After first week and I weigh more than before

Hello all,

First week done and I got on the scales today and it seems I have gained a kilo not lost anything. It is so disheartning to spend the week writing everything down, counting calories and exercising day in and day out and the result is a gain.

I have noticed a change in my body as it is no longer bloated and I do have a waist appearing but am still dissapointed.

Feeling down today



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40 Replies

  • Seems strange, but I'm sure it's just a fluke. It'll be gone by next week. Take a waist measurement each week as well - that's a good way to track your progress.

    Do you want to share your food diary with us? Even just a day, to let us see where you could improve?

  • Hello, yes it does seem strange. The only bad day I had was Friday and everyone knows how I failed that ;)

    Here is my whole week food diary:


    Porridge 35g 134 Kcal

    Cup of tea, milk and sugar 44 kcal

    Turkey and fresh coleslaw wholemeal pitta 220 Kcal

    Homemade vegetable soup 300kcal

    2 x weetabix and milk, little sugar 205Kcal

    Exercise was 30 minute walk and a 45 minute walk


    Breakfast burrito 229 Kcal

    Turkey and fresh coleslaw wholemeal pitta 220Kcal

    Vegetable soup with cottage cheese 373 Kcal

    Banana 124 Kcal

    Berry fruit smoothie 157 Kcal

    Ryvita x 2 36 Kcal

    Margarine 73 Kcal

    cheese spread 78 Kcal

    2 x cup of tea 88

    Exercise was couch to 5km week 1 run 1 30 minutes on treadmill 8 minutes running


    toast white 2 slices 30 g/slice. Total 60 g 133kcal

    Margarine 73 Kcal

    Baked beans ½ a tin 170 Kcal

    Ham and fresh coleslaw wholemeal pitta 220Kcal

    Ryvita x 3 54Kcal

    Margarine 109,5Kcal

    Cheese spread 113Kcal

    Cucumber 6Kcal

    Cottage cheese 73Kcal

    Banana 124Kcal

    Rasberry, orange and apple refresher 52Kcal

    2 x cup of tea 88Kcal

    Exercise was 4.5km walk which took 1 hour


    toast white 2 slices 30 g/slice. Total 60 g 133kcal

    Margarine 73 Kcal

    Baked beans ½ a tin 170 Kcal

    Ham and fresh coleslaw wholemeal pitta 220Kcal

    Ryvita x 3 54Kcal

    Margarine 109,5Kcal

    Cheese spread 113Kcal

    Cucumber 6Kcal

    Cottage cheese 73Kcal

    Banana 124Kcal

    Blueberry, orange and apple refresher 52Kcal

    2 x cup of tea 88Kcal

    1 beer 150Kcal

    Exercise was Couch to 5km run week 1 run 2 30 minutes on treadmill 8 minutes running.

    Friday (the dreaded day that went pear shaped, Dont judge me I was weak ;) )

    Toast wholemeal x2 170 kcal

    Poached egg x2 146 Kcal

    Ketchup 9 kcal

    Wholemeal tortilla filled with coleslaw, salad and turkey 171 Kcal

    Coleslaw 45 Kcal

    salad 23 Kcal

    Bacon 1 rasher 106Kcal

    Chicken 100g 155 kcal

    Brown rice 50 g 179 Kcal

    Cucumber, Tomato, Onion, Lettuce 40 Kcal

    Banana 124Kcal

    sausages 3 741 Kcal

    chicken with bacon 261Kcal

    Cup of tea, milk, 2 sugars 44Kcal

    glass of white wine 494 Kcal

    beer 150 Kcal

    Exercise was cleaning the house and 3.76km /50 minute walk


    Scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast 247Kcal

    wholemeal toast x2 170 Kcal

    wholemeal tortilla 128 Kcal

    salsa, tomato chicken 110 Kcal

    salad 40 Kcal

    Biscuit 7kpl 49 gram 257, 5 Kcal

    forest fruit smoothie 157 Kcal

    banana 124Kcal

    Beer 150Kcal

    Tea 44 Kcal

    Exercise was couch to 5km run week 1 run 3 30 minutes treadmill and 8 minutes running


    Weetabix x2 134Kcal

    Milk 60Kcal

    Sugar 15 Kcal

    Wholemeal tortilla x 2 220 Kcal

    Salad 100 Kcal

    Ryvita x 2 36 Kcal

    Marg 73 Kcal

    Cheese spread 78Kcal

    turkey 3 slice 57 Kcal

    Banana 124 Kcal

    2 beers 300Kcal

    Apple 86 Kcal

    cup of tea, sugar and milk 44Kcal

    cup of tea, sugar and milk 44Kcal

    Exercise was 6,7km walk 1.5 hours

    So there you have my whole week worth of food diary. Haven't cheated once and everything eaten is written down.

    Don't judge me on the hiccups as I am just getting started


  • It doesn't look like there's much bad stuff there - i was thinking you might have things like pasta and rice there, which are the usual portion size culprits!

    One thing for us ladies is that we gain up to 7lbs depending on where we are in the month. something like that be cancelling out a loss for this week, but will go by next week.

    Something else you might benefit from is a bit more protein and good fats in the form of nuts (I'm totally in love with sugar free peanut butter at the moment! A bit of that on a cracker is really filling :) )

  • Hehe no nuts. I have a fish and nut allergy. I think I should add more chicken and turkey.

  • Definitely no nuts then!! A bit of avocado is good!

  • Eggs are a great choice too

  • You know you've done the right things, which is great, next week you maybe surprised, with a good loss. have a successful week:)

  • I really hope so as I really have changed my life around (apart from failure friday)

    Thanks for your reply :)

  • Our weight on the scales can vary week to week Janpes please don't be disheartened, if you have stuck to plan you will have lost fat and probably inches. 😊

    Feeling better in yourself is a better measure anyway 😊

    Best wishes


  • I do feel great, better infact than a long while. I am still continuing with the process as I am enjoying it too

    Jan :)

  • Oh that sounds so disappointing, but stick with it, it sounds like you are doing everything right.

    Don't forget muscle is heavier than fat - if you have been exercising a lot and have a shrinking waist, you could well be replacing fat with muscle this week. I'm sure you'll get the result that you want on the scales in time. Keep it up!

  • Everyday I have exercised and actually enjoyed doing it. I hope that the muscle is coming there and the fat is disapearing.

    Thanks for your reply :)

  • Well thats amazing - well done you! And a big change to your lifestyle by the sound of it. Even if the scales dont show it yet, I bet you are feeling good! You have done so well writing it all down too. What cals are you aiming for daily?

  • 1400 Kcal daily I have been good apart from Friday night to sticking to it :)

  • I really feel for you - how frustrating. Did you get the 1400 figure from the BMI calculator? It gives you a range of calories based on your weight and height, and if you eat the lower figure you should lose about 2lbs a week. I go for 1400 too (my lower number is 1350 I think) but I lose more slowly than 2lbs a week.

    And you weren't too bad on Friday night!!

  • It actually says on the BMI calculator that 1632-2098 Kcal is what I should be eating BMI 34,2. I just thought 1400 is the normal way to go

  • I would go by the bmi calculator Janpes s ☺ it is more reliable as it is based on you and your body, 1400 is quite a lot lower. Your body just won't burn fat if it feels there is insufficient food coming in, the opposite in fact. See this for a better explanation

    Could you try eating more this week and see how you get on?

  • hehe I have no problem eating more lol...that is what got me here in the first place.

    I can up to 1600 and see how it goes. Thanks for the reply :)

  • I've just added a link to an excellent reply that explains it better than I did ☺ I would go even higher if you can . . . 1800-2000

    When I first started I couldn't believe I would lose weight on the numbers suggested but I have ☺

  • ok I will give it a go. I guess it makes sense that you need to eat to burn fuel.

    One thing I did notice was that on the 1400 Kcal per day diet I ran out of steam quite quickly. I mean that when I was out walking a wall hit me and I couldnt go on until slowing down. My legs felt like lead and the tiredness was overwhelming. After slowing down and walking quietly for a wall the strength increased enough to get me home.

  • Well i suppose that makes sense if your cals are too low. Its important to get it right because if you are hungry or tired all the time then its not sustainable. I'm not saying that the BMI calculator will get it right straight away, because we are all different, with different metabolisms, but its probably a good place to start the process from.

    Best of luck!

  • BMR calculator is great too

  • I have gained too this is my first week, but unlike you I had 4 wobbly days!!

    Don't be downhearted, chin up and good luck for next week.

    My second week too! Can I follow you and keep going 👍😊

  • Of course you can follow me :) WE CAN DO THIS!!

  • If your scales are like mine, I can put on several pounds from morning to night. They're so unreliable. Don't feel disheartened and don't let this effect your progress. If you've noticed change then that's great, keep up the good work you can do this x

  • I think thats probably quite normal, to gain a couple of pounds morning to night. I usually do, I don't think its unreliable scales as this seems a consistent pattern for me. And I do my weigh in first thing in the morning!!!!

  • Best to go digital, the best, no margin for error

  • Yeah I think I have noticed that my scales are also a bit unreliable. I was thinking of investing in a boddy mass scale where you can see if there are any change to uscle fat ratio. Has anyone had any experience of them?

  • Hi Jan don't get fed up I am sure next week you will be surprised as I've seen it lots of times in slimming world. The group leader used to say drink more water and make sure you are eating enough add a little more walking and I bet next week you will be cheering 😊

  • Please keep your chin up and keep going. As one who knows, weight can go up and down for the body's own funny reasons which can mask your actual progress.

    We are playing the long game so keep logging your food and exercise and see where you are in a few weeks. 😊

  • that was me a couple of weeks ago or I stayed the same , but I lost inches but I wanted to lose weight don't give up stay with it the weight will come off as well x

  • Others have already said it but don't lose heart - keep going, drink more water, and up your calories to compensate for all that exercise. Once your body stops rebelling you'll see the pounds come off, for sure!

  • You may find calorie cycling useful, and it's realistic, vary your days, if you say eat 1,800 one day , 1,500 or the next and I hen 2,00 you will end up with the same number of calories burned over a week!

    You can of course 'save and bank' a few cals for special days or whatever, not something I do as a maintainer, I do calorie cycle tho, naturally.

    Had a mild cold, so it sort of happened, calorie cycling long term this will help prevent plateauing.

    Try to enjoy the journey and relax, it could be a long journey 🙂

  • That is exactly what is happening to me! I weighed in on my first week and had gained , the second week stayed the same, the third week lost three poundS and this week gained half a pound. I am at the gym working hard at a variety of classes and was beginning to wonder what I was doing wrong, but yesterday I put on a pair of jeans that were previously far too tight and they fitted perfectly. I also feel much fitter and energetic. I've decided the weight will come off eventually so I'm trying not to focus on my lack of losses. I've had great advice on this forum and am now increasing my calorie intake according to the NHS bmi calculator as it seems like I'm not eating enough! Crazy I know but that seems to be how things work in the body. Don't be too despondent. Getting fitter also helps your body and you've already found your waistline. Chin up - It's a journey 😂😂

  • Did you have the same clothes on ? I now get weighed in my pjs every week then there is no difference !

  • Hi jane I use juice plus and use one of there shakes to replace a meal they aren't a normal weight loss shake as these ARE FOOD IN the shake and stop unwanted cravings they are full of nutrients and antioxidant come in vanilla or chocolate flavour or combination of both. I also use there capsules which have over 26 different fruits berries and vegetables in all 3 capsules 11 in the berry 9 in the veg and fruits so again it's the healtho option i would try these. If you need any more info message me xx good luck with the weight loss keep at it xx

  • Hello, I'm new here - I also started last Monday and followed the diet plan to the letter, counting everything and writing it down. I've walked to work and back (up hill) everyday which is a good 25 minutes as well as doing the C25K, although i will admit that i did the program indoors as i can't face running outside in sports wear with people looking at me. I was so sure that i would have lost at least something when I weighed in yesterday but the scale hadn't shifted one dot. I was so bitterly disappointed and annoyed especially as i know that in a few weeks time I'm not going to are able to exercise for a while after having gall bladder surgery so wanted to try and shift as much as I could now to account for gains (hopefully there won't be any) then.

  • I also run indoors on the treadmill. Shoud you think of upping your calories too?

    I had gallbladder surgery in 2010 and felt that with the strict diet afterwards I lost 7kg in 4 weeks. Be sure to get up and start walking straight away. I suffered a dvt after surgery in my left leg and ended up on warfarin for 6 months.

    I am hoping for a loss next week, fingers crossed for us both xx


  • Hi Janpes

    I think i'm going to try and stick to the 1400 for this week and if their is still no joy then up it by 200 and see what happens. I'm on the ball with watching out for blood clots and things as I had a PE in 2006 and was on warfarin for 6 months. At the pre op assessment they mentioned giving be blood thinning injections afterwards so hopefully that should deal with it.

    Fingers crossed for next Monday xx

  • Good Luck.

    When I had my partial thyroidectomy 2 years ago. The surgeon was adamant that I wouldn't get a DVT from his surgery. I pleaded with him to put me on blood thinner injections for a couple of weeks after the op. He knew I had a previous DVT. He refused and said I didn't need as a clot from this kind of surgery is rare.

    Well 3 days after surgery guess what? I got another clot in my left leg. This time near my knee. My first clot was near my ankle.

    Good job I knew the signs as I caught it when it was kind of small. Still had to spend another 6 months on warfarin. Now they say if I get another (3rd) I will be on warfarin for life.

    I have had genetic testing done and all came back with no gene problems or heredity problems. Doc said it is just a link to surgery. I wonder is it something in the meds that they give.

    Anyway as I said good luck to you. Recovery from gallbladder surgery is tough especially the eating part. I had digestive problems for months afterwards, hopefully you sail through it.


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