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Taking responsibility, holiday coming.


Well, I haven't said much on here, been struggling to keep going. I've lost 1 st 2 lbs since January, which is pretty good, but I need to keep going, as we have a holiday in July. Checked the countdown thingy and it's 130 days, so I really need to step things up. I am doing Slimming World, and getting weighed each week is keeping me going, or I'd have given up ages ago (just like every other time I've tried to lose weight). I am determined to keep going. I do struggle with the whole group thing (I suffer from anxiety, so I'may not great in a room full of people). But I've read comments on here, and everyone is very supportive. I've just downloaded My Fitness Pal as I've seen it recommended. It looks great, so hopefully the tracking will keep me focused. I'm a great one for excuses and faffing, but I really have to stop. If I (and nobody else can do it for me) don't take responsibility for myself I'm going to be a sweaty mess on holiday and I'll be very cross that I didn't act sooner. Dusting off the cross trainer, £8 gumtree special, and going to start today. No more excuses Sarah, you're 51, take control woman.

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Hi! Thank you for posting and sharing your journey! You are doing really well. What a bargain you got with your cross trainer. You will look fabulous for your holiday, think of all the new clothes you will buy. 👙👗👚👠

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It was a bargain indeed. My husband very wisely told me not to spend too much in case I didn't use it....and then it appeared for sale 5 mins down the road, fate or what?!


Hidden Whoo Hooo 1 stone 2lbs loss since January - you are doing better than me :)

Do you want a 1 stone loss badge? I think you should have one (shout out about it and feel proud :) )

Am tagging the admin so they can give you your 1 stone badge if you would like it :)

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Oh yes please! I thought I'd have to be in the official weigh in to get one of those, thank you!

YellowRose554st 7lbs

Morning Hidden

Fantastic going Sarah losing 1st 2lbs since January your doing brilliant. I have awarded you your 1 stone badge. Wear it with pride and keep up the good work.



Woohoo Sarah! Well done you! My pom poms are waving wildly for you! :)

Your new badge looks terrific on you and is very well deserved! :)

Keep up the great work, you're doing brilliantly! :)


Hi Hidden if you're getting bored how about trying something new in the exercise department, spice up your food, have a change of walking scenery sometimes small changes can make a big difference.

We'll be seeing lovely holiday pictures of the slim you in July, good luck you are amazing and you can do this xx

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I think I just need to start with the exercise!! I'm up and down stairs all day at work, and I try and run up now, but will be cross trainering in the evenings now. Thanks Hidden


Great post, excellent weight loss, positive attitude and a lovely shiny badge!!! Go Sarah ☺☺☺


Oh my goodness, thank you all! Feeling well loved now. Have even more motivation now thanks to all your comments! And I'm liking the sticker...😍

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