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Unable to post yesterday!

I'm a day late for my weigh-in, as I had some techy problems yesterday.

So, another 2lb loss this week! Now 11st 10lb. Also my waist measurement is down an inch since I started this plan, at 34". To me that sounds humungous! At least it's a step in the right direction. I only have 8lb to lose to reach the top end of 'normal weight limits' for my height, but if I could lose a stone I'd be happier, as it would give me some leeway.

Have a good day everyone, hope my Thursday pals did well, good luck to the Friday crew for their weigh-in day!

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Great news,have a humungous day😊🍓

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Well done battlethebulge 😊 You are doing really well 😊

Keep up the good work 😊And have a lovely weekend


Thanks Anna! I had a 'blow-out' on Saturday, after having a brisk walk with some friends in an icey cold wind I was absolutely freezing! We spent ages in the cafe afterwards trying to warm up, and I had 2 cups of drinking chocolate with cream and marshmallows, - not forgetting the choccie sprinkles; a toasted tea cake AND a flapjack. Gluttonous, or what! Well I was very cold and VERY hungry!

I have mended my ways since, and I am back on track! Thanks for your encouragement! Have a good week.


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