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It is Friday again 😆

Ok as some of you know last Friday didn't go as planned 😂

This Friday we wont have Firepit Friday just because I want to get a handle on this hanging out with friends and drinking.

So instead we are having family pizza Friday and we are going to make our own pizzas so I can control what is on it and how much.

Somethings I have learnt so far as my 2nd week comes to an end.

* I have counted all the calories in the pizza ingredients (no way in hell would I have done that before)

* I have actually enjoyed the last 2 weeks as they have brought structure to my eating habits

* I have exercised every single day for the last 2 weeks including the couch to 5km run (last run of week 2 tomorrow eeek)

* I am sleeping better (at the start I was waking up hungry in the night but not anymore)

* I am noticing that clothes fit nicer and face looks thinner (hubby is saying that often)

* Frame of mind is in the right place.

* After upping the calories to 1600- 1800 half a kilo dropped within a couple of days 😀😀😀

So basically if I can do this then anyone can. I have never lasted this long on a diet or an exercise program.

I went out and treated myself to a reward. It was infact a non food reward. I bought myself a new activity tracker to keep me on track.

Have to say that after years being overweight I feel that the time is right to do this and I am loving every minute of it so far.

Weigh in on Monday so lets see 😂

Have a lovely weekend all and go out get some fresh air and enjoy living 😀😊😊😀


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A great post Janpes and good thinking to give yourself a little breathing space (from Firepit Friday) to give yourself time to adopt better habits.

That's a great list there and I can personally put a tick against each item as well (except the exercising every day... good for you). The one that surprised me the most I think, was how my sleeping improved. I wasn't expecting that.

Such a positive post, brings a smile to my face.


What a fabulous post Janpes ☺really fabulous ☺☺☺ I can feel the Positivity, I'm so pleased for you.

Have a wonderful evening, enjoy your pizza and we'll done on 2 weeks c25k ☺


Positive post Janpes and one that strikes a chord with most of us I should think. Not wanting to sound like Boris Johnson, but you are taking back control, and it'll feel really good so well done :) .

I too treated myself with a non-food reward when I shed my first stone and completed the C25K both within a few days of each other. I now am the proud new owner of an all singing and dancing telephonic device that keeps me in check and on track! It's been a godsend to count my calories on there...xx

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Good luck janpes, looks like you're in the groove! Have a great weekend.


Thank you all. I really do feel like I am in the groove right now. I feel like the first time in years I have a purpose. I have been pretty depressed over the last few years due to some major issues at home that will be hopefully resolved in May when the court case is over.

This diet has somehow changed me for the better and brought me out of my shell.

Good weekend



So pleased for you Jan. Sounds like you were in a dark place and now you are getting yourself on track. Fab.

Catch you on Monday weigh in!! 😱Scarey!! Lol

That's if I'm not blown away!! It's very windy in Buckinghamshire!! Lol 💤💤💤💤😴


Well I'm still here, not blown away!! Lol

I'm at work. I do Saturday and Sundays looking after a lady with Dementia, in her home. She is a sweetie but she is reverting to her native language of "Greek". My Greek is rubbish!!

Family come and bring cakes, chocolate chip brioches and evening meals "take away Pitza"!! So far I've resisted this week. I take fruit but I'm not always as good 😇

I had to take a client with Autism to the cinema last night "Beauty and the Beast" it's a hard life!! Lol

Although I did calculate a hot dog and had it in my calories with a diet drink too. I'm hoping for 2lb off Monday we shall see.

Have a great weekend, catch you on Monday 🤗😊


Well done you for resisting the urge, one small step at a time.

I don't really eat sweet stuff, my crutch has always been salty stuff like sausage rolls, pizza, quiches etc.. Infact I have 2 bars of dark chocolate (no nuts) in the fridge unopened.

I take it you are a carer? take my hat off to you and thank you for looking after others. You guys don't get the credit you deserve these days.

Hehe will be sweating it out all weekend and will probably have a massive sauna before weigh in just to make sure I drop something :) ;)

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Thank you for kind words. Yes a carer now

I have 2 sons. 1 in Nottingham and one lives with me😬

He has ADHD/Asperger but very slight so I'm very lucky. He works and has just got his HGV driving licence so I'm very proud of him.. I was a driving instructor for 32 years (10 years in London and 22 in Bucks) but apart from looking after my youngest (25) I've been caring for nearly 7 years. Usually adults with Learning Disabilities, non verbal and challenging behaviour. I work for myself now through an Agency. So much better 1-1 and I love it. Well I'll get off my soap box now. Sorry I do go on ( ADHD) !! Lol 😂🤗

Have a good day x


Wow so much stress. I would be consistently eating. You poor thing. You sound like you have such a lot of sadness to deal with. Good luck with the court case for your daughter. That is a terrible thing she is going threw. Glad she has a great mum to support her.

Glad you have a bubbly daughter too. She obviously keeps your spirits up👍

I do hope you get to go over to see your eldest it will be a lovely surprise if you loose a little bit of weight along the way. Hope you get your job case sorted out too. First I thought all that time at home was hard for you but then I thought you've got more time to be with your daughter to help her and be with her. Some things happen for a reason and we don't always see why at the time. I'm a great believer in fate. Big hug to you and I'm glad we are "diet buddies" on the same weeks and weigh in days

Big hug x


Brilliant Janpes . Which fitness tracker?


Polar A360 in a snazzy blue colour :)

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Well done Janpes your doing fantastic, good thinking on the Friday pizza night just remember to watch the alcohol this week 😂😂 hope you have a wonderful weekend xx


Hehehe, food wise was ok, alcohol Oooops :(


How's the head


Head was ok suprisingly, only 4 beers and NO wine :) see again I learnt something from last week ;)

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Well done you, what a lovely read! I hope your pizza night went well last night. I used to worry about social occasions too, but over the weeks (Ive been going 4 months now) I have gradually become more confident in my ability to say no and stick to whatever plan I have decided on for the evening. It definitely gets easier, and as the total pounds you have lost creeps up and up, the less you want to derail everything you have achieved. Keep it up!


Wow! Janpes what a fabulous post. You really are making the lifestyle changes and seeing the benefits. Your determination and motivation are really clear and I reckon you are inspirational. Planning the pizza Friday is a real positive and recognising what you need to do for you so that this will work. Lessons there for all of us.


Great Jan well done me on the other hand drank a bottle of cava but I had not drank all week but today feel like I e got a hangover so I am not doing that again. Probably because I don't drink so often now my head tells me I can't. Let's see what happens on the scales Monday good luck Jan have a great weekend.


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