topcat I think a lot of us use it more for cooking than sandwiches😃

  • I don't know if this is true or not maybe someone else may be able to tell me but I was told margarine is 1 moicule away from being a plastic and was invented to fatten up cattle during the war, when it was white in colour, after the war a yellow colouring was added and it fed to humans as butter was still hard to get. I wonder if anyone else was ever told this?

  • Hi itsbab- there's probably some truth in there somewhere but margarine was invented by the french under instruction from Napoleon for a cheap source of fat for his troops- I think the Germans then commercialised it. I found this out last year while butter shopping in France and every foil wrapped butter look alike was actually margarine... I was absolutely devastated - after all what is a baguette without real butter???!!!😞

  • Oh thank you for that it's interesting what you find out isn't it? No you have to have butter with baguette👍

  • yes i thought that was where it came from too, but Clover-patchs theory below sounds like thats the origin of the stuff

  • Try the KetoDiet then you can enjoy it as you like. The KetoDiet Blog is quite good for info and there are lots of other blogs about which explain the diet.

  • Thanks for the idea, but that kind of diet has always struck me as fundamentally unhealthy. I'm really after a lifelong change in my eating habits rather than a quick fix. Dealing with the butter problem rather than sweeping it under the carpet. Thank you anyway though, I know it works for some people.

  • Just research it a bit dietdoctor.com aswell has good info from doctors and scientists, you may be surprised

  • I use both that is a mix of butter /margarine. I use the low fat, low salt version.

    I only use it once a day and that is if I have toast for breakfast.

    I tend to try to stay away from too much bread, so only have 2 wholemeal slices a day

    I am sure you will find the solution that suits you

    Good Luck


  • Thank you! I think less toast will help, alongside hiding my new spreadable butter at the back of the fridge.

  • Hi Jiminy Cricket. Love the name!

    I insist on butter. Cannot stand margarine. I use a measuring spoon. I have a half tablespoon measurer which equated to one and a half teaspoons. This is what I add to a slice of toast: enough to taste the butter but not too much. I also use butter when I'm cooking but I still measure it with my 1.5 teaspoon measure.

    All things in moderation is my mantra

  • Mine too, just been struggling with it this past week !

  • I can't buy butter as i will eat it all...I hide it so no-one knows it's in bar me... it's fatal.

  • It's just too nice isn't it! After some experimentingwwe've switched to anchor spreadable which doesn't have lots of nasty additives but can live in the fridge rather than in plain sight all the time. Much better for me!!

  • I've just tried that strategy this last week... And I Failed... So just need to keep avoiding it for now 😳 such a shame 😥

  • Good luck!

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