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Two questions about weight loss

I weighed myself this morning and was pleased to see that I've lost 7 pounds since I joined in January. It raised two questions:

1. How much of that weight loss is water? I haven't been drinking as much as I usually do because a sore patch on my palate makes drinking uncomfortable. (It makes eating uncomfortable to, so I haven't been eating properly either.)

2. When will I see a difference in my shape? I didn't measure myself in January - the figures on the scale were scary enough without looking at a tape measure. I know that 7lbs won't make that much difference to the measurements, but it feels like I haven't even lost a fraction of an inch.

I'll have to try to do some exercises to tone the problem areas. Being disabled makes exercising difficult but I'll have to remember my mum's advice: In the time it takes to say "I can't", you can say "I can".

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Firstly, well done on losing 7lb ☺ your new badge looks lovely ☺ especially in light of the difficulties you are having.

Secondly, I would say it is 7lb of fat you have lost, although it's difficult to accurately measure. I weigh myself at Boots and do their fat % but have 3 wildly different readings, and rather alarmingly it had gone up last time, despite losing half a stone, exercising regularly and going down a dress size!! I can only assume the machine isn't totally accurate. 😕

As for when people start to notice, it depends upon how much you have to lose, but 10% of your body weight is a good number, I was told that this makes significant improvement to your health. But I noticed a difference after 5% ☺

I love your mum's saying, and you most definitely 'can' do this ☺

Best wishes


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10% of my body weight in January (13 2 or 184 pounds) is approximately 18.5 pounds. So I have to lose another 11 pounds to see a difference. I'll have my 1 stone badge by then. It would be nice if I saw a difference after 5% (9 pounds), but I'm not sure that will happen.

I've just measured myself and posted the results in my bio. I was right to be worried - the numbers are horrible! But at least I know the worst and I know what I have to do. I'll measure myself again when I hit 12 stone and see how things are then.

I'm off to do some gentle exercise to try to tone some of the flabby bits.

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I know what you mean about the numbers 😕 But you are on the right path now, and making a real difference to your health ☺ and you are almost at 5%, just another couple of pounds ☺

I have mobility issues too so feel ANY movement is good ☺

You are doing great ☺

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