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Hi, I introduced myself briefly in the Wednesday warriors post when I first commented nearly 2 weeks ago and had lots of warm responses, and celebrations of my 3lb first week weight loss. I thought it was worth doing a proper intro though as in enjoying reading others, so why am I here? BMI currently 32.3, slightly shaming to see myself that far in obese when I did quite well at losing some weight nearly 10 years ago. I'm not back where I was and I don't want to be. I started here at 15st 11, and would like to aim to get under 11 stone, but as that's a daunting task I'm aiming for losing a couple of pounds a week and I'll be thrilled when my weight drops down to beginning with a 14!

I've thought a lot about what helped me lose weight last time, and is was a lot to do with romance, but also an inadvertent kick start on trip to India (with healthier eating, no booze and loads of water) and I kept that momentum going, and importantly found exercise that I enjoyed for first time ever. The results were fast as my lifestyle was so unhealthy, but it trailed off for various reasons. I've got a toddler now and it's been hard to find time to prioritise exercise and the energy to make good food choices, but I'm inspired to be fit for the sake of the whole family, and trying to use visualisation to focus on an image of a healthy fit me, all out on bikes or mucking around on the beach. I'm keen to find positive motivators as I think that's what works for me rather than feeling in denial constantly. So here goes! Any tips and support welcome! I've had the jntro post and going to measure myself tonight so I don't get too obsessed with the scales!

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  • Hi, welcome! Thanks for introducing yourself so well. I think you underestimate yourself when you say you want to lose a couple of lb a month. If you aim for a bit than that , e.g a lb a week you will see results more quickly and will be less likely to give up. Good luck!

  • Haha I meant a couple a week! Oops 😜

  • My tip would be to copy your toddler! Your toddler only eats what he or she needs, and will not finish it unless he or she is really hungry. Toddlers know instinctively how to moderate their intake. If you have lost that instinctiveness, then try just eating toddler sized portions.

    Your toddler eats slowly and chews everything and savours it. He or she doesn't gobble it mindlessly, in fact toddlers could be said to practise mindful eating 😄.

    You know your toddler needs healthy food to grow properly and you will want to give him what he needs and encourage healthy eating in him.

    You deserve the same care and attention which you give your toddler. You're worth the effort, because he needs a fit, healthy mummy.

    Take care of yourself and you will be taking care of him. X

  • Wise words Trimmerteacher i can maybe learn from him on exercise too - why walk when you can run?!

  • Hi maybe an idea to get your toddler doing stretches/yoga lots on YouTube,good luck with your recall of previous experience 'getting physical' in India,😊🎶

  • Ha, cheeky 😜 and I think it was actually the post India trip high and the glow of gaining some self confidence with weight loss that opened the doors to romance rather than beachside fantasy!

  • EllaMidlands is right, MyCupOfTea . You can probably lose a pound a week if you stick with a plan. Do let us know how you get on. Call on this forum for help and advice. We are a friendly, helpful and supportive bunch! X

  • Hi there,

    I would advise logging what you do (meals, exercise etc) along with your weight. This way you can follow your progress long term and see what you actually did rather than what you remember... the memory can be deceptive.

    I would also say to remember it's a long game we are playing; nevermind day to day change, look back over weeks and months to see how you are really doing. 😊

  • Hello and welcome ☺

    I agree totally about positives and not denial, (I dont do denial!!) I am enjoying the process, eating tasty food, getting fitter and enjoying life.

    Best wishes


  • Yes @anna61 exactly! How are you doing it? And inspiring loss so far? Assume as an admin you've been on here a while?

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