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Small dinner ideas

Does anyone have a small dinner normally? I've always had a big breakfast, main course lunch and a small dinner. Of late it's just been toast with olive oil and some cheddar and apple, maybe some nuts.

I don't want to eat that, I want to stay off carbs in the evening as that could be one of the reasons I'm gaining/not losing.

But, I feed my 3 yr old and husband a decent dinner, but can't be bothered to cook again for myself. I've been having boiled eggs, avocado, and hummus for this past week.

Any ideas for a quick dinner for me? Thanks!!

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I have made up a 5 litre pan of salsa chicken which we all eat for dinner during the week.

I am like you I like to eat more fror breakfast as I am more active during the morning part of the day. I eat a wholemeal pitta filled with salad and coleslaw for lunch and a couple snacks in between


I've been trying to go for a small dinner as well. I usually have a salad or steamed vegetables, or yogurt+banana.


Although your dinners are small they are very calorific - olive oil, cheese, nuts, avocado and hummus may be "healthy" but they are also full of high-calorie fats so maybe that's why you're not seeing the benefit. Depending on what you're feeding the rest of the family, couldn't you just have a small portion of that? Steamed veggies are very good, quick to cook, low fat and filling. Or maybe earlier, when you're feeling more inclined to cook for yourself, prepare yourself something like a small salad or other meal that will already be in the fridge ready to grab or warm up at dinner time. Veg soup is another good one, generally low-fat, easy to warm up, filling, and you can have as much or as little as you like often for very few calories.

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Is it neccesary to have protein at night? I'd be fine with veggies. It's the cooking of chicken/meat at night that I don't fancy. And I feel that I'm having too many eggs. See, I'm quite happy with two boiled eggs and some cherry tomatoes. I don't want much at night or I also have a small salad with chick peas, tomato and carrot.


I also prefer a smaller evening meal Gobbolino but i have the same as everyone else without potatoes/pasta etc, and have a smaller portion. Also bulk out with side salad, I've found salad goes really well with things you wouldn't expect, chilli or curry for example 😊

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