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Week 11 -Holiday weight coming off

Mixed bag of a week - as I knew it would be. I did really well until this weekend - which consists of three really social foodie events.

Up until the weekend I had lost 3 pounds - unheard of from me to lose that in a week - the result of Friday and Saturday - is an overall lose of 2 pounds. I will take that.

Just today to get though and a fabulous italian Sunday lunch - cooked by Mr SB - to be shared with family- delicious. I intend to enjoy this and then back on plan tomorrow:-)

No plans for the next two weeks- so I am hoping good progress will be made:-)

Have a good week everyone and good luck:-)

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Morning suzybenj

Well done in losing 2lbs this week, that is great going. Enjoy your Italian Sunday lunch today with the family.

Have a good week.


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Thanks Rose ( such a lovely name)- it is with family and Mr SB is a top notch cook - so I will enjoy!!!

Onwards and downwards:-)

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Hi Suzy,

Fantastic that you'd lost 3 pounds up to the weekend, definitely a great week for you! You're still maintaining 2 pounds of that loss, so it's all good!

I hope you enjoy your delicious Italian Sunday lunch - and wishing you an excellent week ahead. Hopefully good progress will be made, as per your plans.

Zest :-)

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Thanks Zest - today is diversion - but will be enjoyed - with firm plans to be back on track tomorrow:-)

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