Saturday weigh-in - 18th March 2017

Saturday weigh-in - 18th March 2017

Welcome all to our Super Saturday weigh-in :-)

We hope you've had a good week and are pleased with the numbers on the scales. If this isn't the case, don't get despondent, weight loss isn't linear and we're all human. Think of where things may have slipped. If you're convinced you've not eaten one calorie more than you’d planned, then take out the tape measure and see if you've lost inches instead. If that fails to satisfy too, then look back to the start of your healthy lifestyle journey and be proud of how far you've come. Progress may be slow, but if you stick to plan, you'll eventually get the results you want πŸ’

Our aim today, is to support and encourage, so we ask everyone to respond to at least one other member, ideally the person directly ahead of you on the thread. This is a bare minimum, though and we'd love to see everyone, with their pom poms, bells and whistles, cheering as many people as they wish, on as many days as they like πŸ‘


Total number weighing in – 32

Total number of replies – 236

Average number of replies – 7.37

Total weight lost – 39.07lbs / 17.72kgs

Total weight gained – 10.10lbs / 4.58kgs

Number who maintained – 6

Newbies/Restarts – 3

Average weight lost - 0.99lbs / 0.44kgs

It would make things so much easier for Rose, our statistician, if you could state your weight today, how much weight you've lost/gained/maintained this week and your goals for the week ahead. Other than that, feel free to share any details of your week, or tips to inspire us all.


If you're joining this weigh-in group for the first time today, please introduce yourself and, if you feel you want to, share your starting weight and any weight loss goals you may have. Setting yourself mini-goals, such as losing 1-2lbs in the next week is much less daunting than concentrating on the end goal. You could also make a note of your body measurements. Sometimes the scales stick at a particular weight, but there can be body measurement changes which are very motivating. It’s not all about the scales after all – it’s how you feel in yourself.

If you’ve not already seen it, then take a moment to read the β€˜Welcome Newbie’ pack, which is a Pinned post (situated on right-hand side of the home page, or scroll right down to the bottom, if you're using a mobile).


This morning I weigh 18st exactly, that’s a loss of 3lbs - woo hoo! I’m taking part in the Mad March Hare challenge and completed 395 minutes of exercise this week, which I feel is making a difference to my body shape. My target for next week is keep exercising and break the stone number barrier.

Onwards and downwards! Good luck everyone :-)


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229 Replies

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  • πŸ‘‹ hi Orcadiana! Neat name. See you tomorrow morning for the weigh in!!!!! Hope you are well and have a great πŸ‘ evening. George 56β˜•οΈ

  • Thanks George, see you tomorrow πŸ“£

  • Good morning Orcadiana, thanks for posting and well done on your 3lb loss! Brilliant. I am sure you will hit the 17s next week.

    Today I weigh 71.1kg which is a gain from last week's 71.0 (which was itself a gain on the previous week when I was 70.5kg). So going in the wrong direction, probably due to lack of will power in the evenings after horribly long days at work. I have cycled every day so still exercising.

    On a course next week which will be a break from normal work days. Target is to sleep more, drink more water and cut out rubbish food in the evenings.

    Have a good week!

    Walnut Tree

  • Never mind WalnutTree at least you have worked out why! Are you away from home on your course? Good luck for next week πŸ˜€

  • Thanks, no the course isn't residential, it's on the other side of London though so I will be travelling by tube rather than by bike. I might work out a walking route for some of it otherwise my step count will plummet!

  • Good idea I love walking in London πŸ˜€

  • London Underground publishes a walking map that shows the minutes between stations if that's any help WalnutTree

  • Thanks I will check that out.

  • Morning WalnutTree, that's only a tiny gain, and I know what it's like with the long days at work hard to stick to healthy plans. Hopefully with a break in work routine you can break the habit, it's certainly helped me this week. Hope you enjoy your course πŸ˜€

  • Morning WalnutTree, it's so hard to keep to plan when working long days. I'm sure exercising will help keep your muscles toned despite what the scales say. I'm often away from home until late so try to fill up the freezer at the weekends with home cooking. Hardest part is remembering to take out a meal in the morning before going to work so it's ready to heat up when I get home!

    Hope your time on the course next week lets you get back on track. Good luck (and enjoy the course too)!

  • Yes I sometimes get that urge in the evening but so far have fought it off good luck for next week πŸ˜€

  • i know exactly how you feel... had similar time this week and just lost my way a bit... im determined im going to have a better week this week and im sure you will too.. we can do this x

  • Yes the munchies in the evening is horrible, you know you shouldn't but just have it anyway, know exactly where you're coming from ,:),sometimes carrot sticks just don't appeal do they???? :), that was me last week, bypassed the good snacks for marmalade on toast!!!! good luck for next week, hopefully we will have lost a teeny weeny bit !

  • Sorry to hear you have had some long days at work Hope next week will be better and you see a loss 😊

  • Good morning orcadiana many thanks for posting the weigh in this morning πŸ˜€ Well done with your loss you are doing so well πŸ‘ I was 10 st 11.5 last week. I am the same this week so I have maintained. I am a little bit frustrated as I had a good week both in terms of calories and exercise. I have a really bad cold so maybe that has affected it. My goal next week is to keep going with my calorie counting and exercise and hopefully lose a lb. good luck everyone πŸ˜€

  • Morning nteapea sorry you've got the cold, there seem to be a lot of bugs around at the moment and I'm sure it does make a difference to water weight hopefully the scales will show this next week and hope you're feeling better soon πŸ˜€

  • I've had a couple of weeks when I've not lost much but then the tape shows different I too have a cough and cold i hope you feel better soon πŸ˜€

  • hope you feel better soon Nic and keep doing what your doing.. the scales are just been mean to us this week x

  • You're right - it's so frustrating when the scales don't show the results of sticking with the plan, especially when you're not feeling so great. It's very tempting to say, 'oh, I give up!' but I'm sure you'll see your reward soon! Hope your cold is gone quickly, and you're feeling better next week.

  • Snap ! I've stayed the same but determined for next weeks weigh in At least we haven't gained All the best for the coming week πŸ˜‰

  • Hi all thanks for posting the weigh in .

    This morning I weigh 13.11.2

    Last week I weighed 13.12.2

    So a loss of 1lb

    I take part in the mad march hair challenge and completed some 2000 min and hope to keep the same up this week .My hubby and I have completed the garden weeding trimming potting seeding and clearing so will have to find some other activities for next week never mind in sure we will he has another week off next week which will be nice

    Good luck to you all have a nice wok πŸ˜€

  • well done with losing this week snd fpr all the exercise youve done.. keep it up x

  • You've managed to fit in an amazing amount of exercise this week @nightmare1 - and lost a pound too, that's great news! I may have to copy you and get out in the garden (probably wait for the clocks to go forward so light evenings make it easier after work!).

  • Well done Nightmare - 2000min of exercise is great. Hope you have another good week and well done on the loss.

  • Thanks and wish you all the best πŸ˜€

  • Wow 3lb that's a good loss its true the exercise makes me feel healthier and fitter too πŸ˜€

  • Thanks nightmare1 - I'm hoping the exercise leads to fewer wobbly bits :-)

  • Your right i can now see a waist and the top of my arms have muscles now my upper legs are less like tree logs actually I don't mind looking in a mirror oh yes and my chin and neck are looking good πŸ˜€

  • Morning nightmare1 well done on the 1lb loss, it's great doing gardening isn't it because you don't feel like you are "exercising" but you are burning calories and toning up and your garden looks lovely too! Hope next week continues well πŸ˜€

  • Many thanks I hope your week was good .Yes its lovely to see what we have done in a week πŸ˜€

  • Morning orcadiana 3lb loss is excellent the exercise is definitely paying off and I'm sure next weeks weight will start with a 17! Thanks for posting today's weigh in x πŸ˜€

  • Thanks Fran182716 - hosting is such a pleasure with all you lovely folk on the same journey as me! Helps keep me from Saturday munchie attacks too :-)

  • Morning all, well I've had a lovely week off work and very pleased to say the scales have finally budged a little, down 1lb from 10 stone 11.5 to 10 stone 10.5.

    I've had time to cook proper meals with fresh veggies, been extremely lucky with the weather for march, and been able to have some lovely walks with Buzzy dog, do some clearing up in the garden, and been swimming twice.

    Still got the whole weekend and I've got a badminton court booked for me and son#3 this afternoon, swimming again Sunday, and an aqua tone class booked for next weds evening.

    My other plan is to win the lottery tonight so I can retire early and keep living like I've done this week lol !!!

    Hope everyone has a good week πŸ˜€

  • Well done every pesky llb counts

    It is lovely cooking from scratch and keeping up all the exercise .

  • good news that the scales have been kind. proper prep is definately the key to losing weight and having this time off this week has the time... something i failed miserably with this week and its shown! have a good week

  • Well done Fran182716 I will try to catch you up πŸ˜€

  • Hi Fran182716 will you still be in the forum from your yacht when you win the lottery? What a great week you have had outside and cooking. My grass is growing so fast. Maybe I will win lottery and pay someone to mow it. Good luck for next week

  • Hi Ella, haha, no do the mowing yourself it burns calories! No yacht as I'm very sea sick, my lottery win will buy me a mountain villa surrounded by lakes and forest!! Will still post on the forum if I have internet !!

    Lovely dream, now back to not very sunny Birmingham πŸ˜€

  • Loving your exercise plans - have a great week.

  • Well done you on your 3lb loss ☺ and Snap me too down from 14. 6 last weekend to 14. 3 today after that gain - see I was right that totm for us woman doesn't help ! kept on track ate really healthy, exercised and tried hard to keep positive and its shown on scales so averaging 1 or 2 lb loss slowly and steadily is good ☺

    good luck all you guys xx

  • Morning Kath, well done 3lb down! nice to see the water weight from last week gone, your perseverance has paid off πŸ˜€

  • Well done kath50 super weight loss for you and our lovely post holder orcadiana . Inspirations for us all.

  • Lovely loss kath50 - it's such a boost to motivation when the rewards for persevering and being positive suddenly appear on the scales. You'll soon be in the 13s :-)

  • That's great progress, well done Kath.

  • Morning. Weigh 15st 7 this morning, a 1lb gain πŸ˜” I've lost my way a little in the past couple of weeks. Must find my motivation again this week. Have a good week everyone!

  • Yes you and me both we CAN DO IT!! Good luck for next week :)

  • Strange how that mist comes down and we lose our way ! each and everyone of us has it your not alone don't get lost in it put those fog lights on and look for the clearing its there and you will get there again.

    we're al beacons to help you

  • must be something in the air this week as ive lost my way too.. we just need to get our heads in the right place and start again x

  • Hi ClaireeH i just read your reply in the March challenge. Keep going, you can do this!

  • Hope you get back on track, a few of us lokking to do the same this week, you are not alone!! Have a good week

  • Well, the lb came off so I have now officially lost a whole stone since Day One! Got my hols in two weeks then next goal (another stone?) will be July, for a family wedding.

  • Excellent well done you !!!

  • well done on losing a whole stone.. **** fabulous ****

  • Well done, great progress

  • It's a wonderful day when you reach a stone loss landmark, especially the first one πŸ’

    We must get you a shiny new badge! moreless can you fetch one from your cupboard and shake those pom-poms please?

  • Morning AnnTandy

    Well done with losing 1lb this week and fantastic going with your first stone. Would you like your 1 stone badge now?

  • Woohoo, Ann! WTG you! My pom poms are going crackers and that new badge looks splendiferous on you! :)

  • Your stone badge looks so good... πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  • Hi all you Saturday Superstars!!!!no weight loss for me today as I was 9st 9lb sat week and just stepped on the scales and am the same today BUT......the good news is that I had a bit of money for my birthday and saw a top that I liked - asked if they had any in a size 16 , was most disappointed when they didn't , only had a size 14,proceeded to see if I could squeeze into it and.....IT FITTED PERFECTLY :), I was so chuffed I can tell you, admittedly it is a loose fitting top but I am so pleased to have bought something new and in a smaller size that isn't frumpy and actually in season !!!!!

    Hopefully next week I will lose something,!!!

    Good luck to each and everyone of you for this week,

    Now off to walk my dog :)

  • yay.. thats fantastic that you are in a smaller size... thats better than seeing the scales move x

  • Ahh thank you- yes it felt good :)

  • Well done BowieFan60 for getting into that size 14. What a great feeling! Well worth losing weight for.

  • Yes it was nice ,unfortunately I am only 5 ft tall so excess weight makes me look like a barrel!!! :)

  • Well you will look like a smaller barrel than you did before so don't worry. Onwards and downwards

  • Well done on the smaller size - brilliant. And always a boost to buy something that makes you feel good.

  • Thank you :)

  • A lovely non-scale victory is just as exciting and rewarding as seeing the numbers go down on the scales. Great to hear, and enjoy your dog walking this morning.

  • Yes I might just be looking out for a nice pair of summer trousers to go with it now!!! ;)

  • That's awesome, the number on the scales is only a guide, but when the body starts to show the weight loss it's the best feeling. I'm very happy for you :)

  • Thank you :)

  • good morning.

    last week i weighed.. 17st 7.5lbs

    This week i weigh 17st 9.5lbs gain of 2lbs :-(

    ive been.super busy at work this week and not planned my meals properly and also my totm is due and i always end up sooooo hungry for about a week before and cant stop eating rubbish & now feeling a bit down today ☹

    Exercise wise i only did 1 spin class & 2 gym visits so that not like me either so need to get back on it today properly ! got aerobics class this morning at 9:30 so going to start the day positive and eat properly again.

    i have my husband & kids cheering me on and theyve said they wont let me quit cos im doing so well... so heres hoping i can get my eating under control and get back to normal..

    Hope you all have a good weekend x

  • EVERYONE is allowed an off week Claz we are not robots. You have been working so hard recently it is absolutely ok to have a time out. Remember the downwards trend you are going down on average and that is the goal. Do lots of kind things for yourself this week πŸ˜€

  • thanks Nic.. i know your right... it just scares me when i feel like this that im going to go off the rails and not get back on again.... but all dressed to go to gym now so all change today x

  • It isn't black or white - all or nothing. There is a little bit of grey (or blues) in between πŸ˜€ You had your grey week. You HAVE NOT failed you have had a rest πŸ˜” Reach for the bath salts reach for the house of Fraser website reach for a cuddle πŸ˜€ Or in your case your favourite thing the spin bike 🚲 πŸ˜€ - you are still on it

  • Your husband and kids are right, you mustn't quit as you can do this. A few of us are in the same place and we will get through it if we keep going. Did you see your PT this week?

    Enjoy aerobics and have a great week.

  • no i didnt see her this week cos she was on a course so didnt have my usual classes with her and with working late as well just all went to pot !

  • Sounds like you've had a tough week Claz so please don't beat yourself up too much. It's wonderful that your family are so supportive and cheering you on. Remember too that this week is only a tiny fraction of time, and the difference you've already made over many weeks.

    When we decided to change our previous lifestyles for a healthy one we've committed for life. Although there will be occasional ups on the scales we've taken back control so these are only a minor blip along the way. Good luck next week, we're rooting for you :-)

  • thankyou... given myself a good talking too today and will be determined this week to get back on track x

  • Yes you CAN and we are all rooting for you !!!! :)

  • Morning Claz you are doing incredibly well, female hormones have a lot to answer for, I know some people aim to eat at maintenance for a week around TOTM so you can include some of the foods you crave in a controlled way without feeling you've strayed from your plan, you're also likely to be holding on to water. I remember it well, glad I'm past that now ! Hope you enjoy your gym today and feel better next week. πŸ˜€

  • feel a lot better now ive been to the gym.. did a shazam class.. it was good fun and did 5600 steps in 1hr doing it.. so feeling more myself now x

  • Wow super woman. Your a star ☺

  • Well done for working out the reasons why. Lovely that your family are supporting you.. totm is temporary even if regular.. it will pass and if you hold water.. you will have a good loss once it leaves!! Have a great weekend ahead... cheering you onwards..

    Your stone badge looks great πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  • thanks Minniewinny. think i was just feeling sorry for myself earlier but feeling more like me after exercising x

  • Good afternoon Minniewinnie hope you are doing well today. I'm going well with a few pounds down. I never tucked in this week even though tempted. Yesterday was a chav. First was at lunch time I was getting cravings for pie Bridie & sausage roll from the baker's. Salad instead. Last night I was parked by the local chipper!!!!,πŸ˜‹ Not tempted. πŸ™‚ George 56 πŸ€—

  • I'm going to cheer you on to & say don't worry be happy!!! I can only dream at the moment of what you have achieved. I salute you ☺ George 56 πŸ™‚

  • Claz hi sweetie. Sorry you have put on a little bit. You have put you weigh 27 stone which made my eyes water somewhat but I know you mean 17... you can get back on track and lose again next week. Take care, we can do this!!

  • haha... i just read it before your comment and changed it... can always rely on you to put me right EllaMidlands

  • I watched a programme about some blokes who cut weight overnight for a weighin for martial arts - they sweat all night literally in a sauna and hot baths and lost 2 stone in a night (just in water - totally pointless) I thought when I saw 27 stone you have down the opposite!!

  • wow.. i think to put 10stone on in a week would take some doing haha

  • Good afternoon Ella I watched that programme. So dangerous. All done by science I'd say. With the sports college team & medical support. Maybe take me a day or two!!!! When I get to 27st. I'm going to celebrate with a non food treats!!!!!☺

  • Morning all, Weighing myself I have gone from 17st 10lb to 17st 6lb and only my second week. 😁

    congratulations everyone.

  • Well done Dread that'S great! 🌟

  • Great stuff Dread, well done

  • That's great news Dread Sounds like you're really fired up for the challenge! All the best for next week :-)

  • Even better than that, Ian, you weighed in at 17st 11lbs last week, which means you've lost another 5lbs!!! Woohoo! Well done you! :)

  • Wow well done !!!

  • Morning orcadiana well done on your 3lbs loss that's brilliant

    Today I'm 13st 5 lbs so have stayed the same as last week 😞

    Keeping positive for next week πŸ˜ƒ

  • Morning Cat33 Well done on your maintain, I plateaued for a few weeks and only have a slight downward loss this week but it has made me happy :)

    Keep going as I am proof after a plateau if you keep going it will move again in the right direction :)

    Wishing you all the best for next week :)

  • Thanks Cracker it's great to get the support on here x

  • Gives me chance to catch up πŸ˜‰

    Only teasing its our own journey we're travelling and your doing so well x

  • Ha ha yes thought I'd just slow down this week for you 😁

    I know what it is as when i had my grotty week I had things I shouldn't have to cheer me up

    I'm really going to be good this week although we have a birthday meal out tomorrow in an Italian restaurant for our middle son so will have to be careful with my choices there

    Have a lovely Saturday xx

  • An Italian restuarant birthday meal sounds like it'll be fun, as well as a challenge :-)

    Is it possible to get a menu from their website and make your healthier eating choices today? My willpower often evaporates once I sit down and see what everyone else is having!

    Many now give the calories for each dish, and offer starters as main courses. This can be a good option for me, although doesn't work in places where the vegetarian options are limited (i.e. take it or leave it).

    Enjoy your night out x

  • Yes good idea I will have a look at their menu

    I love Italian food so will have to be strong πŸ˜‰

    One good thing is we are going early as their little niece who is only 5 is going so it won't be a long evening surrounded by temptation πŸ˜‡

    Thank you next challenge is we are taking our son out for lunch next Tuesday for his actual birthday but that's a bit easier xx

  • Sounds like you'll be having a busy week of outings - enjoy :-)

  • Thank you looking forward to it

    Have a good weekend ❀

  • Maybe give me a few years to catch up!!!☺

  • Thanks Cat33 A maintain is always better than a gain! Fingers crossed for a good loss for you next week :-)

  • Thank you xx

  • Thank you xx

  • You and me both- good luck for next week WE CAN DO IT !!!!:)

  • Yes we can Chat next Sat to congratulate each other πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Good morning all

    Congratulations to all who have lost / maintained :) To those that have gained, don't be too disheartened just get back on the wagon and keep going and you will hopefully loose that gain next week :)

    My weigh in - well today I am totally over the moon as for the last few weeks I have maintained at the 13st 5lb mark and today I saw 13st 4.5lbs so only 0.5lb loss but still a loss :) so heading in the right direction :)

    I am now on holiday for a week and have a feeling that I will put on next week, but hey ho I will try my best - Tonight we have friends arriving and we are having Christmas dinner :)

    Good luck everyone for the week ahead :)

  • That is great - well done for going in the right direction. Enjoy your Christmas dinner !?!

  • Well done cracker10 I love Christmas dinner enjoy

  • Enjoy your Christmas dinner - yummy! Well done for making the scales move again, you are right we can't give up when the scales are slow. πŸŽ„

  • Glad you have lost and hope you have a lovely holiday Enjoy your Christmas dinner x

  • Fab to hear you've slipped off the plateau and into weight loss this week. Enjoy your holiday and Christmas dinner :-) Plenty of healthy options there but I know how hard it is to resist the call of the sweet sugary things (I daren't invite them into the house any more...)!

  • Most definitely on the right track - just watch those mince pies tonight but have a lovely meal!!!

  • Hi. I went totally off wagon last weekend after reaching 17 stone 13 and 3/4! I was so happy to be there I thought I would take the weekend off my healthy eating and eat the rubbish I did before. Well that proved to me exactly how much junk I was eating. By Mon/Tues I had put about 3 or 4 lb on. I then pulled it back by going back on my low carb, high protein and I am not back to the same as last Saturday. It did show me that I have to keep up my changes which I needed to know as I have a holiday in April - if I eat what I like for a whole week I would easily put half a stone on in a week. So I am a STS for today but that's fine. Good luck everyone on our lifelong journey (it's ok, the pizza made me feel bloated anyway but still I went on to have rubbish for Saturday tea and then on Sunday so I really can't control it once I give myself permission to eat what I want)

  • Well done EllaMidlands for getting back on track - let's stay focused this weekend πŸ˜€πŸ‘

  • Thanks for sharing your up and down week, I can relate to all that, and well done for staying the same in the end...

    Good luck this week

  • Taking back control is what it's all about EllaMidlands and you've shown us all this week how to do it! STS is a fantastic result.

    I don't think any of us (me, at least) will ever be completely free of the urge to indulge but the difference is that the only road to the healthy lifestyle we want is to get back on that wagon :-) Keep on trucking :-D

  • Well done Ella you've halted it straight away! Some of that weight would be extra water if you've suddenly gone from low carb to a day full of them πŸ˜€

  • It is so easy to go off the wagon but fab that you got right back on again EllaMidlands ! You have the skills now to pull it back and that is why its so good to be changing lifestyle and not just being on a diet. Good luck this week!

  • well done for getting back onto it straight away and not keep going... youve shown that even if you do let yourself go on holiday you can pull it back the week after.. youve done so well so far & you deserve to treat yourself sometimes or life will be boring !

  • I know what you are going through. I had it bad yesterday. Cravings for pie Bridie sausage roll etc. From the baker's. Smell from the chipper last night. Tuna salad to the rescue!!!!☺

  • Well done for getting back in would be so easy to go off the ( food) wagon,good luck for next week :)

  • Morning WalnutTree I find it hard as well when I have a hard day I find it hard to keep on track as I think I deserve to have the naught things. I have lost 3lb this week after 2lb gain last week. I have lost 4lb now in 3 weeks which I'm pleased about. I hope tostay focused this week . Good luck to everyone this week

  • Super 3lb loss this week, and shows staying focused makes the difference we want. Good luck this week Meercats

  • I agree Meercats. I find the same in stressful days which seem to be all weekdays lately. I tell myself I am not going to let it beat me which works most of the time but it isn't easy. (You could put a lovely photo of meerkat next to your name. I love meerkats, once fed them in a zoo where they let you go inside with them, so cute.)

  • Hi Meercats, you belong to the Friday weigh-in, so your loss won't be added to the Saturday weigh-in stats. An average will be added to your weigh-in next Friday :)

    Well done for getting back on track and losing 3lbs :)

  • Hi I'm new to weigh in. Today I weigh 17st 9lb. Decided to join a weigh in as I need to be a bit more mindful about what I'm doing. I was 17st 1lb a couple of weeks ago but having had very little sleep with our 3month old being up every couple of hours teething I have given in to junk food cravings and easiness. I'm not allowed to full on diet as I'm breastfeeding but I'm sure I can eat well/healthily and loose weight without it being a problem. I can't do any high impact exercise or put too much pressure on pelvic floor either which feels limiting. I know with a bit more thought as well as support I can succeed. This week I'm going to aim to loose at least 1lb.

  • Welcome to the forum Aquahol and congrats on your new baby! We're all tackling our own weight loss challenge and are a great, supportive bunch of people I hope you'll get to know over the weeks.

    Our aim is to help each other develop a healthy lifestyle forever, rather than the temporary fix of on/off dieting. Everyone has their own particular issues, be they health related, work patterns, family pressures, etc so we get lots of help and ideas from each other.

    Being a new mum and breastfeeding brings lots of new things to think about. Has your health visitor (or similar) given you any advice on diet? I expect you'll be needing more calories than the NHS BMI calculator suggests but I wouldn't know how many - perhaps your post-natal support can advise?

    There's lots of info in the Newbies section of the forum (on right-hand side of screen). If you cut out processed foods and those with high sugar content, while increasing the amount of fruit/veg, protein, and unprocessed carbs you eat, this is good for general health. Check out the Healthy Eating community on Health Unlocked website too if you're looking for more information.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks orcadiana! I'm not new to the weight loss NHS forum just haven't been part of a weigh in or active for awhile. Health professionals advice is healthy eating and weight will hopefully come off which is fine as I am obese. It's 500calories a day used for breastfeeding. Weight might stick too due to hormones but hopefully won't :-)

  • Glad you've decided to join the Saturday Superstars weigh-in Aquahol I'm fairly new to the forum and hosting so good to hear about your experience, and how many extra calories you're allowed to feed baby. Hope you manage to get enough time for some sleep - you must have your hands full :-)

  • Hi @aquahol, congratulations on the birth of your baby! Has your health visitor given advice on how many calories you need for the baby's feeds? Healthy eating for now sounds like a good plan, good luck πŸ˜€

  • Thanks Fran182716! It's around 500cals a day for feeding baby takes what they need from you regardless :-)

  • Welcome Aquahol you brought back memories of the whole baby stage! So easy to grab something quick when you have had little sleep! I have stocked up on healthy snacks and have tried to avoid having too much junk around as willpower is limited when I'm tired. If you or your family get the chance try to batch cook a few things for the freezer. I try to stock up on a variety of healthy soups and freeze in one portion bags - really easy to grab one to pop in the microwave in a hurry and add a few oat cakes etc. Good luck, enjoy your baby and be kind to yourself!

  • Thanks Workingonme! It's my second time at this rodeo and last time piled loads of weight on breastfeeding as I was ravenous all the time. Better prepared than last time. Typically I had just reached the end of my frozen meal stash when we went back to waking up every couple of hours hence the junk food. Hoping to get some done over the weekend whilst my lovely hubby can play with the chiddlers. I think a bit more accountability will help me be a bit more mindful :-)

  • I think I might hit the kitchen today too as supplies are running low. I find that this time it has been planning ahead that has kept me on track. I forgot my lunch recently and it derailed my day. Jam and toast for lunch and then hit the bountiful biscuit barrel in the staff room!

  • Hi I'm Sue and I've just joined - I need to commit to this weightless so am logging my current weight of 13st 7lbs - the heaviest I've ever been and means I'm now classed as obese! I want to make this a change of lifestyle rather than a 'diet' which have never really worked for me before - so am hoping to lose 1-2lbs a week. Hoping to check in every weekend but like the idea of the forum for moral support - I seem to do better when I commit to others rather than just to myself so hope this exposure of my goals and weight will help me to form new habits.

  • Welcome to the group Suebhart its a great place to help keep you mindful of what you want to achieve. Your weight was just about my starting weight last April and I have averaged 1lb loss until now. Like you I want this to be a lifestyle change and have gradually changed my habits. I really enjoy getting out and about walking. As the weight has come off I have become fitter and taken up new challenges - 3 months in I went back to the gym and joined a couple of classes - last month I started a spin class and love it. I think by not trying to do too much too soon which I did in the past (and over did it) it has been more sustainable. Good luck this week.

  • Good morning all, last week I weighed 11/4 this week I weigh 11/2 so the 2 pounds I regained last week have left me again.. I think they are a bit clingy as they go and they return πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Lost another inch this week and I've been chocolate free since December. Sticking to the smaller portions and no silly snacks. Wishing everyone a brilliant weekend ahead...

    Well done orcadiana on hosting the Saturday weigh in and for your 3 pounds loss this week.

  • Well done on your 2 lb loss Minniewinny I think we all have some clingy pounds :)

    Chocolate free since December is a great success! I don't have much of a sweet tooth but accepted a cream egg this week - it was good but what a huge hit of sugar in one small treat! Good luck with the week ahead!

  • Thank you Workingonme and well done on your loss this week too πŸŽ‰

  • Well done Minniewinny!

  • Thank you Aquahol and Congratulations on having your baby... I hope you are both and all healthy.. Enjoy each moment... they don't stay little for long. I hope you enjoy your healthy eating plans x

  • Well done on your 2 lb weight loss Minniewinny. Hope your pesky clingy lbs stay away next week and take some more with them :)

  • Thank you nickynoo77 I hope they evaporate into the air and don't find their way back to me!!

    I wish you a better week ahead πŸ‘πŸ»

  • That's a great goodbye to 2 clingy pounds forever Minniewinny and well done on forsaking chocolate since December. I have to confess to allowing myself an occasional low calorie hot choc drink...

  • Thank you orcadiana enjoy your chocolate drinks. I still have 6 of my favourite ferero rocha choc's in the cupboard for a treat.. but haven't felt the need for one yet!! Grapes have satisfied the sweet momentary needs so far.

  • Well done Minniewinny, Hope the clingy pounds stay away. I am aiming to stay off silly snacks this week - good description, that's how I will think of them if they tempt me...

  • Thanks WalnutTree the encouragement on here is so good.

  • That's great - obviously those pesky 2 lbs have now gone for good, have a great week and good luck for next week :)

  • Thank you BowieFan60 have a great week too, well done on your stone badge... it looks good

  • Morning all! This week I weigh 9st 10lbs - a loss of 1/4 lb. A bit disappointing as I increased my exercise intensity and added some strength training but maybe it will take a few weeks to show on the scales. Really enjoying new challenges and reminding myself its not just about the scales but would soooo like to get to my 9st 6 lb target. Have a good week everyone and well done orcadiana on your 3lb loss!

  • Morning Workingonme well done on your 1/4lb weight loss this week. Every little helps so to speak :) I also find when increasing exercise frequency/intensity that I lose less or no weight for a couple of weeks until my body adjusts and then I get a larger weight loss to make up for it :) Not far to go until your target, you're doing amazingly :)

  • Thanks nickynoo77 I'm hoping that's the case and the loss will kick in. I'm feeling stronger and can feel some toning might be happening on my upper body which I had neglected. Love walking/cycling but not a big fan of arm exercises - so boring. I might pop on the Wii and put on the kids dance game to add a bit of interest. Have a good week.

  • Last few pounds to target always sound like they are the hardest to lose so seems this week's been a good one for you Workingonme I'm sure you'll see results from your extra exercise soon, and it sounds like you're enjoying keeping positive :-)

  • Thanks orcadiana - just need to keep focus and remind myself how far I have come. I hoped to hit my new target in the next couple of weeks but realise it doesn't actually matter when - it is just a number after all. Enjoying being healthier and fitter.

  • A loss is a loss so well done!

  • Morning Lovelies

    I've had to pinch hubbies laptop to post this today. For some reason when i try and post on my tablet it posts before I have finished writing! :(

    Here goes, at least 5th time lucky :)

    Thank you orcadiana for hosting today's weigh in. Well done on your fantastic 3lb weight loss!

    Welcome to Suebhart and Aquahol to the wonderfully supportive Saturday weigh in. You'll find everyone really supportive and helpful whether you lose, gain or maintain each week. I myself find it particularly helpful to be accountable and post each week regardless of what kind of week I have had.

    Last week I weighed 11st 10lb

    This week I weigh 11st 12.5lb!!

    A gain of 2.5lb - sorry Saturday weighers :(

    I know exactly where it all went wrong this week. I have had a week off work and have not once been to the gym or swimming. I follow a low carb, high fat way of eating but on Wednesday afternoon I went to Leeds with a couple of girls from work and indulged in many cocktails. We ate burritos for lunch and had coffee and carrot cake mid afternoon before continuing with cocktails until about 6pm! I then went home and cooked and ate a pizza!! Eating so many carbs in one day when I have been limiting them and getting carbs mainly from vegetables was a huge shock to my system. Unfortunately I was unable to get back to my usual way of eating on Thursday (I had fish and chips) and Friday (I had milk chocolate, crisps and bombay mix) :) This has resulted in me feeling out of control with my eating and reinforced for me why I lowered my carb intake in the first place, I cannot control how much of them I eat and I am constantly hungry when eating them.

    Today is the first day back on plan and I feel I have the control back (fingers crossed). I will have my breakfast/lunch of bacon, eggs and asparagus, yum yum and hopefully this will keep me satisfied until mid-late afternoon as it would normally. I have some almonds and pecans to hand if needed. Tea will be roasted chicken thighs, cauliflower mash and kale sauted in coconut oil, garlic and chilli :) I will also be planning out my menus for the coming week and putting a few exercise sessions in my diary too.

    Sorry for the long post, but I have to make myself accountable and get back on plan.

    Onwards and downwards lovelies.

    Nic :)

  • Thanks for being so honest Nic, I'm sure many of us recognise what you've gone through this week. It feels terrible at the time, but hopefully is only a hiccup along the way. You sound like you've got the beast by the throat today, and back on track with some lovely meals planned for later. Well done! It's all about keeping on keeping on for the long-term benefits :-)

  • Thank you orcadiana I have to be honest, especially with myself as in the past something like this would result in me going off plan for weeks/months and putting back on all weight I had lost plus extra!. I don't plan on never drinking cocktails with the girls again, but next time I will plan what to eat better and even take my own snacks/lunch if necessary. The benefits of this way of eating are huge with changes in my body shape and the fact I can honestly say I understand what true hunger is. My work colleagues think I am mad having double cream in my coffee, bacon and eggs or full fat greek yogurt with almonds/pecans and raspberries as a late breakfast, large salads with cheese and full fat mayo for lunch and cooking in coconut oil most days but it is working for me the majority of the time with the odd blip :)

  • Thanks nickynoo77 your tea sounds fab by the way! πŸ™‚

  • Thank you, I eat this a lot and it is amazing :)

  • Thanks for sharing Nic as I'm sure we all have days like your Wednesday, I certainly do! It's reassuring to read it. You wouldn't want to eliminate cocktails with the girls completely from your life and it sounds as if you are already fully back on track.

    Have a good week.

  • Thank you WalnutTree I feel like I am back on track, but need to meal plan for the week to make sure of it, especially as I am back at work on Monday.

  • hi. i know how you feel my week didnt go to plan this week either and i was out of my routine and ended eating crap. main thing is we are here still and still committed to losing the weight and drawn a line under last week and started again.. hope it all goes better for you this week x

  • Thank you Claz its annoying when things don't go to plan isn't it. I toyed with the idea of not weighing or posting today but I knew if I didn't then I would continue to eat badly into next week and would get more and more upset with myself. Hope your week is better too x

  • Hi nickynoo77 i can really identify with you. I was the same last Saturday, thought I would try a load of carbs and see what happened. No control! Back to cold turkey for me. Good luck!

  • That's good you have admitted to yourself what you ate and why ,just think of it as a blip that was testing your self -will and now you know you are back in control ,put it behind you and carry on as though it had never happened!!!! We know of course but we won't tell anyone else ;) good luck for next week !!! :)

  • Hi, gained a lb so from 14st 6 to 14st 7 but I have faith that next week will be moving the right way again!

  • Hi Stivian, that"s a tiny gain so I'm sure you'll be going in the right direction next week. Hope you have a good one.

  • Hi good morning Orcadiana l may have posted my photo of the scales on the wrong section? My weight today is 30st. 5 &1/2lbs. Last Saturday I was 30st. 9 & 1/4lbs. So my weight loss achieved for today is 3 &3/4lbs. Please check if correct. Next Saturday I plan to get to 30st. Or below. Good luck to everyone from George 56 ☺

  • Fabulous news on your weight loss this week George πŸ‘ - you must be feeling great today! Fingers crossed on reaching your 30st target next week but so long as you're eating well, feeling your health improve, and heading downwards the numbers don't really matter.

    Not sure where your photo of the scales may have gone though. I don't think you can attach/insert photos into your reply to my Saturday weigh-in message. Seems you can only post photos when you write a new message in the forum.

  • Hi Orcadiana l have found it on my profile page & have edited & reposted. Have a lovely weekend. From Mr. Not Techno!!!!πŸ™‚

  • You too George :-) Getting more techno with every week!

  • well done George x

  • Well done George56 you can do this. Every lb off is a win, keep going. Can't wait to see a photo with 29 as first number - 2 weeks could do it!

  • Really pleased for you George sure you can get to 30 next week Good luck

  • Well done George56 it's going in the right direction.

  • Well done George and keep going. Hope you have a good week.

  • Last week I weighed 11st 12ib and this week i weigh 11st 10ibs so I lost the 2ib that I gained previously.

  • Chuffed you've lost those 2lbs this week and stuck with your plan MummyDebbie Onwards and downwards :-)

  • Well done with that MummyDebbie. I am looking to do the same. Lose my gains. Have a good week.

  • Well done MD, a good loss this week. Have a good week.

  • Hi all and good morning.

    Apologies for my weight gain this week. I put it down to:

    It is my birthday and I have been having lots of cakes

    (The cake gets bigger each year as there are more candles)

    My walking has been curtailed by 50% due to work

    However, tomorrow I will be attempting to complete a Marathon (54000 steps).

    Hopefully I will have a weight loss next week.

    Week seven complete: 115.5Kg (18:02) UP 2.5kg (5.5lbs) - Total loss: 5.0kg (9lb)

    76,600 steps - 61.3km - 38.3 miles.

    Have a good week all - SE

  • Birthdays are a real bear trap - thank goodness we only have one a year and another 51 weeks to recover from the celebrations :-)

    You've been doing fantastically well with exercising - wish you all the best with your marathon tomorrow (let's know how you get on). I'm sure this week's gain will soon be off again!

  • Wow, 540000 steps! That should use up quite a bit of that cake! Hope you had a lovely birthday and good luck with your marathon πŸ˜€

  • Come on SlimmingEagle i didn't lose last week either! We can totally do this . Let's lose some this week and meet here on Saturday!

  • Right - I am setting 3lb as my mini target to be back in the Sub 18 club. How about you?

  • Ditto, 3lb goal for me so I can be 17 stone 10. I was 17 stone 13 3/4 this morning so I will be 17 stone 10 (hopefully not with the 3/4 lb as well still there) I am wanting to be 17 stone 8 by 6th April which is nearly 6lb away in less than 3 weeks - it's doable with good effort. Let's smash it!

  • You can both achieve your goals EllaMidlands and SlimmingEagle cheering you both on πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰. Well done for supporting each other.. I love the encouragement on this site.

  • Not moved at all,still 314.4. Must try harder this week then off on holiday so i can guarantee i will gain weight.

  • A maintain is better than a gain brads27 and if you stick to plan then you'll have a weight loss ahead of your holiday. Where are you off to? Somewhere exciting I hope, and maybe have time for yourself to take in some walking/swimming?

  • Lanzarote,not much walking because my wife can barley walk and no swimming at all.Just hope the weather is ok.

  • Lanzarote sounds lovely, and should be a bit warmer than here. Sorry to hear your wife has trouble walking but hope you both have a great holiday.

  • Think its about 20c,She is waiting for a new knee.Sick of the rain here been raining all day.

  • just have a good holiday ... and chill ! you can lose weight when your back x

  • Hello! Can I please join the Saturday weigh in? I started the 12 week plan on Monday but as that weigh in is oversubscribed, I needed another day, plus, I think Saturday will be a better weigh in day for me as I can spend more time on the forum and it's the day I can usually sit down and plan my weeks meals and shopping so it's a good day to start my week on.

    So on Monday I weighed 19 stone 3 lbs and this morning I weighed 18 stone 13 lbs, so 4lb loss in 5 days. I am chuffed to bits with this start to my weight loss. I am really enjoying calorie counting (weird thing to say, I know!) and I feel in control and not stressed about food.

    I had intended to do more exercise this week, but I haven't which I am a little annoyed with myself about, but my goal this week is to do 20 mins on the exercise bike at least 5 days out of the 7.

    So well done to everyone this week and even if it's not gone as you hoped, there is a new week ahead. All the best to everyone! X

  • Hi and welcome to the Saturday weigh-in, TheRockLobster :)

    Wow, you're off to a flying start! 4lbs lost and already into the 18's! WTG you, my pom poms are waving wildly! :)

    Have you thought about joining the Mad March Hare exercise challenge, for some extra motivation, we'd love to have you along for the ride? :)

    Keep up the great work and have another fab week :)

  • Hi TheRockLobster cool name! Congrats for your weight loss. Keep up the good work.

  • Hi TheRockLobster well done on your first week, leaving 19's behind and moving down the numbers... have a lovely weekend πŸ‘πŸ»

  • 17st 4lbs this down 1lb from last week ...yay!!

  • Woohoo, Nancy! I'm delighted for you! Long may it last! :)

  • Great news Nancy!

  • Well done Nancy ! Keep up the good work - 16's are tantalisingly close......

  • Wooooop x x

  • Hey Nancy,

    Great job

  • today 13 st 9.5 lbs

    last weigh in 13 st 10.8 lbs

    original weight 14 st.

    I had company last week and missed my weigh in. Not sure how to post when I had a gain the previous week so I put my original weight in as well. I guess I'm at 4.5 total lbs lost. Not as quick as I would like but if its staying off then that's the goal. glad to be tracking here again. It feels weird when I've missed a week.

    Today and this week are my times to take care of me. Just received Divorce papers in the mail yesterday and thought we'd have a conversation before that happened and it'd be at least a couple more months. Any ideas for controlling my emotions without turning to food or beverage please let me know!

  • Oh sweetie, so sorry you're feeling emotional. Be kind to yourself - a bubble bath, a good book/film, a manicure, a long chat with a friend, a good walk ...... just a few ideas, whatever floats your boat. Chin up chicken xxxx

  • We average your weight loss over the two weeks, Bella, so that makes 0.65lbs :)

    That's a great result, considering what you've had to contend with recently.

  • Despite all the pain you're going through, you've kept your promise to you and stuck with the healthier lifestyle. Absolutely fab that there is less of you, and do hope you find non-foodie ways to deal with your emotions. Some lovely suggestions from Lin2303

  • Hi bellatakescharge if you are like your name... you will find ways to take charge and move forward without the food crutches to hold you up. Sleep may be a good help for the moment?

    A time of loss is sad and I hope you start to recover.. Don't rush and allow yourself to grieve for what is lost wether by choice or circumstance. You are in an excellent place to be supported 24/7..

    Wishing you better and brighter.. lighter days ahead.

  • Bella, that must have been horrible to open the post and find those unexpected papers. Hope you are doing OK. I think you should follow the advice of your awesome name and take charge - do whatever makes you feel great this weekend and look after yourself. Good luck.

  • Good evening Saturday Superstars ! Some great results being logged today..... you're doing so well orcadiana - looking forward to seeing your results next week too ! Well done to you too George56 - keep them scales rolling back !

    Pleased to report that I've lost 1lb this week. Probably could have been more, but have had a few evening out this week, so all in all very pleased. Now 18st 2lbs and am creeping ever closer to the 17's. Have a great week one and all x

  • Well done Lin, I can hear those 17's calling you now and my pom poms are starting to twitch, so you must be close :)

  • Another pound gone, yay! You and me are about the same weight so hope to see you on the other side at 17 soon 🀞

  • Sounds like you're on it x x go you

  • Hi first weigh in today ... current weight is 15st 12lb want to be in the 12 stone bracket 😳

  • Yaaaaay! You found us! :)

    Welcome the the Saturday weigh-in :)

    I hope you'll take some time to read through the posts and be brave enough to encourage your fellow weighers, especially the person just ahead of you :)

    We always advise having short term goals, to keep you motivated, so how about 7lbs as your first goal and you'll be eligible for your first weight loss badge then too :)

    Wishing you all the best for your first week :)

  • Sounds good to me 7lb off πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»

  • You can do it x x x know you deserve it x x get your head in the right place and the rest will follow x x

  • I've never been so.happy to gain weight this week. Half a pound on taking me to 20st 1.5lbs It was our anniversary and my lovely OH surprised me with afternoon tea at Haughton Hall and a stay in the suite there. It was magical and definitely worth a half pound gain. Want a super week this one. Thinking big number!! Let's do it x x x

  • What a lovely OH you have! It sounds like your anniversary was well worth a tiny gain that'll quickly disappear. Fingers crossed for this week, and you'll be into the 19s before you know it. Onwards and downwards :-)

  • Hi this is moppy smith

    Not a good week for lots of reasons My weight is static 18-10 However I am going to have m gallbladder out on April 3rd so have to go on liver reduction diet for two weeks starting on Monday It is very strict and the same every day So see what happens now 800 cals made up of low calorie soup and low calorie yoghurt four times a day I will try to walk daily as well if it's fine .

  • Hi MoppySmith

    A maintain is better than a gain. Good luck with your operation on the 3rd April, hope everything goes well for you and you have a speedy recovery.

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