Weekend fails

Hi, just coming on here to confess how much I've failed at my healthy eating this weekend, and as I'm only 2 weeks in I'm really disappointed in myself. It's been a really rubbish week with work and an unwell child not sleeping, plus a friend's birthday drinks and curry where my willpower failed and I got stuck into the popadoms. I'm trying to be kind to myself and start again today, onwards and upwards!


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18 Replies

  • It happens to us all! Don't worry. Popodoms are tasty but not high calorie. You are right to just start again. Put it behind you

  • Put it behind me, hopefully not on my bottom 😜 onwards and upwards, just need to use it as motivation!

  • Don't loose heart it is somethings we all do I am sure next week you will find that you have a change again weight loss is a major challenge for anyone this weekend I wanted to do something for someone who was bit down bit the chocolate fudge cake I got for the meeting I had piece of felt very quilty after lol VERY GOOD luck for nxt week xx

  • That sounds like a kind thing to do for your friend, even if not for yourself. But i think as long as you enjoyed the experience of eating it, a little bit is ok?

  • It is normal to feel bad about it but if you contnue to feel bad about it the cycle will just continue.

    Chalk it up as a lack of willpower and start back again.

    I am also 2 weeks in with 2 failed Friday nights but I got back on the wagon straight away. A normal way to recover would have been to eat a fry up and lay on the couch all day. Instead I ate a normal breakfast of weetabix and went on the treadmill.

    Good luck for your following weekends :)


  • Glad to hear I'm not alone and will take inspiration! I've put on exercise clothes now to help reduce the barriers to getting on the cross trainer once the little one is in bed and the food has digested. The post wasn't meant to be completely woe is me, but I thought by declaring it out loud (or in writing!) that might help me do something positive about it, so here goes 💪🏼

  • Oh believe me you are not alone. I am permanently in exercise clothes these days. They are really comfy and feel good.

    Good luck

  • HI MyCupOfTea

    You have not failed your healthy eating it's just a blip along the way and we all have them from time to time. Just a line under the weekend and start afresh. You can do this just keep going.

    Have a good week.


  • Just put it behind you MyCupOfTea worrying about it won't help, no amount of sack cloth and ashes can un-eat the popadoms. Everyone has a blip at some point. When work and a sick child combine it is very difficult.

    Take the positive from this, being on the forum has probably halted the decline sooner than if you had not posted.

    Hope your child gets better and life at work improves.

  • Thanks @ceals At least I know the work thing was a specific meeting last week and that's done now :-)

  • Years of eating incorrectly and putting weight on cannot just be undone or erased from your memory, and unless you're sporting a fancy halo, you're not a saint :D ! It's all a training process, like riding a bike, each time you fall off, just get back on again, and try harder...xx

  • Yes and goodness, wouldn't life be dull if we all wore halos, good point!!

  • Tomorrow it will be in the past we can't change the past but we can shape our future.

    When we fall we must get up and start again.

    Don't be to hard on yourself

    Good luck for the next few days.😃

  • I believe we sometimes get hung up on being perfect with all our food choices and when we are not we feel guilt and shame. We are human, we are not perfect, will never be perfect. Will you spend the rest of your life never having a takeaway? I doubt it? Will you never celebrate a friends birthday again? I doubt it? Balance is key I believe. Rather than seeing things as slips or bad choices, find a way to build them into your life. They are just a choice. I count my calories and if I've chosen to celebrate or have a takeaway I build it into my daily allowance or over a two day period. Remove the emotion from choice and then you don't feel bad or guilty or build bad associations around food and it's realistic to stay on track this way for a lifetime.

  • Thanks @marie2068 I agree. It's interesting how all these supportive responses have highlighted (agajn!) to me how emotional my food behaviour is. And while I'd recognised comfort eating, I hadn't really thought about the guilt aspect and how that's equally damaging in many ways, powering a very negative story about yourself. One for me to ponder how to break that habit, thank you!

  • So after all the support you have received over the past 24 hours, how has your day gone? It's all one big learning curve and posting is the best thing you can do. It's never a failure if we can learn from it MyCupOfTea. Hope your child is well again😊

  • Thanks lucigret , I feel very supported and not judged! I've made sensible choices today and my lovely husband had a healthy dinner waiting for me when I got home from exercise class this evening, lucky me ☺️ Plus he's made leftovers into lunch boxes which I'm glad of as I'm on course tmw, which often means temptation of beige unhealthy food! Plus I did 30 mins aerobics dvd last night so hopefully at least working off some of those bonus calories !

  • Well done you and lucky girl for having such a supportive husband. You'll never be judged on this forum, we have all been there:)

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