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Sunny days are coming

Morning everyone it's so lovely to see the sun breaking through the fog now, at school all the children are running about with just jumpers on it makes you feel you want to be healthy and I enjoy walking so today after work I will walk my 10.000 steps then go home and make dinner. I am trying to choose the lower fat and calorie sausages does anyone know which are the nicest ones as some have no flavour at all?

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Hi Kim, I'm sure someone will point you in the direction you want to go.

My view of it is, choose a sausage you like (which might be low in fat and calories) and eat enough of them so that you're within your calorie limit.


Asda do 3 different turkey sausages which are nice ☺ I love sausage but they can be quite high in calories . . . If you choose 'skinny' ones rather than fat ones they feel like better value! ☺


Mine run round in shirtsleeves!

I have recently discovered 'heck' sausages in Asda. They are quite expensive, about £2.50 for 10. BUT I think they taste great. They are chicken based but nice seasonings. Chipolatas, but a decent size so 3 or 4 make a good meal with veg. And they are only 72 calories for 2 !!!!

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