Confused with how many calories I should be eating

I started my weight loss journey yesterday and I need some advice already. I downloaded MyFitnessPal to track what I have eaten and it said I should be on 1280 calories a day but the NHS site that I clicked on from the pinned posts says I should be on 1600. Its a big difference between them and I don't know which one is right. Has anyone else had this happen and which one do you think is right as I am really confused.


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  • My understanding of mfp, Tay, is that it gives you a calorie allowance based on your BMR, then adds to it, as it deems you've "earnt" the calories. I find it to be on the stingy side and as you have more than 6 stone to lose, I'm guessing that 1600 calories is at the bottom end of the NHS calorie allowance too.

    My advice would be to eat as much as you can, while still losing weight, or, as you get lighter and your allowance reduces, you're going to have to go onto starvation rations, to keep losing weight.

    Read this, for a comprehensive explanation for the reason behind eating enough

  • Thank you that's good advice, I will read through the link you have given me xx

  • Hi, MFP suggests 1200 to me and NHS suggests 1400. I tend to stick to the lower one, and I'm losing weight nicely. But if the lower calorie suggestion doesn't work for you, then slowly increase to the upper limit or the starting the other way round may be easier and then decrease as you go. It's hard for anyone to tell you which to do because all of our bodies are different. If we don't eat enough calories we don't lose weight because our bodies hang on to everything as it thinks it's in starvation mode. But obviously too many and we don't lose either. It's a fine balancing act which we have to individually tweak. I'm sure others will be along soon to offer some more advice, good luck and welcome.

  • Thank you, I will see how I get on, and increase it if I need to as I don't want my body to hang onto all I am trying to loose. Let's see what the scales say on Sunday, fingers crossed xx

  • MFP also calculates according to how much weight you would like to lose each week, so the calorie allowance will be lower if you have selected a 2lb loss per week as against say 1/2 a lb and what you have selected your activity level as ....

  • I didn't know that I will look at the settings on it, thank you x

  • MFP also tells me 1200 but I find this difficult, and have lost weight successfully on 1400-1500 😊

  • That's great to know, thank you xx

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