Day 2 of the longest journey

Whilst I do not have a particularly sweet tooth, I do love cheese which makes me sound like Wallace & Grommit. So as I have gone 'cold turkey' on cheese, I made the mistake of walking past the deli counter tonight in Sainsbury's and my smell buds caught the beautiful aroma of some crumbly Lancashire and made a run for it before weakening and it is only day 2 of the longest journey. Anyway an good hour in the gym put paid to the cheese cravings...I have decided in future to wear a peg on my nose when supermarket shopping. Hope that you have all had a nice day!


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10 Replies

  • Good luck, FM, I've gone 'cold turkey' on a lot of things, but definitely not cheese! I don't envy you that! :o

  • Me neither, tho engevita, brewers yeast, added does help with some dishes, loving Aldi soft cheese with garlic and herbs, yummy

  • Mmmmmm..... that sounds delicious, Diana!! :

  • Oh it is, I had some to a baked potato the other day, and added a small amount of strong cheddar.

    I had a cold, and it was easy, soft cheese is so easy to use too

  • I must look for it, next time I get to an Aldi :)

  • Green/ white flat tub, I stocked up, keeps a while unopened

  • I think that often the smell is better than the taste of food. So I'm trying to enjoy the smell of fresh bread, chips, cheese .... and convince myself that eating would just be a disappointment.

  • Mmmmm cheeeeeeese.

    Good luck on your journey. A little bit now and again wont hurt you.


  • Unfortunately Janpes it is not 'a little bit now and again'. It has been too much and too often so cold turkey for the time being is the way I have to go until I have developed my portion control abilities.

  • I'm with you on the cheese FatMan03071958 😕

    Good luck going cold turkey 😊 You can do it!

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