Yorkshire puddings galore!!

Evening all, what am I supposed to do?? This afternoon I tried to make some Yorkshire puddings ready for the weekend when we have visitors coming and blow me down, they all went flat!! Although they didn't look amazing they tasted scrummy!!!... in goes one, two, three... half an hour break.. then in goes four and five!!!!!! Ouch... reality suddenly hit me.. what am I doing, I am supposed to be eating sensibly... please help me everyone to get back on track? I feel like I've fallen off the rails!


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15 Replies

  • One bad meal doesn't mean you have fallen off the rails. ☺

  • Thanks for the encouragement

  • There are worse things than Yorkshire puddings, they're just eggs and flour . . . Don't best yourself up 😊 Tomorrow's another day 😊

    Did you perfect a recipe? I always use powdered milk, it makes them lighter 😊

  • Ps welcome to the forum 😊

  • Thanks Anna

  • I was more worried about the amount of sunflower oil that each Yorkshire had!!!

  • Like the others have said becca, it was only a blip and today is a new day and a fresh start.

    Before eating anything, do make sure you know how many calories are going to enter your body and add them to your daily calorie total. I have found it quite sobering at times when doing that and have subsequently reduced the portion on my plate.

    I think you did well to just eat them straight. There was a time when I would have either plastered them with jam if cold or immersed them in butter and sugar if they were warm.

  • OK.. thanks for helping me.. I think that's a good Idea to write the calories down before I have eaten them.. then u can only have what you have written down.. must try it

  • YPs are not that bad I don't think and they're rather filling and so tasty! I brush my tins with the oil, and have also tried Frylight, which works just as well. Oh and I would have drizzled treacle on the practice ones, and scoffed the lot - in the past :o ...xx

  • Oh I wish I thought about treacle!! Sounds a lovely idea.. although I must stop eating badly now and think straight.. today is a new day!

  • I agree with everyone, it's not the end if the world - although Yorkies need oil of some description they don't actually absorb huge amounts of it - and it could, after all, have been a huge cheesecake you'd made for your guests...so look on the bright side and move on!

  • Thanks for being positive.. I need to start again today and think straight

  • IF you have any left, get them in the freezer QUICK!

  • Yep! That is what I did.. great minds think alike.

  • Easy to buy hem frozen tho, and use what you need

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