Back in harness despite house upheaval

Hello again. I haven't been on for a couple of weeks as we are in the middle of major renovations including rewiring, wall removal etc. Not something that is conducive with eating healthily and trying to remain sane! I must admit lv had some wobbles, we didn't have a kitchen or downstairs electricity for over 2wks. And somehow even though l could have lived on salad it just didn't appeal somehow. And is it just me or does anyone else object to paying restaurant prices for salad leaves that you know have probably cost 35p? We are now on week 4, l have a working kitchen that is being plastered as l type, and l am back in harness again. I did put on 3lbs but have taken it back off and lost another pound so am feeling pretty chuffed with myself under the circumstances. Must be stripping all that paper off walls, who needs a gym? I am now 13st 3lbs and am officially in overweight catagory, and thats the first time in many years. I realise that to 'normal' people it may sound very strange to brag about being classified as overweight but when you've always been quite some way on the other side of the divide it is worth giving yourself a pat on the back for. Now if l was 6ft something, well all would be dandy. πŸ˜‰


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  • With the way things have been for you I think it is fine so well done, especially as you have removed the extra bit of 3lbs you did put on and the extra lbs. Dont forget we all see things different here anyway, all help each other and we all brag about it in different ways because we have lost one or two lbs or kg etc we all are happy all the time we do this aren't we.

  • Thank you sweetheart. Yes we are all different but with a common cause, where we have support when its needed and people to celebrate our successes with that understand how hard won they are. What a wonderful family to be a part of.

  • Woohoo, Cuddlygran! I remember the sheer unadulterated joy at becoming overweight!! You enjoy every second of it and I'll wave my pom poms! WTG you! :)

  • Only on here could you get a reply like that. πŸ˜„ thanks so much. Xx

  • Brilliant πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ enjoy the new kitchen 🌺

  • Thanks love. Once the dust finally leaves every surface of our existence lm sure l will. Do you think brick dust will ever catch on? Xx

  • Hi Cuddlygran Yes you may brag and pat yourself on the back, one of my goals is to get to the Overweight side of the spectrum! If I get there.... watch this space...... lots of star jumps and pom-pom waving to celebrate, so please feel free to do a little dance to celebrate your "overweight" status.


  • Thank you my darling, and when you get there l will dance with you. Xx

  • That's excellent news Cuddlygran ☺ pound off and into overweight category ☺

    I can imagine how disruptive all the building works have been, but it'll all be worth it ☺

  • Thank you. I think it's all the paper stripping and cleaning up extra exercise. I haven't had time to snack! Xx

  • Oh I remember well the celebration of being overweight! Well it was only 3 months ago, so I should!

  • Thanks very much. I see from your feed you have done extremely well. And having children is equally challenging sometimes. So definitely a pat on the back for you. Well done. Xx

  • I'm getting there, very slowly! I remember renovating our flat, years ago now and we were without a kitchen for 6 months. It was so difficult and I remember getting very shirty with my partner, who was doing the work in his spare time. Our kitchen was lovely in the end, but it was challenging!

  • Obviously a memory that's sticks with you. 😣 But as you say will be worth it in the end. Bit like trying to loose weight, seems like a long haul but end results are worth it. πŸ˜„

  • Well done for keeping going, I am in the same boat, total house renovations that have been on going for a year now, it seemed like such a good idea when we started! also my dad was diagnosed terminal with cancer 6 months ago, he has had 5 trips to hospital with chest infections and temps of over 100, but somehow is still here, my father in law and sister in law also have cancer, so on top of everyday life, son losing his job and failing his driving test (he has mild autism, so anxiety is a real issue for him) I have really struggled to not reach for the wine! I have only been doing this for a few weeks, not really lost anything yet, I am trying to make healthy choices and have gone back to swimming so hopefully I will see some results soon

  • Oh my sweetheart, what a time you are having. My heart goes out to you and your family. I have experience of the health issues you are having to help cope with and l know how all consuming all that worry is. I do hope things get a bit easier for you all soon. You are obviously a very strong woman and should be extremely proud of yourself. Don't be too hard on yourself you have so much going on. Be kind to yourself, you have enough battles fighting at the moment.

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