Cleaning is helping break bad habits

So the car is clean, polished, vacuumed and buffed up inside too. I have a tidier lounge and bedroom too. I have also come to terms with just how much clutter I own. I have a lot of weekends of decluttering and cleaning ahead of me, but on a positive note... its all good exercise and a whole lot cheaper than buying a bigger house.


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17 Replies

  • Sounds like a really productive day, well done. I recently viewed a bungalow but quickly realised I am not ready to downsize, just too much stuff! I may take a leaf out of your book and have a clear out anyway, like you say, all good exercise.

  • Oh Caz, it al, takes up space, every now and then I'm ruthless.

    With plans in my tiny kitchen to have a dishwasher ( its tiny and perfect , unlike me) , a cupboard will have to go to fit it in, there's always the stair cupboard tho!

    No big thing to sort it, now just waiting for the money to get all my house stuff done

  • I had a new kitchen just over a year ago, first time I've had a dishwasher, you won't regret it, I love mine!

  • I had one many years ago, when I was married, I can't face a new kitchen, new rink unit, ceramic hob , oven and dishwasher ( mine is banana yellow), then the rest of the house!

  • ill book you in for doing mine for me then ;)

  • Hmmm, I wonder how far away you live .....

  • LOL :-D

  • I am not good yet at letting go of my clutter. I have a history of just tidying the piles to another room. I only have 4 rooms so not got too many options. Facing up to it is the only way. If I stick to my plan then by the end of April I should have a home I can be proud of.

  • Well done just1me, I always find if I get rid of clutter my mind can be more focused on other things. I wish you were close enough to clean my car, it really needs a hoover, a job I hate.

  • I only have four rooms, mu issue is I'm too untidy

  • You've a sister here. I'm a teacher and for world book day recently the principal suggested the senior class email in a photo of their bookshelves . He did too and so did I. I won hands down in that the bookshelf looked literary and overflowing . The problem was it's only one of our bookshelves. And they are all teetering and overflowing . Every now and again I prune but not rigorously enough.

  • It so I'd, I washed my car today, wasn't too bad, it just needed doing, all that distraction cleaning, eh!

  • I am hoping that if I stick to a 6 week cleaning plan that I can stick with a 6 week eating plan at the same time to have a healthier body and mind. Hubby has offered to purge his shoes and T-shirts to help clear some space so my efforts are rubbing off.

  • TIdy house (and car) equals a tidy mind; it's little wonder you're feeling happier and more satisfied.

    The calories expended as a result of your endeavour simply serve to increase sense of satisfaction.

  • Couldn't agree more

  • Hi, very inspiring, I'm hoping to join you in getting some of those pesky chores, like cleaning and tidiness more up together, have a good week.:)

  • I downsized a year ago, getting rid of 40 years of clutter,including masses of books. I now regularly take books and clothes to charity or recycling . I like having the space a lot more than the clutter.

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