Super Saturday Weigh-in - 11 March

Super Saturday Weigh-in - 11 March

Welcome to our Saturday weigh-in. It is my first time posting so I hope I get it right. Many of us are having health firsts be it joining the forum, posting for the first time, a first visit to the gym or those first weeks of a new way of viewing food. All those firsts are a great step towards a healthier lifestyle which you should be very proud of.

We hope that you've all had a good week and are pleased with the results on the scales. If this isn't the case, don't get despondent, weight loss isn't linear and we're all human. Think of where things may have slipped a little. If you're convinced that you've had a squeaky clean week, then take out the tape measure and see if you've lost inches instead. If that fails to satisfy too, then look back to the beginning of your journey and be proud of how far you've come. Progress may be slow, but if you keep the faith and stick to plan, you'll eventually get the results you've been wanting

Our aim today, is to support and encourage, so we ask that everyone responds to at least one other member, ideally the person directly ahead of you on the thread. This is a bare minimum, though and we'd love to see everyone, with their pom poms, cheering as many people as they wish, on as many days as they like

It would make things so much easier for us, if you could state your weight today, how much weight you've lost/gained/maintained this week and your goals for the week ahead. Other than that, feel free to share any details of your week that you like.

The Stats:

Saturday 4th March 2017

Total number weighing in - 30

Total number of replies - 185

Average number of replies - 6.16

Total amount of weight lost - 42.01lbs / 19.05kgs

Total amount of weight gained - 14.06lbs / 6.37kgs

Total number who maintained - 5

Newbies/Restarts - 2

Average weight lost - 0.99lbs / 0.44kgs

Number of members who did not disclose their weight – 0


Last week I weighed 10 st 10.5 ib this week I weigh 10 st 11.5 ib , that's a gain of 1Ib. I was expecting this gain but hope to lose it for next week.


If you're joining this weigh-in group for the first time today, then please introduce yourself and share your starting weight (if you feel comfortable doing so) and your initial weight loss goals. Setting yourself mini-goals, leading to your ultimate weight loss goal, is particularly helpful. You could also make a note of your body measurements. Sometimes the scales stick at a particular weight, but there can be body measurement changes which are very motivating. It’s not all about the scales after all – it’s how you feel in yourself.

If you’ve not already seen it, then take a moment to read the ‘Welcome Newbie’ pack, which is a Pinned post (situated on the right hand side of the homepage, or scroll right down to the bottom, if you're using a mobile).

IN THE SPOTLIGHT TODAY: Claz has been doing many sporting firsts in the last few months, she has been inspirational in her commitment to her new gym routine and you can see how much progress she has made in her progress photos. Well done Claire.

Please only use this thread if you're weighing in on Saturday 11 March

Onwards and downwards!


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236 Replies

  • Thank you for hosting the weigh in nteapea 😊 Don't worry about that pesky pound it will soon be gone.

    Good luck to all you Saturday weighers 😊

  • My name is Ian and this is my first weigh in after my first week of my new healthier me.

    I started last week at 18st 7lb and have walked to work 3 times this week at a distance of 3.4 mile, I also take my little Labrador out every night and out more on my days off.

    I came to the the scales this morning with a sense of apprehension but I was shocked seeing the scales saying 17st 11lb.

    I even moved the scales to different parts of the kitchen because I thought it was a mistake but no. I'm shocked how a little change has made a big difference.

    Congratulations everyone 😁❤

  • Whoopie Dread 😊 That's fantastic, a 10lb loss!!! Go you 😊 I bet all those 4 am walks are worth it now, that's a fabulous start to your journey, very well done!

  • Woohoo, Ian!! A 10lb loss and already into the 17's!!! WTG you!!! My pom poms are getting an early airing today! :)

  • Awesome achievement Dread well done. And great to have a first post as the first reply in our first themed weigh in 😀

  • Well done you x

  • Wow that's fantastic I can imagine you moving the scales around and I'm thrilled they stayed the same That's a brilliant start 😊

  • Hi Ian, that's a great start! I'm just picturing you moving the scales round the floor! I bet your dogs loving the walks with you too 😀

  • Welcome Ian and well done for last week. Keep up the exercise!

  • That is awesome x well done

  • amazing start... well done !

  • Good morning Ian(Dread) well done for the loss achieved. Good luck to you and your Black Lab!!!!🙂 George 56

  • Walking is a great help,well done.

  • Welcome Ian and well done you 😀

  • Hi everyone

    I am 11 stone 10 and 1/2 pounds so that means I have lost 1 and 3/4 lb this week. Wanted to be 11 stone 9 1/4 lbs by today for a work do but gained last week. Now the work do has been cancelled - karma!

    I want to be 11 and 1/2 stone by the time I go on holiday on 15 th April so a loss of at least a pound this week would be good.

    Fingers crossed for eveybodies weigh ins and have a good saturday😄

  • Well done Bluebell, that's a great loss and is taking you ever closer to that 11st 7lb goal for your holiday! 5 weeks to go, which is only 0.7lbs per week! You can do it! :)

  • Sure you will make your goal for your holiday that's still a month away Well done this week xx

  • Thank you Cat33 xx

  • Hi Bluebellbrown thats an achievement this week! Good luck with your goal, hope you are looking forward to your holiday somewhere nice 😀

  • Well done Bluebellbrown - great loss, keep going and keep that holiday in mind!

    Have a good week.

  • Thank you and yes keeping the holiday in mind is a good tip. I've been trying to loose weight for so long that it really helps to have small goals to focus on and give me a reason to keep going.

  • You can do itx

  • Morning all

    Had a few lovely days away with hubby great healthy food choices, exercise- walking and swimming in spa hotel for hubbys birthday but ..... had a bit of birthday cake last night and scales registering a 1lb gain 14 5 to 14 6 - and whos to blame not the cake I do allow a treat but Mother nature otherwise in SW * week being a woman 😬 !! On monday I know that excess fluid will vanish

    But I don't care this morning there's nothing more I can do my clothes have been looking better and I feel wonderful just keep on treking along the journey.

    Everyone have a great week xx

  • Even though there's a 1lb gain, Kath, your post is wonderfully positive and I know that by next Saturday, it will have gone and taken a friend with it! :)

    Keep enjoying your journey and the weight loss will be the cherry on the cake :)

  • Good morning kath50 my gain for the same reason I have come to expect it and doesn't really upset me which is a positive step forward in itself. 😀 I am very jealous of your spa break. I could use one of those

  • Me too will book one when I loose my 2nd stone 😀

  • It was lovely

  • Your right Kath50. Keep on trekking. The fact that you feel wonderful means you are controlling what you do. Carry on Kath50.

  • Never mind its not his birthday every week 😀

  • lol I only had a slither and no alcohol ☺

  • I think gaining a lb is worth it for the lovely time you had It will disappear next week I'm sure xx

  • Great post, great attitude - thank you.

    Have a good week.

  • Morning Kath, glad you had a lovely break, like you say the 1lb will vanish again quickly, it's how you feel overall that counts 😀

  • What a fabulous attitude xx well done

  • Hi Kath you are doing well and keep going with the group forum members for the support. Have a great weekend. George. 🍀

  • Thank you George56

    You enjoy the match x

  • Well done kath50 to only gain 1lb on holiday is amazing! Xx and that your feeling wonderful is wonderful 😀💃

  • Hi all and good morning. Apologies for missing last week.

    Week seven complete: 113.0Kg (17:11) Down 0.8kg (1.5lb) - Total loss: 6.5kg (14lb)

    The scales are moving again - Slowly but in the right direction at least

    Over the 2 weeks I did manage:

    162,120 steps - 129km - 81.1 miles and using up 6485 calories.

    May your week ahead be fatless and fruitful - SE

  • Well done you as you say slowly but surely😀

  • Well done SlimmingEagle those steps are very impressive 😀

  • It just goes to prove, that exercising alone will not result in weight loss. Exercising is part of the whole package.

  • Well done xx

  • Well done, SE, that's a terrific weekly average of 0.4kg (0.88lbs) :)

    Don't forget to log your exercise minutes on the Mad March Hares exercise challenge :)

  • Well done SlimmingEagle, impressive amount of exercise.

    I am about to eat a pear to start off my fruitful week!!!

  • I was going to have a pair also. A pair of pork pies, but have decided against it......

  • Hi SlimmingEagle was a bit confused by the kg but spotted the 14lb gone which is a stone so very well done!

  • Hi all

    I've had a nice week have walked my greyhounds each day have been up and down to town three times this week and I went into London to have my hair restyled after loosing my first stone .

    Last week I was 13.12.8

    This week 13.12.2 so a 0.6 loss

    Next week I've my husband at home so will be getting out and about more

    Good luck to you all 😀

  • Well done nightmare1 a good loss. A London haircut 💇 what a treat 😀

  • Well done and a great idea to treat yourself to a special haircut after your first stone loss - good motivation.

    Have a good week and keep going.

  • Morning nightmare1 well done on the loss, and hope you are loving the new haircut!

    Also hello to another greyhound owner, I have a very big lad, he is my second greyhound after we lost our first one last summer, love them ! 😀

  • what a fab treat to have your hair done for losing your stone. well done x

  • Hi am cherie I started of at 14st 14lb I am Now at 14st 8lb I am proud I am losing now been on a diet for 3 weeks going for walks and now going to the gym. It's is hard but getting there just got to try hard 😄

  • Hi and welcome to the Saturday weigh-in Cherie :)

    You're doing a grand job! That's an average of 2lbs per week, which is fantastic, however, 14st 14lbs is actually 15st! Did you mean something different? :)

    Keep up the great work! :)

  • That's a brilliant loss well done 😉

  • Thanks

  • well done and welcome to saturday mornings !

  • Hi Cheriep22 six lb in 3 weeks is a great start and motivation to keep going 😀

  • Yeah am chuffed I have lost that so far 😄

  • Well done x

  • I started last week at 10 stone 7 but couldn't find where to post. After a huge effort and one slip up today I'm 10 stone 5.6. Weight loss is always slow for me. That's why I struggle to keep going as the rewards are so small. But it's a start. My aim was for 10 stone by Easter but that seems impossible.

  • Hi and welcome to the Saturday weigh-in, Funty :)

    You've lost a terrific 1.4lbs, which isn't slow at all, it's exactly the right amount to lose! Well done you! :)

    Try not to focus on the end game, because you'll end up feeling disheartened again. Enjoy making wise choices and feeling fitter and healthier, then the weight loss is purely the cherry on the cake :)

  • I'm sure you can do it by Easter it's still 4 weeks away You have done really well 😉

  • Hello and welcome to the Saturday weigh-in. Losing nearly a pound and a half in your first week is great news Funty and a good beginning to reaching your target at Easter.

    I find it easier to think about losing 1lb or so each week rather than the final goal, which can sometimes seem too much of a challenge as I'm 18st 3lb. If you stick with the healthy eating and taking extra exercise (I walk to/from work some days each week) then you'll soon see the results.

    The members in this Weight Loss Community are great, very supportive and will cheer you on. There are lots of recipes and tips available on here too. You might want to have a look in the Healthy Eating and Couch to 5K communities which both help support our weight loss.

    All the best for the coming week!

  • Great result! I totally agree with other posts look at mini targets and celebrate each success. I felt like you last April , thinking I will never get there at this rate..But just thought 1lb at a time is still better than slowly gaining. I'm now down 53lbs and now in 25 BMI range!

  • Well done Funty, 1.4lb is a good loss. Keep your willpower strong. You are not far away from 10st.

    Have a good week.

  • Hi Funty, a 1.4 lb loss in a week isn't slow it's good, well done! I know some people like to have an exact weight goal to motivate them, but different things motivate different people, would it help to aim to feel healthier and a bit more comfortable in your clothes by Easter? As that can be achievable wether you lose a couple of pounds or a bit more ? 😀

  • Good morning, Saturday Superstars and a great start to today's weigh-in. There's 1lb less of me - am now 18st 3lbs but am feeling there's a lot less of me for some reason. Managed extra exercise this week (including an hour of Tai Chi on Tuesday) and 12500+ steps on Wednesday.

    One of my colleagues also remarked that he thought I'd lost weight. As I haven't told anyone at work of my 2017 challenge to reach a healthy BMI it was a nice boost to have the difference noticed :-)

    Good luck everyone with your weight losses, onwards and downwards!

  • Well done orcadiana it's great you are feeling so good and enjoying extra exercise it's a real boost - I think the buzz from getting out and being active is a huge help in reframing how we feel about ourselves x

  • Thanks Workingonme. It's so much easier getting out and about now there's daylight at both ends of my working day. I've moved into town and really miss the countryside, finding the air pollution from vehicles is horrible too. However, it's only for a couple of years and hope to be a lightweight when I move on :-)

  • Well done orcadiana i am really pleased that someone noticed without prompting - those ones really matter. I heard one of my students whispering miss looks different- for a self absorbed 16 year old to notice something felt like a real achievement 😀 Get your book on the pile!

  • Thanks nteapea and for hosting today's weigh-in. It's great to see so many folk doing so much towards living a healthier life and being part of the journey :-)

  • @ nteapea You must be really pleased definitely high praise for your achievements to register on teen radar!

  • Well done Orcadiana, keep going with the exercise and more of your your colleagues will be noticing! I agree it is such a boost when someone comments without knowing you are on a challenge...have a good week.

  • Morning orcadiana well done on the extra 1lb gone, and an impressive amount of excercise, no wonder people are noticing, you must be getting more toned 😀

  • It was totally unexpected Fran182716 raynerp3 and from someone I'd not have thought would notice! I was so taken aback I sort of muttered a lot of rubbish in reply :-)

  • Well done to u X nice for u that ur colleague noticed non scale victory xxx

  • always nice when someone notices youve lost weight without knowing your trying isnt it ! well done on losing this week x

  • Morning nteapea thanks for hosting this weigh in

    This morning I am 13st 5 lbs so a loss of 2lbs

  • Fantastic Cat33 so pleased for you after the start of your week good to see you didn't turn to comfort eating x

  • Thanks Kate I went the other way and lost my appetite so I don't feel I achieved it through healthy eating but still a loss and I'm pleased when I started WWs in Jan I was 14st 6lbs so I'm looking forward to going next week I was 14st 10lbs when I joined the forum so that really cheers me up xx

  • A great loss Cat33 😀

  • Thank you xx

  • Thank you 😉

  • Well done, great result this week.

  • Thank you 😉

  • Well done x

  • Thank you

  • Morning Cat33 nice to see the 2lb gone, sorry it's because of loss of appetite, hope things are better for you next week x

  • Thank you Fran I'm waiting to have a hip replacement I'm in awful pain went to pre op and got told there might be a problem with my ECG so I've been really worried and couldnt eat She said I would know within a week and no phone calls so I can relax a bit xx

  • Hope you can get a date for your op soon so you can be out of pain and get some mobility back x

  • Thank you very much its March 29 th so not too long to go xx

  • well done x

  • Thank you

  • Yippee!!!!!💐💐💐💐💐 Way to go! 🐈 Have a super weekend. George.🌷

  • And you too 🌷🍇🌹🌼

  • Nice to have 2lbs gone Cat33 even though it's from a loss of appetite. Sorry to hear about your pain, and hope things go well on the hip replacement front. Every pound you lose will help with your recovery and getting back to exercising once you've had the op, and you're free from constant discomfort. Fingers crossed for you!

  • Thank you orcadiana that's kind of you Yes it will help my recovery to be lighter I was losing weight for my sons wedding so it's an extra non scale victory xx

  • 17st 5lbs this morning so put on a couple of pounds....was hoping for a loss as I hit 17st mid week

    Not a clue what happened there as I am only eating carbs for breakfast and I haven't eaten yet this morning

  • Hi GosportNancy. How annoying for you. But you were there & I'm sure that you'll get there again.

  • Perhaps you're not eating enough calories and your body is playing tricks with you...or it's getting used to the exercise you are doing - maybe mix it up for next week?

    Keep your willpower strong and I am sure you will see a loss next week, think of this week as a minor blip in a downward journey.

  • Lol...what exercise?...the most walking I do is when I nip out to the local co-op about once a month. Otherwise I am resting or pottering about indoors as I am not well enough to do housework. We pay someone else to do that.

    I have made goals for this year and I'm not too far off track

  • Oh sorry GosportNancy I didn't realise you weren't well when I mentioned exercise.

  • No worries.....I really don't expect other people to be mind readers...except my other half as he always has to know what I am thinking :)

  • Good morning Gosport Nancy!!! Gosport Ferry still going???🐒 Good luck with your journey lass. George 56 🍀

  • No idea without visiting the Gosport page on Facebook. It was going when I lived there more than four years ago...I have been in Eastbourne since January 2014

  • Morning GosportNancy thats annoying for you, but weight can fluctuate a lot due to water so it's the overall trend that matters, unlikely you gained 5lb of fat in a couple of days!, I'm sure it will be gone again soon x

  • I know you're right about that as I have actually lost a fair bit of fat around my middle. It is the fluid that seems to go up and down.

    I've only been back on the low carb eating plan again for a week or so and it will take time to balance out

  • Hi, this is my first weigh in on this page. Was 14st 10lb last Sat, now weigh 14st 6lbs! Had been following the inspirational comments on this site for some weeks but just started posting a few days ago. Really love how supportive this forum is.

  • Hello Stivian and welcome to the Saturday Superstars. Brilliant losing 4lbs in your first week - it's a great start to your journey onwards and downwards :-) Enjoy your week!

  • Thank you!

  • Hi Stivian, what a great start - 4lb in one week! Welcome to the Saturday Superstars.

    Hope you have a good week - keep doing whatever you are doing..

    Walnut Tree

  • A super first week Stivian glad you have been enjoying the forum!

  • Well done on ur loss that's amazing xx

  • Morning Stivian and welcome to the Saturday weigh in, that's a great weight loss to start with 😀

  • 12st last week, 11st 11lb this week - 3lbs off. When I started my first goal was to lose half-a-stone in time for my hols 4 weeks later but at this rate I might hit a full stone off (started at 12st 10lbs) - so that can be next week's goal.

  • Thats amazing

    great going x

  • That's brilliant Ann! Into the 11's! WTG you! My pom poms are waving wildly! :)

    I've awarded you your 7lb weight loss badge, but fully expect to change it for a 1 stone badge next week! :)

  • Well done AnnTandy in to the 11's great to get into a new stone. Lovely to look forward to your holiday feeling more body confident x

  • 3lb in a week is great - well done!

  • Well done, into the 11s, that's brilliant! 🏆

  • Morning AnnTandy 3lb gone that's great ! Hope you are looking forward to your holiday somewhere nice😀

  • Morning all! Thank you nteapea for hosting today you will blitz your tiny gain! Today I weigh 9 at 10 and 1/4 lbs a loss of 1 and 3/4 lbs from last week. Aim for next week is to restart my early morning walk before getting ready for work - feels great once it's done but just soooo hard to get out of my cosy bed! Have a good week!

  • Wonderful loss Workingonme you must be really chuffed! Enjoy your early morning walks :-)

  • Hopefully it will be warmer and more spring like so you will be able to leap out of bed without shivering. Good luck with the walks - how early do you go?

  • Hi I need to be out the door for 7am to get quick 30mins then mad dash to get ready for work leave home by 8.15am. Just thinking Should maybe Leave 10 mins earlier and won't be such a rush to get ready. The bonus is I miss teenage grumbling while I'm out - has become humanlike after her shower😁

  • Well done Workingonme yiu have had a really good loss! Are you nearly at goal?

  • I'm thinking about a 9st 5 ish target. That would give me a healthy range BMI just! Your 5 stone loss is amazing what a great achievement you must be feeling good x

  • Morning Workingonme that's a good loss ! I'm with you on the getting out of bed thing, it will be a lot easier when the mornings are lighter, my dog is worse than me I have to coax him up for a walk but we both enjoy it once we're out there 😀

  • My dog used to be like that in the morning s but at night when you were settled down would stand in front of the TV until someone took her for a walk!

  • Morning xx after my gain of 1lb last week I have lost 3lb this week !!!!! Yay go me 😀😀 so I think that makes it 8 and a half pounds lost in 3 weeks xx very happy. Weight now 15 stone 2 and a half xx

  • That is excellent - well done. Keep going!

  • Thank u xx

  • Time to exchange your Newbie badge for one showing your half stone lost? I'm sure moreless would be delighted to get you a shiny new badge out of her cupboard :-) Congrats !!

  • Wooooo hoooo can't wait to get it x

  • My pleasure, Raynerp, many congratulations! :)

    As you didn't weigh-in last week, you have an average weight loss of 1lb :)

  • Just seen it 😍😍 thank u xx

  • Morning raynerp3 thats a lovely 3lb gone doing well 😀

  • Thank u xx

  • Well done on your new badge!

  • Thanks xx

  • Fantastic loss well done 😉

  • Thanks

  • Thanks for posting, Nteapea. Today I am 71.0kg which is an annoying gain from last week's 70.5kg. Have done lots of exercise boosted by my new FitBit so am feeling great. But had hard week at work doing ridiculous hours with not enough sleep and have slipped from making a packed lunch every day and planning dinner and healthy snacks to not doing any of that..

    Back on track yesterday with packed lunch and five a day etc so my target for next week is to get back to 70.5, SLEEP MORE, and not raid the office vending machine at 8pm...

    Have a good week everyone.

    Walnut Tree

  • Never mind - you have another achievement awesome step count 😀😀

  • Thank you - it surprised me. But I think it is partly because I have been getting up so early and going to bed so late to meet pesky work deadlines so have just been up and about for more hours than normal. FitBit says average sleep last week was 5hr 25hrs and that includes a long catch up sleep last night. Hope to do better next week!

  • Morning WalnutTree thats only a tiny gain, and so difficult when you work crazy hours it's really hard to find time to plan and prepare meals, hope things settle down next week x

  • Hi all fellow weight ins; I have stayed the same weight this week but lost inches. I have had a very trying week due to the fact that we have had the bathroom renewed. So I haven't been able to pay much attention to weighing food this week, but I have lost it in inches maybe due to all the hard work I have done clearing up after the workmen !!!!!!!!

  • That's a good result re the inches Vallen200 - hope next week is less trying for you!

  • Nothing like having the builders in to disrupt your life! Hope you now have a nice new bathroom in which I'm sure you'll soon be able to celebrate weight losses on the scales :-)

  • Hi Vallen200 i bet you see the weight come off next week! Good luck

  • Hi Vallen200 nice to have lost inches shows you can get excercise without the gym 😀

  • Morning nteapea and thanks for posting the weigh-in, we are having trouble with this pesky 10 stone 11.5 aren't we? Hope we are both down a little next week 😀

  • You too? Grrr

  • Yes sts ☹️️

  • Lost 1kg, couldn't really believe it, first time ever lost this much in a week! I'm in week 8 ... start wondering if my scale is working😁

  • happyhealthyjane well done on your loss! Super result

  • Thanks! I'm still in shock, haha

  • Well done you. Keep up your routine.. it's obviously working for you.

  • I'm in week 8, so it's fair to say I have a bit routine going on, and perseverance:)

  • Lol happyhealthyjane if the scale says something good don't question it !! Well done 😀

  • Thanks for the support I' will try hard next week, by planning out my meals and weighing every thing. It's good that there is people out there who understand !!!!

  • Being organised it great.. Planning meals takes away the "What do I fancy tonight" aspect when walking into the kitchen... Being focused and getting on with it works better. Wishing you a great week ahead.

  • Hi nteapea thanks for hosting! Everyone is going well, we are all still here, still fighting!

    Today I have good news. Last week I was 18 stone 1, went away for weekend, put on some but I don't know how much as I avoided the scales.

    Today I was 17 stone 13 and 3/4 which gets me into the 17's. Woo hoo! Could I please have my 5 stone badge moreless ? I started in September weighing 23 stone exactly.

    Good luck everyone, we can do this!

  • Yay your in the next stone whoop whoop whoop 😀

  • Well done that's awesome x

  • 17's and 5 stones gone... WELL DONE YOU what an inspiration. Just about a stone a month.. I am so encouraged. Thank you for posting...

  • Love your positive post - and well done for such a great loss - inspirational!

    Have a good week.

  • Morning Ella, yay well done into the 17s it's great to see a smaller number at the front, also good to know little holiday indulgence can be sorted out quickly 😀

  • WOOHOO ELLA!!!!! Into the 17's and a 5 stone badge!!! WTG you!!! My pom poms are going crackers!!! :) :) :)

  • well done... that 5 stone badge looks good on you x

  • Congratulation EllaMidlands in reaching 5 stone, that's fantastic going. Well done you.

  • Last week I weighed 11/5, this week 11/4 so 1lb loss. 🎉

    Tape measure says I've lost another inch... All going in the right direction. Since January 24th weight has fluctuated but weight loss is now a whole 2lbs, but a wonderful 7.5" gone.

    Smaller portions and fruit as snacks is helping me.

    Wishing everyone a happy weekend and good weigh in...

  • Gosh, that's a lot of inches! Well done

  • Well done Minniewinny, keep going. Your post just inspired me to choose a smaller plate for my breakfast #smallerportions

  • Well Minniewinny - another one bites the dust ! What a fantastic inch loss ... what's your secret ?

  • No secret, I am literally eating everything as normal... but smaller portions, eating 3 times a day (instead of 1 or 2 times) and trying to drink more fluids, 3-4 pints a day which includes 1/2 pint of milk, (I don't like tea or coffee so my drinks are water, squash or milk). Keeping a bowl of grapes next to the kitchen door cut into clusters for nibble moments..

    I've just got a spiralizer and am introducing more veggies into our menu, experimental phase at the moment, but having fun. I'm taking it to work on Wednesday for workmates to try out with their veggies/fruits to play with and take home.

    My husband is 1lb off his first stone, and I've lost 2lbs... we are both eating the same, except the drinks. Men generally loose faster than women, and he has another inch to loose to reach his goal. We are getting there.. and we've agreed this is for life.. No more king sized and go large portions!!

  • Well it's obviously working well for you both, well done. Have you increased your exercise levels too ?

  • Not yet but I'm considering it, going for a walk now with hubby and yorkie.

  • How'd the walk go ? Bet your yorkie loved it !

  • Morning Minniewinny Nice to see another 1lb gone 😀

  • Where did that 1lb. Go!🐒 Hope you don't find it again!! Enjoy your weekend. George 🍀

  • Good morning fellow losers - what an inspirational start to the weigh-in today....

    I'm pleased to report a further 2lbs loss - 18st 3lbs this morning. Oh boy can I hear the 17's calling me ! Hope to see you there real soon EllaMidlands. Thanks for hosting nteapea.

    Have a great week one and all - Saturday Superstars Rock !

  • Morning Lin2303 nice to see 2lb gone, and you are very close to the 17s now, 😀

  • well done... you are soooo close to the 17's... you can do this !

  • Well done Lin2303, great loss and you are nearly in the 17s...keep going!

  • Good morning everyone x

    Thanks nteapea for mentioning me on your post today 😘

    Last week i weighed 17st 7.5lbs

    This week i weigh the same.. 0 loss

    ive been exercising lots this week and feeling a bit stiff today which might be why the scales havent moved. had a PT session on thursday where i did interval training for the 1st time on the treadmill.. she had me running at level 10 for 30secs then i had to jump off and rest then jump back on again.. i was actually running for the 1st time in my life !! yesterdays class we did boxing which again is a new thing for me to try but i do feel it in my shoulders and arms today...

    Measurement wise ive lost another 5cm off my waist taking it to a total of 20cm off my waist now since i had them 1st taken in November.

    Foodwise ive been good and kept low carb all week.. i did have a glass of wine last night with my steak & sweet potato chips but been good apart from that.

    health.. my high blood pressure has come down and the dr has halfed my dose so things looking good on that front too now.

    So a good week for me this week really....

    Hope you all have a fab week xx

  • What great news, well done on cm's lost and lowering your med's... Going in the right direction. Wishing you a great week ahead. 🎉🎉🎉

  • You will see another good loss next week Claz ! It all adds u over the month!

  • Morning Claz sound like you are building a lot of muscle and the stiff muscles will be holding onto water for repair, what a great improvement to your health that bp meds can be reduced ! 😀

  • Good morning Claz. Wishing you well & enjoy your weekend. George 🌹

  • Sorry you haven't lost but great to see the cms come off x

  • Wow the waist loss is awesome but the medication news is really brilliant 😀

  • Claz, I think you deserve a glass of wine after all that exercise! Sounds as if the PT is pushing you to new places - brilliant.

    Great news re the blood pressure as well.

    Thanks for the FitBit challenge - really enjoyed it last week.

    Have a great weekend.

  • Hi! Nteapea. Good morning. Today's weight is 30st. 9. 1/4lbs. My photo is there some where!🐒. Weight Loss 3lbs. Target for next Saturday is 2-3lbs or more. I'm trying hard. I think everyone in the group forum are marvelous. Good luck to everyone for your week ahead. George 56.🐒

  • Morning George, well done on the 3lb gone, doing well ! 😀

  • Thanks Fran. Good morning. How did you get on today? I'm on a mobile as the iPad is in high demand this morning!!!🌷 George 🐒

  • Well done George56 - back to your winning ways ! Keep up the good work and look forward to the next 2-3lbs next week. Good luck my lovely 😊

  • Thanks for your support. Good luck to you and hope that you are doing well today. If only there was a magic switch!!!!🐒

  • well done george on losing this week... good luck with getting the next 2/3lbs off next week x

  • Good morning Claz how are you today. The way ahead is up hill battle. Looking forward to running down hill!!!🤗 Have a nice weekend. George 💐

  • Well done George56 keep going!! You can do this, you are making good choices like soup. Don't let yourself get too hungry or you are more likely to overeat later

  • Well done George and we think you're marvellous too.

    Keep going - you can do this.

    See you next Saturday.

  • Hi Walnut tree. You are marvelous. Have a great weekend. George 💐

  • Fantastic George that a good loss 🌺🌻🌸🌷

  • That's great news, George, your scales keeping on heading downwards :-)

    It may feel like a long journey lies ahead but I remind myself that it took many years to gain the weight so it'll take a while to lose it (if only there was a magic pill). However, the many steps along the way are where we learn new eating/exercising habits to both lose the weight and keep it off in future - and the longer the journey is, the more we realise a healthy lifestyle is a great feeling and what we want to have. Wishing you all the best for next week!

  • Well done on your loss

    keep it going 😀

  • Well done George56 🎉🎉🎉 3 pounds gone, never to be found again.

  • Hi Minniewinny. Did you watch the Rugby? I enjoyed the game but not the score!!!😂 A good day. I had a nap in the afternoon. I was up at 2am. Good support from all. Hope you are well & having a great 👍 evening. George 💐

  • No TV connection in our home, and not much interest in sports either! Glad you enjoyed the game, it's good when the skill of the players is appreciated on both sides.

  • Morning everyone, wow didn't realise the thread got this busy, I normally post before work on a Saturday but got a whole 9 days off yippee! Forecast looks quite good too so hoping for some lovely dog walks.

    I stayed the same again this week, 10 stone 11.5 lbs. if I haven't lost anything else by the end of March I'll have to bring in the big guns ( counting calories lol)

    Had lots of my planned salads but maybe too much cheese with them !

    I'm sure this is a psychological thing. I'm very motivated to eat healthy foods, small portions of nutritious food ( never been able to eat large portions, gained weight through grazing) motivated to avoid junk food and get outdoors and walk, but struggle with restricting calories in order to loose weight. Maybe it's the thought of "restriction". All the things I'm motivated to do feel positive but restriction sounds negative.

    Going to spend some time this week trying to come up with something that can convince my subconscious cutting calories is a positive thing!

    Have a good week everyone 😀

  • 9 days off whoop whoop - hope you enjoy them!!

    I'm the same with not wanting to count calories but having it as potential control measure if portion control, water, fruit and veg, exercise etc don't do the job.

    Good luck this week.

  • You don't have to calorie count if you know you are eating less than you need. I haven't counted at all! I just replaced carbs like bread, potato, rice with veg and I cook meat or fish with some onions and spices instead of eating ready meals or processed sauce.

  • Sorry you didn't lose but sure you will next week good luck xx

  • Morning. Not a great week for me this week. Still 15st 6, same as last week. Hopefully a better week next week. Have a good week everyone.

  • Hi ClaireeH - STS always beats a gain, but I do know it can be disappointing too. Hope you have a great week and look forward to seeing you here next Saturday - hopefully with a loss under your belt ! You can do this x

  • Thanks. Sometimes it's harder than others to stick with it isn't it? Really need of find my willpower this week and start shifting some more weight. How much weight do you need to lose? Well done on the 2 stone that you've lost.

  • You're quite right there - my mojo deserted me for a couple of weeks and goodness knows why ! I've been back on track for a few weeks now though, and it shows. I haven't set an end target yet - still going one pound at a time. I'm at 18st 3lbs now, so it'll be in the region of 7 or 8st to go....... oh my that's a long way away...... probably why I choose not to focus on it !!

    Have you set an end target yet ?

  • Hi I stayed the same but feel like I've lost abit disappointed really but will keep going . Well done everyone 😊

  • Hi Charlotte, it's 4 weeks since you last weighed in, would you like to update us on your current weight please? :)

  • Hi sorry yes I'm 13.1 now .

  • In that case, Charlotte, you'll be pleased to know that you've actually lost 1lb, which is an average of 0.25lbs per week! :)

    Yaaaaay! :)

  • 😊

  • Hi everyone

    Sorry so late in posting.

    Last week I weighed 11st 10.75lb

    This week I weigh 11st 10lb

    That's a loss of 0.75lb

    I was a little disappointed with that and got out the tape measure. I have lost a total of 7 inches from my waist going from 42 when I started to now being 35. My aim is under 30, no idea if this is possible for me but I'm going to do my best to achieve it ☺

    I've got the whole of next week off work yippee! I have trip to Leeds for cocktails planned with a couple of girlies from work for Wednesday so will factor that in.l

    My goals for this coming week are

    1. To start upping my exercise again and aim for a 3-4 gym/swimming sessions per week

    2. To lose 1.5lbs

    Well done to everyone this week. We're all doing fantastically well and this forum is so supportive.

    Nic ☺

  • Hi Nic nickynoo77 7" from your waist... Well done you, enjoy your weekend 🎉

  • Your inch loss nickynoo77 is amazing ! Well done you x

  • Hi all you Saturday superstars !!!!:)

    Sorry I'm late in posting - I weighed in at 9 st 10 lb last week and now weigh 9st 9lb today so 1 lb lost which is another step down into hopefully something else in my wardrobe I haven't fitted into comfortably in the last few years !!!- this morning put on a jumper I couldn't get my arms into let alone anything else and it actually fitted so onwards and downwards :)

    Hope everyone has had a good week :)

  • A good week,I have lost over 3lbs ,i now weigh 314.4,the fitbit challenge is helping me a lot.

  • I wasn't able to weigh myself last week but on the 25th February I weighed 11st 10ibs today I weigh 11st 12ibs I think this is because I've been able to have sugar again. I have stopped eating so much bread, and exchanged it for salads or spinach for example I had a poached egg salad for breakfast today instead of in toast, it was a bit weird but tasted nice. I have noticed since I started doing this that I have had more energy meaning I've been wanting to exercise so win/win lol x

  • That is a great step forward MummyDebbie to have more energy is an important health goal - those 2 lb can come off again 😀

  • Well done you, the changes are worth it when they work, maybe do your measurements and see yourself shrink, even when you regain a little the inches can be encouraging.

  • Evening all

    Well done everyone on your week, congratulations to all those that have lost and maintained. Those that have gained this week I am sure next week will be better for you all x x

    Well I weighed this morning but didn't have chance to post, hence the late post.

    I have maintained for another week 13 stone 5lb. Happy with that as had a leaving do this week and was not good - ach well will have to be better next week

    Hope you all have a good week x x

  • A maintain in a week like that in a win in my book cracker10 well doone😀

  • Do you check your measurements..? I find the inches drop even if the weight doesn't... It can be very encouraging to keep a check to see how your shrinking.. Have a great weekend.

  • Sorry it's extremely late in. Gutted this week put the 4lb back on (20st 1lb) I lost last week. Still think my body is settling down after my op. Frustrating though. Just keep swimming x

  • Hi Crimson85j the fact you have a 3 stone badge speaks volumes- so I would suggest you keep doing whatever you've been doing to reach that milestone and not look back at the temporary gains, maintains... your body needs time to recover from any procedure and if your not as mobile as you would normally be.. you could be retaining water.. it will shift. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  • Thanks Minniewinny x x x fingers crossed it settles down. Defo not giving up x

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