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Fantastic support here. Anyone work shift?

Love to hear from any shiftworkers as to how they cope. Shift work is notorious for weight gain and making it hard to shift so any ideas for packed lunches or breakfasts on the go for a 2am start would be brilliant. I work in the airport so can't take anything liquid over 100ml with me. Bye bye yoghurts hummous etc for lunch.

Thanks you brilliant people!!

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Hello Kittyswallow and welcome.

Shift work can play havoc with our eating and also sleep pattern, which also affects weight loss 😕 All you can do is keep a tight rein on calories, and also make sure your meals are packed with protein and vitamins. Not easy working in an airport!! Do you have access to a kitchen? What do you do about drinks? It sounds difficult, but between us we will find a solution, we have some very knowledgeable members on here 😊

Best wishes


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Hi Kittyswallow, I'm afraid I'm not a shift worker.

Is hummous classed as a liquid or does it have too many calories (I'm sure I'm being really slow here)? Calorie-wise, I've just started making it with just chickpeas, tahini paste, garlic and 0% fat natural yoghurt (1 can of chickpeas worth comes to 401 calories, which you can portion off however you wish). I suppose the garlic doesn't make it workmate friendly :)

I'm not being helpful here but I've always wondered if you can take as many 90ml liquid containers as you want?


Hi I work shifts but timings are 7-7:30am and 19:00-7:00 so its a bit easier- I know when I am on nights I have breakfast type meal when I go to bed main meal before I leave and something light and easily digestible anytime over the shift. I usually have homemade salsa and popchips (act as dippers) lower calories than flat breads which I used to have. What are your shift patterns and times- do you start at 2am or is that when you go for break on your night shift?

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HI Also the NHS 12 week weight loss plan (NHS Choices website) on the wellbeing link has a section on workplace diet traps which maybe useful- week 4 of the 12 week weight loss plan.


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