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Hello Everyone,

Like a lot of people who put on weight their stomach tends to roll over. Well this includes me. So while on this lifestyle change of cal controlled, protein packed, little carbs ( pasta, rice and spuds) carbs from yogurt, veg and small amount of porridge oats and going to the gym a lot. The one thing that has not changed is the roll over (well shrunk a little) but for ages it stayed the same.

Well I had enough the other day everything is looking good bar this so when I got back from the gym and went for my shower I had a few words to say like

You may not like the fact that I have given up all the stuff you like but tough get used to it, you may not like the exercises that I do to make you smaller and to go away but tough. The rest of me looks good your letting the team down.

Well it went on like this for about 10mins. I showered went down stairs where my husband says ' who was you arguing with upstairs' me 'no one why' he goes ' well I heard you talking really loud on the verge of shouting' I laughted told him what I had done. His reply ' you have officially lost the plot just exactly are you going to do to punish your stomach/ abs. Me make it work harder. He just shuck his head.

Am I the only one to do something this silly?

Good luck



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7 Replies

  • I've done similar, when on a long run, encouraging my legs, lungs and body to not give up, but to keep on going! Just as well there aren't many other people where I run! :D

    I hope your belly is suitable scared and will do as it's been told!! ;)

  • I think your positive, encouraging self-talk is much more likely to do you good (physically and mentally) for the long-term moreless.

    I don't feel like I've 'given up' anything; I just eat healthy, real food. None of that low-fat nonsense.

  • Oh I talk to myself all the time! I can talk myself into (or out of) anything 😂

  • i think you do whatever you think will motivate your body to get rid of your belly and if thats having a little chat with it in the shower when you think noone can hear you.. then you do it girl ! haha...

  • Perhaps I should do the same. I do have a history of talking to inanimate objects - leaving bird seed out for my birdies (pre arrival of fat cat!!) I was known to have berated some of the smaller seeds because they weren't being eaten.... "Come along now - you have to make yourselves look more appealing so that the birdies eat you...." If I can do that I can talk to my body which will surely be more receptive to my words! Knew I wasn't doing something right!!!😂😂

  • I'd be worried if I didn't talk to myself😂😂 come on, it's where I get advice, reminders and a good telling off 😱

    I once read an article that stated 'intelligent people talk to themselves' it helps and encourages the brain and body, so we could just be the most intelligent people 😆

    Kat xx

  • That's brilliant. Made me laugh

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