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Going "home" for 2 weeks and scared

Hi all! Nearly at the end of week two and down 2 kg .-) Very happy. But....tomorow night we are taking a long haul flight "home". I'm scared that I will fail. I've asked my husband to support me through this. It means I won't be the one cooking (much), and eating out. What I'm I to do???? And I'm really worried about the flight (the trip is around 20hrs total). Any thoughts? I could do with some help from people who have been away on holiday and survived.

Breakfast and dinner should be ok. Lunch is the worst (at my inlaws). And eating out I guess salads??

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* am I


Firstly, very well done on your achievement so far Gobbolino ☺ not just the weight loss but the changes to your eating habits ☺ I notice you already ate healthily before joining the forum but whatever you have changed, focus on these successes as it will carry you through the trip ☺

Flying is difficult, it's uncomfortable and boring 😕 and airport food is not the best. You can take food with you onto the plane, I've taken sandwiches fruit and nuts, or if you pre-order in-flight meals you will have an idea of the calories.

You can also buy food and drink at the airport after security to take onto the plane, often a better option than in flight meals.

I also take something to read and some sewing, keeps my fingers busy ☺

You don't say where home is, but you already know what is sensible and what isn't. Healthy food isn't all salads!! And if the in-laws insist on cooking unhealthy options, offer to cook ☺

But most important of all, enjoy your trip! ☺☺☺

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Thanks I will do that. Sandwiches, eggs, carrots, fruit...

Home is Spain...lovely food!! And wine, and beer, haha. But yes, I will focus on what I'm doing up until now. Thank you for that. We currently live in Taiwan, so European food ready available is bliss!

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Oh I love Spain, and Spanish food. . . But I struggle with late night eating 😕 We were in València last month, and ate mostly at lunch time which I prefer ☺

I'm sure if I lived there I'd be so healthy with all the yummy fresh produce ☺

Have a lovely time ☺

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Can you buy fruit for the flight? Hopefully you will be able to stick to lean meat and fish and vegetables while you're away. And avoid rice, pasta, potatoes and sweet things.

I used to find it really hard to leave food on my plate. I was brought up not to waste anything and to feel rude if I didn't clean my plate. But I have noticed that other people don't feel it necessary to clean their plate, and I am gradually finding I can do this too. And if possible, dish up your own portions.

And if all else fails, try not to let it spoil your trip. When you get back we will all be here, waiting to hear all about it and to support you in your continuing weight loss journey. Have fun!

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Thank you. I think I will just have to cook alongside my mother in law (she is a really unhealthy cook....all the family except hubby are obese). But my younger brother in law (lives with them) has recently started walking and changing eating habits, and lost TONS of weight!!! Actually I was inspired by him during Christmas....if he could do it (being obese) so could I!!!

Thanks for the reply, it makes me feel more in control.


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