Week 11 - My Mojo's back :) 1st 9lb Gone :)

Finally, after two or three weeks losing nothing, my body has woken up to the fact that it aint getting any more than its currently getting. Its starting to shed the lard again and that's another 5lbs gone and I have now broke the 1 and a half stone barrier. In total nearly 23lb gone since I started back in January at an average of 2lb per week. I was having problems with feeling hungry but upped the veggie intake and am feeling better for it and don't need to snack or eat now after my tea. Fish, chicken and red meat still in there but portion sizes are way down to what they used to be. Still on target for 2 stone gone by my birthday in April and hopefully 3 gone when I go on holiday to Malta in June. With the lighter nights I can then start going out on my bike and firming things up. I feel really good about myself losing this weight as I never thought I would do. But this site/club and all the fantastic people who have made supportive comments or offered advice have helped make that difference. So thank you :) Sorry to go on but i'm buzzin this morning. #ProudasPunch


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17 Replies

  • Brilliant 🎉🎉 well done! Onwards and downwards 🌻

  • Thank you :)

  • Woohoo, RP!! WTG you! I'm delighted that the pounds have started shifting again and that your perseverance has been rewarded! Fandabedozy! :)

    You'll be able to buy some snazzy, little swimming shorts, for your holiday to Malta :)

    Keep on buzzin'! :D

  • Haha :) Not ready for the Budgie Smugglers yet LOL but thanks anyway :) Can I have my 1.5 stone badge please to celebrate?

  • I'm afraid there isn't a 1.5 stone badge, you'll have to push a wee bit harder for your 2 stone badge :)

  • No worries. I will just have to do as you say and get to the 2 stone mark :)

  • That's a fantastic rate of weight loss. I'd be delighted if I could manage half of that reliably

  • Thank you :) calorie counting and sticking to the plan. Plus I had a lot to lose. You'll get there.

  • Super news RockPython54, perseverance and settling in for the long haul pays dividends.

  • Thank you :)

  • Hi zRock,thanks for advice re vegs ect,and how you stuck it out and struck fat(gold) I'm sure I heard a buzz earlier,ha ve another good week 😊

  • Well done Rocky, I have found your post today comforting. I haven't budged in the past two weeks and don't think I'm going to this week either, I am still writing down everything, planning in advance and counting my calories which I have upped I'm in week 9 and have lost 10lbs so far. It is good to see that perseverance is paying off for you. I remember I was buzzing when I reached the 10lbs loss so can imagine exactly how you feel. Well done😀

  • Thanks Luci. It was really great to see the scales moving down again as I was getting disheartened. I did as people said and increased my calories but last week I put a 1lb back on. Which I didn't post because I was miffed. I went back to my 1900 cals/day this week and had a great loss. That brief increase may have given my body a shock, I don't know? but it is good to lose again. I felt like I had wasted those weeks by losing nothing but I am determined to get my weight down and wont give in after all this time and effort. I am feeling the benefits as will you. Keep up the good work and your body will learn.

  • Thanks Rocky, I will stick to it, I'm feeling pretty relaxed about it all this week. I didn't last week.

    Ceals and kath50 encouraged me to join the happiness challenge last week. I was reluctant to be honest, but I have to say it has made me feel good to think about something else, whilst still striving on with the calorie counting.

    The support from this forum is second to none:)

  • Well done - I have been stuck for a few weeks too, and finally got moving again this week - what a relief! Well done for sticking with it, enjoy the rewards, and I'm sure you'll have your 2 stone badge in no time!

  • You have reason to celebrate you are an inspiration to us all

  • Thanks. Never been called an inspiration before. Just trying to help people who help me by sharing the ups and downs of this tough but essential journey.

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