That's heavy!

A few days ago I put some books in a bag to try and physically experience the amount of weight I've lost - mostly because I don't yet feel very different. I've lost 21lbs so far.

The bag of books is so heavy that I can only just about pick it up and I certainly wouldn't want to carry it about all day. I realise that it must have been a bit easier when the weight was evenly distributed over my body rather than in a bag but still ....!

So now when I'm feeling a bit down-hearted that the weight isn't coming off quicker I just go an lift that bag and realise how far I've come, even though there is a long way to go yet.


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14 Replies

  • Hi Grannynise

    What a brilliant way to see how much weight you have lost so far. Please don't feel down hearted when you have done such a fantastic job losing 21lbs, well done you.


  • Thank you

  • Ooh I do this too, but with dumbbells! After I found I'd hit the 10kg milestone, I found the 10kg weight and realised that's actually pretty hefty! Well done on the 21lbs, that's amazing progress :)

  • Thank you - you too!

  • What a fantastic achievement and a brilliant way of rlife minding yourself of it! Well done indeed! 👍

  • What a good idea! Great work on the loss. Keep reminding yourself how far you have come and I'm sure that bag will just keep getting heavier...

  • That's a great idea ☺ 21lbs is a lot of weight! ☺

  • your doing so well Grannynise losing 21lbs.. what a great way to keep you motivated to see how far youve come x

  • Well done, that's a lot to lose and all of your body will be thanking you. 🏆

  • Well done keep the good work up

  • This is an amazing way of putting weight loss into context when your feeling down. Well done on losing 21lbs :D great achievement!!

  • What a great idea! 😊

  • That's a brilliant thing to do

  • This is a fantastic idea!

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