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I'm turning 53 and have always exercised and maintained a healthy weight but in the past 3 years it's been an uphill battle. The past 12 mths I've been up and down but generally hovering 3-4kg above my comfortable weight. Menopause and hormones are a big factor but I also find the motivation to be self controlled is waning. I'm still at the gym or walking 5 days per week but my diet needs an overhaul. The weekends are also my downfall. I love a wine 😁😁

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Morning jnazs

Welcome to the weight loss forum.

Take a look at the Welcome Newbies post in the Pinned post section at the right hand side or at the bottom if on a mobile. Have a look at the nhs 12 week plan, many members have had success following this plan. Use the BMI checker to work out your daily calorie allowance.

Below the Pinned posts are the Topics where members share a range of weight related subjects.

Take your measurements at the start along with a photo so you can see the changes on the days when the scales don't move.

We have daily weigh ins so why not come and join us. You can find the weigh in on the Home page in the Events section on the right. Just click on the post in Events and state your starting weight and any loss/gain or maintain over the week.

To get the best out of the forum be active, share experiences, tips and recipes. Read some of the posts in the Topic section, they can be motivating.

Have a good first week.


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Hello and welcome to the weight loss forum ☺ Have a good look around the site, especially at the links Rose suggested, and please ask if you have any questions ☺

Best wishes


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