Week Ten of 52

Mum is doing better, not mentally though, she seemed vacant last night when I saw her, she is probably scared from the op. I weighed myself this morning and weirdly I have lost weight 1lb, 16st5lb! Weird because I have been doing far from dieting, eating all the wrong things. I am trying to reign in my eating habits, and I am doing everything to avoid binge eating. I am happy with that result, now to try to improve again, and turn those unhealthy eating habits around. Good luck to all. Jp.


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10 Replies

  • Morning JacksonPollock

    Glad to hear your mum is doing better. I can understand your eating habits being a bit all over the place while your worried about your mum. While my sister was having her op I struggled to stay on track and had many a night where I thought I could easily go on a binge! So well done for staying in control and losing 1lb. You will so be back on track as your already back in control by writing this post!

    Have a good week.


  • Thanks Rose.

  • well done for losing 1lb this week.. its hard to diet when your routine has gone out the window but thats just life getting in the way which we have no control of... im sure you will be back on it in no time... have a good week x

  • I don't know about that just yet, although I am working on it. Since eating off track I have been thinking about being more sensible and I don't want to go back to the same boring old diet. So I have been thinking that by changing some of my foods to make it more interesting I will want to go back to being more sensible. I will try tomorrow. And today try and stick to just sensible ish meals. Thanks and hope you have a good week.

  • You sound much better JP. Remember the carer needs to be cared for too. Hope you are coping and feel encouraged by your mum's improvement. Take care, wishing you a better week :)

  • Thanks and hope your week goes well too.

  • You have done really well not to eat rubbish in times of stress. It is so easily to do particularly if cooking for yourself is more difficult due to circumstances. I hope you have a good week, take care.

  • Thanks I will try, you too.

  • It's good to hear that your mum is doing well physically and maybe her mental state will improve as she gets over the operation.

    You've done really well to lose a pound with all the worry you have had. Look after yourself.

  • Thanks I will try, I have just prepared a lasagne for tomorrow so I can see mum straight after work and I am preparing roast for this afternoon, so I won't have to cook after seeing mum.

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