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I've not weighed in for the past two weeks because I was really angry at myself. I'd put on 5lb within a week. I think it mainly had to do with the time of the month but I also had quite a bad week.

I got back to it all last week and managed to get rid of 4lb of it. But I was still annoyed at myself. I do this every now and then. Start to feel really discouraged and give up for a few days. I was sorting though my emails today and I saw one from may last year from a trainer at the gym with all my old measurements. I havnt been measuring myself I have just been basing a lot of it on weight, which I know you shouldn't do really.

I decided today to measure myself again. And I was in shock to be honest. I've lost about 26cm altogether in that 10 months. It's given me a bit of motivation that I am hoping will keep me going for a while haha.

It's been a slow process but at least I'm heading in the right direction even if it is taking me longer than I wanted it to.

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Hi Laura790

That is a wow moment with your measurements losing 26cms well done you. We all get those times when our motivation disappears on us because the scales are not moving or going in the wrong direction. I measure myself every 12 weeks and you would be amazed it what a difference 12 weeks can make so it is a good idea to use the tape measure as well as the scales.

Well done for getting back on the wagon and getting your motivation back. Onwards and downwards.


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I'm definitely going to focus more on losing centimeters. Even though to look at me you can't see much difference it's nice to know that something is actually happening haha x

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Well done! More likely to stay off if you lose more slowly 😀

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Yeah that's the goal! To lose it and keep it off. I'm just far too impatient haha x


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