Ditching the choc!

I have comfort ate it for so long it has just become a habit. I am happier in my life now but still eating a bar every day and more at weekends, until last week. The British Heart Foundation is doing a fundraiser called Dechox where you dont eat chocolate for 30 days. After finding this out I thought about it and decided if I can go a week without then I can go for 30 days, hoping that it would help me break the habit. This is my 11th day without and I can honestly say there has only been one instance where I craved it! I wanted a chocolate wafer and ice cream and when it dawned on me there actually was chocolate on it, I nearly cried haha. I need to lose 4 stone and have lost 3lb in 11 days so that is a huge positive for me. I think you just need to set yourself small targets, ie no choc for 1 day, 2 days, 1 week etc. Willpower and a belief I can do it and beat the urge seems to be working for me, so far. I also remind myself that 18 years ago I gave up the ciggies, so if I could do that then surely I can stop myself eating chocolate!


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15 Replies

  • Well done Hazel, that's a great achievement! The longer you give it up for, the easier it gets! I haven't had chocolate for 18 months and don't even think about it now! :)

    Keep up the great work, your body will love you for it :)

  • Wow that is fantastic! Well done you! I am hoping it gets me totally out of the habit of eating it. Do you never have the occasional one? I am thinking maybe the occasional one for me after my 30 days is up but am scared it would just be a slippery slope back to my old habits

  • No, I don't believe a little of what I fancy does me any good, it leads to a lot of what I fancy :)

  • Absolutely with you there moreless - I had a 'little' piece of dark chocolate yesterday after lunch (of very healthy lentil and tomato homemade soup, cottage cheese and oatcakes) - which promply led to further consumption of three chocolate truffles.... At least I stopped there!

  • It just goes to show the addicted nature of sugar! Scary stuff!! :o

  • i do think there is something about the taste and texture of chocolate melting in the mouth that demands repetition too! A double whammy really!

  • I was watching a programme, which told about pleasure centres and memories of pathways to receive those pleasures and chocolate is definitely one of those pleasures!! :)

  • Yeah see that is my worry. Some people say don't deny yourself anything just have a little bit but I think I would want more

  • Some people can have a little and leave it at that, others, like me, can't! :)

  • I totally agree with moreless it works for me to not eat it at all. Other people find success with eating a bit every day but if I did that it would always be in my mind.

  • I am hopeless where chocolate is concerned it is better for me to have none although I do lapse sometimes. I used to be the same with ice cream 🍦 But I have substituted this for 0% Greek yoghurt with fruit in own juice after my tea and it seems to be working fine 😉

  • Well done for making it 11 days without chocolate! That is really good and you can definitely make it to 30 days and beyond. I gave up all sweets, chocolate, cakes, ice cream etc, etc in November and at first it was hard but I know that abstaining is easier for me in the long run than moderation. I do allow for planned exceptions when I go abroad. The rule is 'No Sweets In England' but when I go abroad I can have whatever I want. This works really well for me because I never break the rule, ever - not for birthdays or on date night or for special International Women's Day cupcakes.

  • Thank you, it has been easier than I thought it would be, so far so good ☺️

  • I think you have set yourself a really worthwhile challenge Hazel66 and I am rooting for your success! My own challenge for today will be not to have another of those chocolate truffles I mentioned earlier, and although I know it would be much more sensible to throw them away, part of me thinks that if I know they are there but I manage not to eat them then I am proving my willpower on a daily basis and that is a good thing. However, the other part knows that while they are there (in a cupboard in the kitchen), I am giving in to the knowledge that I will, at some point, succumb! Oh what a tangled web we weave!!

  • Well done. I am a chocoholic and am not sure I could ever give it up.

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