Half a packet of chocolate digestives later :|

Half a packet of chocolate digestives later :|

Grrrrrrrr i annoy myself. After another awesome loss yesterday, i was good all day and then went home and ate loads of choc digestives??? I have no will power honestly its ridiculous. I was meant to be good all week as i am spending a long weekend in Brussels so thought i could treat myself then.

Worried that i have only just got out of the 13sts into the 12s and think im maybe gonna put it all back on this week. :(

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :|


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  • hahaha, this has made me chuckle, love the picture. Well done for being so honest. Chuck the other half of the biscuits in the bin or give them away quickly. You do have will power, you have lost 2 stone, just go and look for it again, it's probably hiding in the fridge with the veggies, or maybe in the fruit bowl.....oh not that cupboard, that's where the biscuits are! Have a lovely time in Brussels:)

  • I cant chuck them in the bin as my other half bought them for himself! He is not going to be happy when he realises i have eaten half of them :| haha!

    Motivation is back for now, but its jsut that momentary weakness that can undo all my hard work. I must get it under control :|


  • You will Jess, just tell your husband you were helping him out, anyway he should find a better hiding place. I'm glad your motivation is back, have a good day:)

  • Mmmm my favourite, all I can say jess is if you don't buy them you can't eat themπŸ˜‚It's done now, forget about it & move on 😘😘

  • That was yesterday, Jess, today's today. Just leave it behind you and move on :)

  • Thanks moreless, am trying to be good today and so far so good :) x

  • What's 1/ 2 a packet of biscuits compared to 1/2 a packet of ciggys,no contest me thinks


  • No contest at all diversion, would give up the ciggies any day compared to the digestives! just gutted i ate them, i need some self control :| x

  • Ah well they've gone now, all ways tomorrow to start with the self control thing

    Simon πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ x

  • Every day is a new day huh! Im trying :D it was giving up the ciggies that made me pile on the weight in the first place :|

  • 3 years ago I was 21 stone with diet control (provided by my wife lol) and exercise I got down to just under 16 , I put on 1/2 a stone when I first quit , but I go to the gym most mornings now so have lost most of it, the older you get the harder it is to loose it , believe me I'm 57 πŸ‘΄ 6 weeks to loose 7lbs πŸ™ˆ

  • See im lucky im still pretty young, only 24 and i have lost 2 stone in 10 weeks which i am really happy with but im going to malta at the end of may and could do with losing at least another stone before then!

    i hate the gym :( especially if i have to go in the morning :(

  • I hate it to , but I don't go b4,work I don't get home till about 18.40 and it's to late for me then, joys of living in Leicester and working in b'ham, u av done brill to lose that amount well done πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ

  • Same for me i live about an hours drive from work so by the time i get home it is far too late :| but cant drag myself up in the mornings!

    And thanks simon, it has taken a lot of hard work and im extremely proud. Just not of the digestive eating :P

  • You should be proud, πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘

  • Wow! 2 stones in 10 weeks is amazing jess-secondtimelucky pat yourself on the back for all your hard work and remember that nothing breeds success like success. You have had shed loads of self made success and so it will continue. the biscuits will be a distant memory when you are having a fab time in Malta.

  • I felt the same on Friday night when I drank that wine. Draw a line under it and just keep an eye on your calories today 😊

  • Yeah im making sure i am good today :) ahhh we all like a drink every now and then, just annoyed because if i had waited just 4 days i could have enjoyed myself in brussels and had lots to drink x

  • Hi,

    I was like you , just few months back. I love coffee and biscuits dipped on coffee. :)

    My best friend it was till end of December. I changed it by slowly when I feel like eating I take a small spoon and take peanut butter in the spoon and slowly eat that. your cravings will be gone by then. drink water .. you are out of that thought... now a days I don't even eat the peanut butter it was just a changing phase ..... so you will get back to routine..

  • Make it easier for your self and just don't buy tempting food.

    Buying online with a full stomach and a list also helps.

  • My other half is skinny as a beanpole so he likes to have a cupboard stocked with nice tempting treats :(

  • So unfair- I have the same.

  • Maybe hubby could buy a cash box that locks and put the biscuits etc in there. I sympathise with the situation 100%.

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