In praise of porridge

In addition to the wonderful benefits mentioned below I've now discovered, or rather rediscovered, pinhead oatmeal which I ate as a child. It's dead cheap and particularly filling. It keeps you going for the whole day. I'm now experimenting with portion sizes.

Darn. I can't post the link from my phone. I thought I had done this before but I can't get it to work now.

Finally got the link to work. Thanks moreless. The only drawback to porridge made from pinhead oatmeal is that it takes 25 minutes to cook. Yes i do leave it to soak overnight but it doesn't make such a huge difference. We have a wood stove in the sitting room, and I've left it on that over night. (When i was a child it was left near the edeg of the kitchen range overnight). I think it has made it a little bit quicker. But when the weather is mild, we don't light a fire!!

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  • You can always edit your threads, derrygeel, by clicking on the v, to the tight of the like button :)

  • Hi derrygeel,

    I also praise porridge on a regular basis, and eat it most days - delicious, nutritious and satisfying. Yum!

    Zest :-)

  • I was thinking of doing a post about porridge this morning. Up until now I've always been someone who never understood it. I always loved the smell but every time I made some for myself I couldn't get to grips with it.

    Tried it again this year and now I'm such a huge fan. I was scraping the bowl this morning, pining for more. Change, change, change.

  • Porridge is the food for the brain. I met the ,or one of the Champions of Porridge making. I think he had The Ecclefecan Hotel in Grantown on Spey. He moved to a small Cafe in Portsoy. You would have to Google for more information about him as he has passed away a good few years ago. The stirring action & stick a spurrtle? I think it's called that. We made porridge every day at a work project & continue now but not as often as I should. The bag is unopened. This may change very soon. Have a great 👍 weekend.

  • I knew him also George ☺ The cafe is still there and still to be recommended ☺

  • Good afternoon Anna, aye his name was Roger Reed, he was the champion porridge maker up at Carrbridge, Ecclefecan Restaurant. I met him when he first came to Portsoy, he was very nice to us, a larger than life character, just like myself! His other hobby was carving wood. I'm not sure what happened, but I'm sure it was a ambulance call out. A long time ago. I think his wife stayed on in the village? I met other owners since & the the young couple from about 5 years ago. Not been in for a while but that will soon change. Do you remember the shop opposite selling children clothes. We would go there for pyjamas for wee miss. My work colleague stayed with his Mum next door to the Cafe. Sadly both not with us now. Well I'm going back to my porridge research. Anna have a lovely Sunday. Hope you have been keeping well. George 56🍀

  • Yes, I remember exactly George56 It was called Laura's ☺

    I know the family ☺

    Thank you George, we are all fine and enjoying the weekend ☺ I hope you are also ☺

  • Hello again Tiggerr, hope you enjoyed your porridge this morning. I have been doing a little research, but mostly from memory. ( my pea brain) Anna61 knows who I was on about as he had a small Cafe in Portsoy. Roger Reed. He came to the village from Carrbridge. Must have been 2001/2002 I think. He was a major player and organised the porridge champion competition. Please google Carrbridge porridge championship competition & you will get so many recipes and information. Hope all well with your Sunday. Sorry 😐 about England yesterday & Scotland did they not do that last week!!!! George 56🍀

  • Now I know what a spurtle is. Some great recipes. I use oats for crumbles but wasn't aware as to how versatile they are.

    As for the rugby, ho hum!

  • Ah it's ok. Ireland won yesterday ;-)

  • Sorry about the spelling. Enjoy your porridge for many years to come. G

  • I'm always in such a hurry in the mornings and was missing out on breakfast some days until a friend asked if I had heard of cold porridge, it's so easy, I just put porridge 1/2 cup, skimmed milk 1/2 cup and whatever fruit or spice I fancy in a small Tupperware container give it a shake and leave it over night in the fridge, now I have porridge every morning xx

  • Like you I add different fruit but always cinnamon but hadn't thought that maybe other spices would work. Which spices do you use?

  • I've tried nutmeg, mixed spice and ginger first 2 were nice ginger was a little strange, I might have added a bit to much though xx

  • Oh yeh, they all sound like great additions, even the ginger... not sure why I hadn't thought of them. I'll start trying them from tomorrow.

    Thank you!

  • Hi Katmt please read post I sent to Tiggerr. Ref. Porridge. Info. Google Carrbridge the porridge championship competition. You will find heaps of recipes and good luck with your porridge making. George 56💐

  • I will and thank you xx

  • I've found it 'golden spurtle' there's lots to try thank you again George56

  • Enjoy 😊 all the new recipes. I'm going to try next week.

  • Another fan of porridge made with pinhead oats and water - I have this everyday for lunch with some sort of fruit - raisins (soaked in water to plump them up) are the flavour of the month at the moment.

  • Original post has been edited to include link.

  • Interesting read derrygeel

    Less than 5% of the world's oats are eaten by humans the rest is mainly fed to livestock and particularly horses.

    I love Oats and so does my horse, although she gets fat on them quickly. Sadly she has to watch her waist line too :)

  • Interesting point jopo. I have a dim memory of the farmer who farms behind our estate telling us that the oats he grew was going to be sold for horses as he got more money for it. Did he say that the horse food industry demanded a higher quality than the human food industry? I think he did.

  • Whole unprocessed oats can't be digested by humans unlike our equine friends. 🐴 Perhaps horse owners demand higher quality, I'll come back as a pony !

  • Thanks for the link. I was under the impression that porridge was good for you, now it appears its even better :)

  • Porrige definitely helps my IBS ☺ I also now serve with small helping of cream, rather than sultanas, which helps my satiety ☺

    Does anyone know if using oatmeal is better than using rolled oats?

  • When you have found out let us know Anna. Thank you 😊

  • I suspect it is. Oatmeal is less refined in that it hasn't been steamed and rolled. And I guess it would have a higher GI because it's probably higher fibre.

    Just checked the packets I have. They both have 8.2% fibre so that shoots that down .

    Oatmeal keeps me fuller for longer though.

  • More research I think. I prefer the pinhead. We would have with grapes jam or just on its own. The best of super foods.

  • Local honey my favourite accompaniment :-)

  • I have 'overnight oats' made with 30g oats, a chopped up brazil nut and a chopped up dried apricot. I make it in bulk and do the chopping in a food processor. I add a bottle of Benecol (which I believe keeps my cholesterol lower) and a 30 ml of skimmed milk. Its absolutely scrummy, quick to assemble and low in calories. I have a piece of fruit with it adn am set up for the morning. But I don't really like hot porridge, sorry George56 .

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