I'm ill! Hooray!!

After a week of feeling rubbish, generally out of sorts and like I had forgotten how to do this I realised it's not me! Yay! My husband and kids are all full of cold with this weird virusy thing that makes you super tired, reaaaally hungry and a little bit miserable/sensitive. Phew! Was worried that I was slipping away and I couldn't seem to find my mojo. So, accepting I'm not 100%, not pushing myself and hoping to be back to normal next week. So relieved.... Have a fab weekend everyone.


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9 Replies

  • Seems odd to congratulate someone on being ill .... but we'll done. Now you know why you're feeling rubbish you can concentrate on getting better.

  • Hahaha, love this Juggler. We have had the virusy thing here too. Very tired and lethargic and miserable. Thankfully only lasted 3 days. Get better soon;)

  • hope you are feeling better soon and full of your old mojo!

  • It's weird isn't it because you end up miserable but can't out your finger on the cause. Hope you are all properly back to life soon

  • Hi I had this all over Christmas and felt very tired and lethargic for around 2 weeks. The good news was my appetite went down as I wasn't hungry! I lost around 4 lbs which is a great consolation.

  • Sorry to hear you're feeling rubbish, TheJuggler , and hope you bounce back quickly. As you say, at least you know why your mojo is at less than full throttle! Get well soon :)

  • Get well soon TheJuggler 😕 I've had a similar bug it's horrid so I hope you are all on the mend soon ☺ Take care of yourself

  • glad you know the reason for being a bit off this week.. ive felt rubbish for the last couple of days and not eaten right... but i know mine is due to totm so know it will be over soon.. have a good weekend x

  • Me too! Get well soon! 😊

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