I think I'm in ketosis wahoo

I think I'm in ketosis wahoo

So I'm trying to do Keto

And I think I've hit ketosis and super happy.

Because of my size and build I've been working at 40/45g carb a day although I know some recommend 20g a day or less

I'm only done with day 3 of keto, we shall see how the coming weeks go. But I've not felt ill, oddly I've not felt particularly hungry and struggled to get my calorie intake up to 1800, been pretty much at 1550 give or take the last 3 days (and my tdee is calculated for 2700 calories maintance)

I'm surprised how good I feel, how I don't feel like I'm starving. I think it is suggested fat equates to 70% of calorie intake but I just cant manage that lol

But broadly my carbs are at 10-12%, protein is 28-30% and fat at 58-62%

Early days but feeling VERY optimistic :)

The only concern is I really can't see much colour difference between 1.5 and 4 mmol/L on the testing strips so dont know where I am exactly?


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  • How do you feel when you're 1.5 for a blood sugar? That is very low. Do you have a snack?

  • No. If anything last night I had to force myself to eat my remaining 250 calories because I just was not hungry.

    Today was a bad day in so far as I didn't eat until 6pm and the whole day I didn't feel starving or like I must eat something.

    (Ps that was a blip because got up late so no time for breakfast or to do my food shop as planned before work plus no time to do a food shop on my lunch break

    Obviously I need to make sure I fit meals in throughout the day in the future.

    But yeah not feeling a strong urge to eat/snack. I mean there is a tiny urge but the same urge I got when eating 3500 calories a day and having a craving between meals, it's fleeting at best and not very intense

  • The blood sugar seems low at 27 ( I did the conversion for figuring it out in mg/do format).

  • Not sure what conversation thing you did? It's ketone meassurements not blood sugar but yea blood sugar will be very low in order to elevate the keytones

  • 18X1.5=27 for a blood sugar. How do you do the conversation for Keto dieting?

  • Hey I don't know where that calculation comes from but I'm pretty confident you can't get an exact calculation between blood glucose and blood ketones, because each body is different particularly if you have for instance diabetes. Yes a low blood sugar level indicates a higher ketone level but I don't see how multipling by ketones by 18 gets you an accurate reading from an aldehyde to a glucose?

    I won't profess to be a biomedical expert but I really don't get how or where that calculation comes from. Could you post a link to the site that gave that formula or calculation? Can't hurt for me to check it out :)

  • I was given the figuring from another diabetic. You can do the figuring for blood sugar. Not yet sure how to do figuring for keto.

  • I just worked out what I think you did, so if my blood glucose level was 27mg/do it would be 1.5mmol/L


    The measurements I gave was not blood glucose but ketone... so yea different chemicals albeit they do tend to be linked i.e. when blood glucose comes down ketones go up etc

  • Okay!

  • I have to confess to probably needing the Rosetta Stone to understand the technicalities. However, I can see that you're happy so I am too. Good luck with the rest of your journey.

  • Hello,

    In 2010 I also achieved Ketosis. I was on a low calorie 600kcal diet that only meant I could eat 3 shakes a day. It was great and the weight dropped off daily. I was on the diet for 6 weeks

    About 3 months after that I was in the hospital. Losing the weight too quickly resulted in gallstones and surgery was required. The doctors said this was a direct result of the ketosis.

    Anyway hope it works out for you as ketosis is sure a fine way to lose weight. It is tough though.


  • Before I was confirmed as Diabetic i did a test one morning and i was 1.5. as my mum was diabetic it worried me but my GP said non diabetics can go that low sometimes but our bodies quickly adjust it. However, continued lows are not good, and if people are continually aiming for that low it can affect the way our bodies work.

    LCHF is fine for awhile but in my opinion not sustainable and not suitable for everyone. If it's working for you that's fine, but personally i would make sure you check with your GP that keeping below the recommended healthy levels is good for you.

  • thero_cpd I'm so old I can remember peeing on these sticks the first time old Atkins came around - takes about two days if you don't eat carbs. The weight dropped off but I had the breath of a camel and my then boyfriend ditched me!

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