How many calories?

Hi, I'm just trying to set myself a realistic calorie goal, I have looked at the BMI calculator and this states I should be eating between 1700 - 2100 cals a day, does anyone know is this to maintain current weight or will this give me slow weight loss? I'm 5ft6 and have about 60-70lb to shed, my activity levels are pretty low - but getting better 😊

Thank you x


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9 Replies

  • Hello Dizzykate and welcome.

    The website doesn't make it obvious but if you click on the calorie range that it shows you, it produces a popup informing you that this is the considered safe range of calorie intake that will allow you to lose weight.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you, that's made things a little clearer!

  • I think if you eat at the bottom end of the range given (assuming thats the NHS BMI calculator you used) then you should lose about 2lb a week. You dont want to lose faster otherwise its not sustainable and you will never learn the good habits required for it to be a proper lifestyle change. Set small goals and celebrate each and every one! Good luck!

  • Yes it was the NHS calculator, I'd be delighted to eat the amount it's suggesting, I think it's obviously where I have gone wrong in the past by eating too few calories only to give up.

  • It suggest at that rate so you can lose safely is my understanding x

  • Thank you, I'm happy to go slowly if can stick to it!

  • The calories it suggests are for slow steady weight loss Dizzykate 😊 I would start at the higher amount and see how it goes, you can always reduce further if you need to

  • Wow I felt so guilty eating 1800 calories yesterday, but I see it will make it much more sustainable if I'm not feeling starving.

  • I was exactly the same, couldn't believe I would lose weight, and I'm still on plan ☺ 2 years in August and I can't say I've ever been hungry ☺

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